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Realms of Desire

Spoils of War pt.2

Read this first: Spoils of War

The greeting was overwhelming. So many faces riddled with smiles. Cheers for a homecoming that he was certain he would never see. Harry glanced around the train station. There were so many men in uniform being praise. Elderly men slapped the young soldiers on the back, praising their bravery. Woman handed them ale and food, knowing that they'd not been fed like they would at home. Harry was in awe. They'd not won the war. They'd barely held the enemy back. They're survival was the only thing worth celebrating. As Harry saw the joy in all of the faces around him, he decided that it was enough to celebrate.
Even though he was home. Safe. He still felt the pang of the cold that he'd experienced while neck deep in the war. Harry felt as though he still was not home yet. There were faces in the crowd that he did not see but so desperately wanted to. Harry saw that already, men that were arriving were already being greeted by family. They were home. Harry was not. He knew he was going back there but the fear of what might have happened was starting to haunt him as much as the events that had propelled him home.

Worry filled Harry as he approached the house he'd always called home. His heart quickened and his temples sweat just a bit. He glanced around the yard, it looked just the same. Flowers well kept, as well as the lawn. The house seemed a bit smaller now though. The paint a bit brighter. He'd never seen a house as beautiful as the one he was approaching. He wondered if it was just the joy of being home that made him see it differently.
He smiled when he saw slight movement in the window followed by a yelling in the house. A voice he recognized, a voice that was there from the beginning of everything. The door swung open with a bang. He could hear his mother yelling inside the house still as his sister came out with a tear streaked face. Harry breathed a sigh of content as he wrapped his arms around his sister. Harry chuckled as she held him tightly, telling him that she loved him and was so happy he was safe.
"Harry." His mother's calm voice made him feel warmer than before. He pulled her into his arms as well, kissing her temple. It felt amazing to be in the place where people loved him. To see the face of those he went to war to protect. His mother's hug was so tight he thought he'd burst. He didn't bother to tell her like he had when he was younger. She deserved to squeeze him.
"HARRY!" The one voice he was so desperate to hear finally hit his ears. Slowly, he released his mother and sister. "Harry!" She cried out again. Her fit legs running down the stone path like never before. Harry's mother and sister couldn't help but laugh through their tears as Piper tackled Harry, making him stumbled slightly. Piper wound her arms around his neck and held onto him like she'd never see him again. Piper smoothed her hand over his cheek, as if she wasn't sure he was really there. "My love." She cried, before pressing her lips to his. Harry deepened the kiss almost instantly. He buried his hand in her hair to keep her lips connected to his. He knew the display of affection probably made his mother and sister uncomfortable but he didn't care. His wife had returned to his arms. "Come with me." Piper whispered, backing out of the heated kiss. "There's someone you need to see." Piper informed him. Harry gave her a confused look but nodded. She took his hand and led him into the house. His mother and sister not far behind them.

"Pi. What's going on?" Harry inquired as she dragged him up the stairs to the room that used to be his as a boy. Piper just smiled at him and walked in the room, still having a firm grip on Harry's hand. "Piper." Harry felt a little more than annoyed now. He wanted an answer. He didn't like being surprised.
"Come in here." Piper giggled, giving his hand a quick but gentle tug. He entered the room with nervousness. As Harry looked around the room, his feeling changed. "Harry." Piper began; her back to him as she spoke. He waited for a moment, wanting her to stare him in the eye. As if she heard his thoughts, she turned to him with a bright smile. "This is your son." Harry's heart leaped in his chest at the sight. The love of his life was holding a pudgy baby with fair hair and bright eyes. Piper placed the baby in his arms. Harry cuddled him close, his hand resting on the back of the baby's head, terrified he'd drop the baby. Harry couldn't believe it. His heart was filled with so many emotions as he stared at the half asleep but happy child in his grasp. Harry pressed his lips to the child's forehead. The warmth of his child's skin against his lips made a genuine, pure happiness course through his body. Tears slipped down his cheek. The thought that just surviving the war not being enough had left his mind. The baby in his arms, the woman at his side. It was worth surviving for. "I'm so happy you're home." Piper whispered, leaning into his side. Harry didn't reply. He wound his arm around her waist, holding his family close.


I know this is really short. I'm also aware that its probably really terrible as well since I haven't written anything about Harry or any of the boys in a very long time.
Obviously, it has been inspired by Dunkirk. I saw the movie yesterday with my Harry Styles fanyboy brother. I came home and had to write this. I hope you like it even though it's just trash. Lol.



Oh hush you do fine my friend but I’m glad you like it

morrison_hotel morrison_hotel

I love you...jesus this was sooo good... you write Harry so well...whyyyy can't I write him like this??

Kammy. Kammy.

Aw thanks love. I don’t know why I even thought of it but I’m glad you like it

morrison_hotel morrison_hotel

Good chapter about Niall and Harry steamy

LizzyM101 LizzyM101

You da real mvp, girl. ❤️

morrison_hotel morrison_hotel