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Riker and Murdock.

"There has been talk that the duo Liam Payne and Niall Horan, the British version of Amelia Rikers and Montserrat Murdock, are part of the terrorist ac-"

"I'm Irish!" Niall yelled at the T.V, Liam chuckled as he cleaned his gun. "Plus, I think Rikers and Montserrat Murdock are the american version of us." Liam added,

"Actually I think Murdock is a Latina. I mean look at that curly hair, the skin tone, and her name." Liam shrugged, "Either way they copied us, not the other way around." Niall nodded and took a swig of his beer. "Totally."

"You know of what that Rikers girl reminds me of?"


"Harley Quinn. She's always jumping around like the world was a gymnastics gym." Liam said as he put away his gun, Niall agreed. "Good point. So we gon' robbed that bank or what?"
"Let's do it, hey maybe we'll get to see the american version of us. Plus we are on their turf."
"Hi, ho-" The worker stopped talking, unfortunately this one had seen the latest news. "Oh shoot." Montserrat said, pretending to be disappointed.

"Your M-"

"I think I know my own name, listen I'm not in the mood to be toyed around with. I want this to be short and sweet, like a one night stand, put the money in a bag, preferably in that Givenchy bag over there." Montserrat said as she pointed towards the open-door workers room. She gave him a smile and he scurried off frightened. She looked over at Amelia, who was standing next to a man her arms around his, clearly he knew what was happening.

She turned back around to the worker who was stuffing the money inside the bag. "So, hows the boss been treating ya'?" She asked him and he gave her a nervous smile, "H-He's been ni-nice." She gave him a smile back, "That's good, how long you've been working here?"

"About a, uh, a...month." He stammered, "Oh how cute, a newbie."

"Th-Thank you..." He said as he trailed off looking behind him.

"Nobody move! You, put the money in a bag now!" A new voice yelled, Montserrat whipped around to see the British version of her. "Hey, get your own hostage!" Amelia yelled at him and whacked him in the head with the mans briefcase.

"Thank you...Andy," She said as she read his name tag, "pleasure doing business with you. Hope we meet again." Montserrat said and winked at him after taking the bag. "Sorry, Payne try another worker. You're going to give our friend PTSD."

Despite being hit, he kept the gun on Montserrat, "Do you even have a green card?" He growled and Montserrat glared, "Did you learn that from the rednecks in South Carolina?" She said mentioning his recent whereabouts.

"The eighties called they want their hair back."

"The fifties called, they want their racism back." Liam glared at her and said nothing, she smirked and sighed, "It was nice meeting you Payne, say hi to your partner for us." Amelia giggled and turned to her hostage. "It was nice meeting you." She said and kissed his cheek, she was amazed that the cops weren't there yet.

Amelia and Montserrat walked out the door, leaving a gaping Payne. Amelia bounced with each step just like Montserrat curls. They heard the sirens and looked at each other before breaking into a fit of giggles. They saw Niall sitting in a car with the motor still running, Niall turned to see them and was shocked to actually see them. Amelia winked and Montserrat smiled before they broke into a run.

Liam ran out after a few moments and Niall sped off, "Fuck." He muttered, he hadn't even gotten the money. "Follow them."
The police cars where now closely behind them when they took out their guns, they ran at a fast pace and Montserrat was the first to shoot at the tires of the cars. She shot three rounds and turned back and Amelia turned to do the same. They turned into an alley that was a shortcut to the car, running at full speed they saw a familiar car come to a halt, of course, it just had to be the British version of Riker and Murdock. "Fuck."

As they ran closer they halted to a stop, Liam waved at them and Amelia glared. Montserrat took out her gun and smashed it against the window, the policemen at the beginning of the ally way. They leaped inside and Montserrat held a gun to Niall's head, Amelia did the same to Liam

"I swear if you don't drive I'm taking you guys down with us." Niall pressed his foot against the gas and drove. Shots came from the policemen and Amelia rolled down the window as Montserrat shot at the policemen. Liam and Niall have to admit that they were a bit more than slightly turned on by Amelia and Montserrat.

After a few minutes the girls flopped back into their seats, Amelia then bursted into a fit of giggles. Yep, exactly like Harley Quinn. The remaining three chuckled, simply because her laugh was too contagious. "So, boys, make a left then another left and you can drop us off their."

"And who says we're dropping you off?" Liam said before glancing at them, "Uh...we do." Amelia said in a matter-of-fact tone. "Nope, don't think so."

"Oh, so what are you going to do with us." Amelia said glaring at him.

"Whatever we want." Liam said and Montserrat scoffed, "Niall, why don't you talk?" She said pursing her lips and crossing her arms.

"Because I didn't know about this bloody plan, Liam what the hell?" He said driving into a forestry area. "Can I talk to you outside?" Niall said getting out of the car. "He's hot when he gets mad."

"Which one?" Montserrat said winking at her, she then nodded her head to the door, "Come on, what a bunch of fools." She said as she headed out, they nonchalantly walked away into the direction they needed.


"What the fuck is wrong with you? Two more people to maintain? Why on earth would you want them tagging along? More reason for the FBI to be tailing our arses!"

"It's just, we can't be compared to two girls, one with a brain as big as a god damn bird. Plus, have you noticed your mark?" He said softly, Niall frowned and looked in between of his ring and pinkie fingers. It was slightly glowing.

"You said it yourself that you didn't want to your soulmate, why is does it matter to ya' now?" Niall said in a hush voice. Liam ran his fingers through his brown hair and sighed in frustration and looked back to the car. "They're gone." He said and ran towards the car the door facing away from them not fully closed.

"Why does it matter? Liam?" He said, Liam looked back at him, "I only said that because I didn't want the person I would love to be running around in danger. And, you know it would be nice to shag them." He said trying to seem tough at the end unlike his teddy bear interior.

"They're long gone by now, they'll pop up soon." He said pitying his partner in crime, he had never imagined for Liam to turn out like a love sick fool.


Montserrat Murdock's outfit

Uh, hi. So this is my first time posting since 2011, and that was on Wattpad, y'all can go follow me at Satan-a-Vneck, you can find out about the stuff I like and such over there! So the reason I moved to this website is because a lot of people I know outside of the internet know that I have an account with them. Even if you don't want to follow me on that account go check it out just to learn more about me and what we have in common because you know, all of y'all are favs.

Message me whenever! I'm up 24/7 because I'm a mess. So if you like this story pls comment, vote, subscribe, fan, rate, kudos, (tbh I honestly don't know what this website thing is, like on AO3 it's a kudos on Wattpad it's a vote and such) Just do something to let me know whats up and if you like this fanfic. :) Thanks for reading!


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