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Broken Strings


Cover by the beautiful b r i a n n a. Thanks a million love!

She was a lily in a garden; the beauty of whose was overshadowed by the presence of other flowers.
He was a rose; having thorns in shape of flaws.
She was that string of guitar that had to be replaced in order to make it perfect.
He spent his whole life playing on these type of strings.
She spent her whole life looking for love.
He spent his life
running away from it.
She was Irene. He was Harry.

Rated R for drug use and triggering content such as physical and sexual abuse, self harm etc.
All rights reserved. Copyrighted work 2016


Harry Styles

Harry Styles

[20] A son. A lover. A cure

Irene Kenneth

Irene Kenneth

[19] An innocent, haunted by wrong decisions and fate.

Reece Myles

Reece Myles

[23] A fraud. A curse

William Trevelyan

William Trevelyan

[45] A boss; known to be kind. But what they don't know is that appearances are deceptive.



Review up in 10 mins x

Thanks girl :)) I really appreciate it.

I can definite guarantee that Louis is everything but a bad guy. Whatever he did, he had his reasons. Don't we all?

I hope you like the story as it goes on :)xx

fireworks. fireworks.

This story is getting amazing and amazing with each chapter! Especially the last few :)) There's so much going on that it's extremely hard to predict what's going to happen. Ah Louis :'( I thought he was good :( It fucked me up really badly. I hope you update soon xx

write2bleed write2bleed


Thank you so much girl :)xx

fireworks. fireworks.

Awesome and amazing lovly