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One Direction Wedgie Nightmare

The Begining

Back stage: 30 minutes till show time.

"Ma, ma, ma, ma" Liam sang, holding his throat as he warmed up.

The others didn't seem to care, lying about on the dressing room couch.
"Guys the show starts soon, maybe you should get ready?" Liam questioned.
"We're dressed aren't we?" Louis replied, "we'll apart from Harry" he rolled his eyes.
Who was snoring on the couch, face buried in the pillow, wearing nothing but a pair of Calvin Keiln boxer briefs.
"Yeah guys, maybe we should get him up, we do go on soon." Said Niall, who had always been the sensible one of the group.
"Harry, Wake up!" Zayne pushed on his back, but he didn't even flinch.
" I know what we should do!" Louis face lit up as he pointed to Harry's underwear with one hand, and made a pulling motion with the other.

They all cringed, as Niall held his crotch imagining the pain.
This was followed by quick laughter as Liam snuck up behind Harry and grabbed hold of his waistband.
Louis grabbed hold too, as they counted down.
"3..2..1... WEDGIE!"
Harry's eyes shot open as the boys pulled upwards revealing his bare bottom.
"Owwww, what are you doing?!" Harry yelled, as the boys continued, he squirmed. The pain he felt was intense, as the underwear dug deeper and deeper into his crack. They grabbed the legholes and brought him to his tip toes off the couch, laughing with every tug. The underwear began to tear.

Harry grabbed his balls as Liam's side of the underwear tore completely, and both boys, falling back on the couch, barely being able to catch their breath with the laughter.
"Better get ready Harry, we've got a show to do!" Zayne bellowed
Tears in his eyes, but laughing if off, Harry took the now demolished underwear off, and ran to get changed clutching his painful balls.

"Oh guys, I'm tweeting this!" Liam said pulling out his iPhone.
He snapped a picture of the torn boxer briefs to accompany the tweet:

"Mine and Louis super wedgie on Harry! Ha haaaa"


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