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Summer Love (Liam Payne Fanfiction )

Chapter 1

(Theme song is summer love by one direction)

I was in my last class, Music class. I was sitting on my desk watching the clock, as the hour goes by. I can't wait to get the hell out of here. 30 minutes left, Mrs. Gilbert is talking about her memories of summer and what she did when she was our age. I was tapping my desk with the pen that I had on my hand, until someone's hand was on top of mine. I look up to see whose hand it was, Harry Styles. Harry has been my friends since we were in diapers, he always been there for me. He removed his hands away from mine, then he took out a piece of paper then wrote:

(Harry: italic and Tessa: bold)

What are you doing in summer vacation?

I don't know, you

I'm going to visit some family members

What? no you can't leave me here all by myself

Sorry, but you still have Lou, Niall, Zayn, and Lilly

But I want to hang out with my best friend

Aww, but I might be there for the whole summer


The bell rang, as Harry was about to write on the paper, I quickly start packing my notebooks inside my bag then waited for Harry to hurry up. We walked out of the classroom, I saw the rest of the guys at the hallway waiting for us.

When we catch up to them, Niall, Zayn and Lou came up and hugged me. Harry went up to his girlfriend, Lilly, and gave her a kiss on the cheek then wrapped his arms around her waist. We walked out of school then went to the park. Lilly and I ran to the swings and got on them. The rest of the boys catch up to us got on the swings as well.

We were swing for some while, until I got a call from my mother asking me where I was. I told her that I was at the park with the . She told me to come to the house because it was getting late.

I jumped off the swing and picked up my backpack from the ground. I turn around and said "My mom called, I have to go home. Bye guys see you tomorrow".

I turn around to start to walk home, I heard them yell goodbyes. I was finally at the driveway of my house, I dug my hand inside my bag to get the keys. But my brother Cole open the door. I walked past him and into the living room where I saw my mom on the couch doing watching her novellas (A Mexican T.V show or series).

I gave my mom a hug and went upstairs to my room.



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