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Realms of Desire


Wylla sat in her creative writing course bored. She felt like her professor was being extremely redundant. She understood that there were keys to writing a good poem. She hated the poetry. She was more for the short stories and novels. She loved developing characters and plot lines. Wylla loved creating a little world all her own. She didn't care for poetry in the slightest.
Wylla's mind began to wander as she watched her professor stand at the front of the room and talk. He was a sight, Professor Horan. He wasn't too tall but he always made his presence known with his bright blue eyes and Irish accent. His laugh was unmistakable as well. She loved when he would get into discussions in class that made him laugh. She also loved seeing his pensive brow when they were talking about serious topics as well. Wylla felt the need to squeeze her thighs together when his eyes met hers. He had a strange battle happening in the blue of his eyes as he looked at her. When he quickly tore his eyes away, she bit down on her bottom lip. He must've read her last assignment. Wylla squeezed her thighs together tighter. She wasn't sure if she could last the rest of the class being in the same room with her Professor.

The clock struck four. Class was over and it was time to retreat back to her apartment. Wylla gathered her things quickly, wanting so desperately to get out of the room. She knew that the moment she got home she would have a VERY long soak in the tub. She needed to relax, get her mind off all the thoughts that had filled her mind while watching her Professor. As Wylla made a bee-line for the door she heard her name called out in that husky, Irish accent. Wylla turned cautiously.
"Could you stay back for a moment?" Professor Horan requested of her. She nodded and sat down at the desk right next to her. She could tell that he was waiting for the rest of the students to clear the room before he spoke to her.
When the last student left the room, Professor Horan closed the door quietly before returning to his desk. He leaned against the desk and thought for a moment on how to approach the conversation. Wylla waited patiently for him to say something.
"Wylla. I wanted to talk to you about the last assignment that you turned in." He began gently. "Now. I'll start with saying that you're not in trouble." He added quickly. Wylla nodded her face turning bright red. "I just..." He sighed, he couldn't think of the right words. He picked up the assignment from his desk. He began to flip through the pages, making Wylla even more embarrassed. "It's great writing, Wylla. What I needed to talk to you about was this here." He stopped on a page then set it down on the desk in front of her. Wylla's eyes dropped to the page and she began chewing on her lip again. "I understand that you are an adult. I get that it's actually normal to have these things in most literature." He spoke calmly even though he felt the furthest thing from calm. He'd been teaching for a few years and he'd never come across this before. And by this, he meant a student he was attracted to. It was against all of the rules. "Wylla, I just..."
"You said pick something we weren't comfortable with or needed to work on. I'm really comfortable with everything else. I can write death, gore, horror. I've even written about giving birth. I've never done anything like this before and I...I didn't know what else to do." Wylla spoke quickly and out of fear.
"Poetry. You could've chosen poetry." He suggested.
Wylla grunted, "I hate poetry."
"A reason to work on it." Professor Horan laughed. Wylla groaned and stood. She wasn't in the mood for this. He quickly grabbed her hand to stop her from leaving. The instant he touched her, he knew it was a horrible idea. He reached over and grabbed her assignment off the small desk. "Listen, I'm not upset with you." He murmured. Wylla nodded. He cleared his throat as he looked down at the papers in his hand. He was remembering the words that she had put on the page. The words that made him squirm in his seat and wish he hadn't been sitting at his desk with a room full of students taking quizes.
"Was it bad? Is that why we're talking about it? It was bad?" Wylla asked quietly.
Professor Horan shook his head quickly, "No. No. It was...It was amazing, Wylla." His face started to turn red as did hers. He cleared his throat again out of discomfort. "Very realistic and full of...detail." He was nearly choking on the words as he reread some off the pages in his hands. Wylla was blushing as well. She could feel the heat coming off of him in waves. She bit her lip when her eyes accidentally dropped below his belt. She ran her hand through her hair to ease the tension in her muscles. She crossed her legs, holding her thighs together to calm the lust rising in her as well. "I have a few favorite parts." Professor Horan muttered under his breath. Wylla quickly raised her eyebrow and involuntarily took a step closer to him. When he realized what he'd said his eyes met hers, wide with shock. He inhaled quickly when he noticed how close Wylla was standing to him. Her hand brushed against his slightly, causing a fire to ignite under his skin. Wylla felt her entire body start to tremble. She didn't know what exactly had caused the sudden heat and lack of oxygen in the room but she felt it in the deepest parts of her.
"Professor Horan..." Wylla started, her voice starting to shake like her fingers.
"Niall." He corrected her, knowing it was probably improper but not caring.
"Niall." Wylla's lips turned up into a tiny, nervous smile. "I'm sorry. If I made you uncomfortable with this." She pointed to the assignment in his hands. "But am I allowed to ask what was good and bad about it? I did try really hard writing it. I wanted to get it right." She knew that the words she just spoke would lead to a place she wasn't exactly sure of but she knew that she wanted it.
Niall cleared his throat for what felt like the thousandth time, "Um, it was very real." Wylla nodded. "The detail was great. Word usage was...clever." He chuckled a bit at the last statement. Wylla just looked at him with curious eyes. "The tone was amazing." Niall flushed red, "It created the right...emotions." Wylla took another step toward him. Niall's eyes met hers, fire was raging within both of them. "When I was reading it I..." Niall trailed off. He couldn't tell her that he was wiggling in his seat, trying to adjust himself in his trousers so the students wouldn't see. He couldn't possibly tell her that she'd made him hard without even being in the room.
"Niall." Wylla nearly whispered, trying to get him to finish his statement. Niall saw the glint in her eyes; she wanted him to say it. Wylla's fingers slowly began to dance on the back of his hand, making him tingle all over. Instead of telling her to stop, he lunged forward, capturing her lips between his. Wylla wasted no time in wrapping her arms around his neck. She melted into his body with no hesitation. This is something she'd been thinking of for the last three months. She would sit in the far back so she could day dream about this very moment. She would soak for long periods of time in her bathtub just thinking about Niall.

Niall pulled Wylla closer, holding her so she would feel what she'd been doing to him since the previous week. He would open her assignment when he was home and stressed out from the other classes that he taught. He would relax as he read the words, hearing her voice in his head, picturing her as the protagonist in the story she'd written. He kissed her harder and turned their bodies so she was trapped between him and his desk. Wylla wound a leg around Niall's hip, pressing her already pulsating center against his clothed length. Wylla whimpered a little when Niall pressed his hips back at her, grinding against her. She dropped her arms from around his neck and ran her hands over his abs and chest. She carefully took the first button of his shirt between her fingers. Niall began to caress her bare thighs slowly, making her skin tingle and heat. With cautious movements, she began to unbutton Niall's shirt more. She wanted to peek at his chest. Every day she would see just a bit of hair, sneaking out the top of his shirt, she wanted to really see it, feel it against the smooth tips of her fingers. Niall grabbed her hand quickly when he felt her hand on his bare chest and abs.

"This is wrong." Niall murmured, backing out of the passionate kiss. Wylla gazed up at him with her big, soulful, brown eyes. She pulled her lip between her teeth again and brushed her fingers along the waist of his jeans. "Wylla." He almost moaned her name.
"I won't tell." She whispered, removing his belt from the buckle. "I won't ask you to change my grades or treat me different." She unbuckled his belt slowly. "I won't ask you for anything school related." Wylla murmured as she gripped the button of his trousers. Niall could feel his resolve giving way as she unbuttoned his pants. "I won't even ask you to love me." She slipped her fingers into the waist of his trousers. "All I'm asking..." She brushed her lips against his. She didn't have to finish her sentence. Niall's mouth devoured hers instantly. He set Wylla further back on the desk and skimmed his fingers up her thigh underneath her dress. Niall moaned when he felt Wylla slip her hand into his trousers, releasing his hardened cock. He gently gripped the waist of Wylla's panties and dragged them down her legs, letting them drop to the floor next to his feet. He grunted feeling that Wylla was completely ready for him. "I've been like this for you the whole class." Wylla murmured into his ear before catching his lips with hers. Niall smirked and pushed a finger between her folds carefully. She whimpered into his kiss. Niall slowly pumped his finger, making Wylla wiggle on the desk. He wanted her to be as melted as possible.

Niall abruptly removed his finger from Wylla. She gasped and panted, wondering what was happening. Niall brought her closer, sliding her dress up to her hips. She was chewing on her lips once again.
"I love the way you do that." Niall whispered in her ear before ramming his thick, hard dick inside of her. She released a moan that could've made him cum right then. Niall began to pump his hips carefully, trying to find out what Wylla liked. Wylla pressed her forehead to Niall's and stared into his eyes. She gripped his neck tightly as her mouth hung open and tiny sounds left her. He started to thrust harder. Wylla whimpered and held on even tighter. She pressed her hand to his chest, burying her fingertips in his chest hair. She loved the coarse feeling on her fingers while Niall created the warm, slick sensation elsewhere.
Wylla clung to Niall. Her mouth was pressed to his cheek while he held her head with one hand. He gripped her bum with the other, holding her still as he drove his cock harder and deeper inside of her, not relenting for a second. She began to pant his name and squeeze his shoulder. He could feel that she was on the edge. Her insides had begun to tighten around him. He panted as he tried so hard to push her over the edge. Niall moved harder, striking the deepest place inside of her. She whimpered his name over and over, he hot breath caressing his cheek. Wylla squeezed her eyes shut and let out a moan that shook Niall to his core. Her muscles clamped around him, trembling and pulsing like nothing he'd ever felt. Niall grunted against Wylla's skin as her intensity drew him into his moment of pure pleasure.

Wylla's body sagged against Niall's. She still clung to him, needing the support. Niall moved her further onto the desk, his body needing support as well. His fists rested on the desk, holding him and Wylla up. After just another moment, Wylla wilted back on the desk. Her chest heaving as she pushed her hair from her face. She smiled up at Niall, seeing him trying to regain normal breathing. She reached up and placed her hand on his cheek. Softly, she began to caress his stubbly cheek. He hummed at her gently touch. He opened his eyes and peered down at her with a smile. Wylla traced the outline of his lips sweetly.
"Wylla." Niall whispered. She hummed in response. "I have another class soon." She nodded and sat up. Niall gently pulled out and reached for his trousers.
"Niall." Wylla wanted his attention again. He looked into her eyes as soon as his pants were on his hips again. "I meant what I said. I don't expect you to change any of my grades or treat me differently."
"I definitely hear a but." Niall chuckled.
"But I'm not...what we just did, meant something to me." She stated quietly, dropping her eyes from his. Niall cupped her cheek, forcing her to look at him.
"I'm not just going to pretend that it didn't happen or that it wasn't something I wanted." Niall assured her. Wylla nodded but dropped her eyes again. Niall lifted her chin and kissed her softly. Wylla was shocked by the action. "I'm done with office hours at six. I'll be home around six thirty. Why don't you come over? We can have dinner, maybe watch a movie?" Niall smiled warmly. Wylla nodded and tried not to smile like an idiot. "But this stays between us. No one ever knows until you're done with Uni." Niall spoke firmly. Then the look in his eyes changed, "But make no mistake, you are mine." He captured Wylla's lips between his roughly. He was showing her that he meant what he said. Wylla felt the desire boil up in her again. "Six thirty, babe." Niall stated backing out of the kiss. Wylla nodded and hopped off the desk, grabbing her panties off the floor.


Alright. So I think I can make a story out of this as well. If you guys think that making this and/or the Liam one shot earlier in the day would be good ideas as full lengths just let me know it the comments.



Aw thanks love. I don’t know why I even thought of it but I’m glad you like it

morrison_hotel morrison_hotel

Good chapter about Niall and Harry steamy

LizzyM101 LizzyM101

You da real mvp, girl. ❤️

morrison_hotel morrison_hotel

I’d vote for this again if I could...love this and I’m glad you put it out here

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Thank you! I'm glad I can too. I love that Irish dreamboat so much I wanna die.

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