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Christmas With Niall Horan


2 years later..

It was that time again, Christmas and this time we celebrated it in Surrey but now we were surrounded by friends and family. Niall had been on a world tour again and this was why he wanted us all together and to be honest I didn't mind one bit, as I was pregnant at the moment of our first child. It was an accident to be fair, we hadn't seen each other for three months straight, as I was busy with my paintings and he was touring. We just didn't have any time so when we saw each other it was all a blur and before we knew it, I was getting sick in the morning.

This was about three months ago and I remember how I told him. I was quite nervous as this would mean that things had to change. I didn't tell anyone just to be safe, as I was mobbed by the paparazzi on daily basis. I know that he was recording a new album and that was the only way we had some privacy because he would leave for a concert soon after and I really didn't want to miss the change to tell him. I walked into the studio and everybody gave me a weird look because I'd normally would not disturb the guy's. When Niall saw me he stopped singing immediately and came running to me.

"What's wrong?" He looked worried, which made my heart jump. "Nothing really, I just needed to talk to for a second" I giggled and he pulled me towards the couch and put me on his lap. The producers were looking everywhere except at us. "What do you want to tell me?" he was gently stroking my cheek, as if he still didn't believe I was his.

"I uh.... You know I've been sick lately right?" I asked him, not wanting to tell him straight away. "Yes, Please don't tell me you are dying." he asked frantically and my mouth dropped when he said that because that was the last thing I expected him to say.

"Damn Niall, of course I'm not dying chill." I swatted him on the arm. "Than tell me what's wrong!" I couldn't tease him any longer so I just dropped it on him. "Okay, so I'm pregnant.."He kept silent for a few seconds, looking at me as if I had two faces instead of one. You could almost hear the radars in his head. When everything clicked he jumped up, almost letting me fall.

"Damn Niall!" I yelled shocked. "YOU'RE PREGNANT!?" he yelled in shock but there was happiness on his face when he yelled this, so I just nodded. He grabbed me by my waist and spun me around in his arms, making me laugh and nauseas at the same time. We decided to keep it a secret for everyone till I was three months pregnant, which was today. I looked around to our family and friends and I was really happy. I felt a pair of arms around my body and smiled as Niall kissed my head.

"Oi let's eat!!" Niall said loud enough for everyone to hear and within a few minutes everybody sat around the table, when Niall stood up with his champagne glass. He didn't like speeches but he really wanted to do this one.

"Hi everyone thanks for coming to our Christmas dinner because we wanted to tell you guy's something but before I get to that part I have to do something else." He turned to me and when he got down on one knee I knew what he was going to do and even though I had seen this coming I was still surprised. He grabbed my hand in his and looked up at me.
"Emily, you know how our story began in that stupid McDonald's but boy am I glad that my drivers dropped me there. It was like fate when you walked in that stormy day and the way you took care of me when I was snowed in, the way you never gave up. The way I lost you for nearly a year thanks to my stupidity and the way we found our way back to each other. This proved to me that we are made for each other and now that we are adding a little baby to our family made me realise that we missed one more thing and that was being married to you, so will you please do me the honour of becoming my wife?"

I was already crying when I realised he had told our secret, as everyone was dead silent. I looked around quickly and saw the shock revealed on their faces, which made me giggle, but this was a nervous giggle. Niall cleared his throat, which made me turn back my attention to him, and I smiled at him.

"Yes, yes I wanna marry you!" I said in a whisper as my voice had left me thanks to my emotions. He pulled out a black box and when he opened it there was a simple but beautiful engagement ring. The band was white gold and it had a beautiful red green diamante, as that was his favourite colour. He slid it on my finger and kissed it. He lifted me up a bit so I was at his height and kissed me, when he pulled back he whispered. "Thank you" to my lips and I knew I was smiling. We turned to our family and it was like they were frozen, which made us laugh.

Harry was the first one who said something. "My god congratulations on both sides." He quickly came over and hugged us both. "You better call him Harry." He said softly in my ear, which made me giggle. The rest followed quickly after and it became a night to never forget, when we were finally in bed I was counting my blessings. Niall had pulled me into his arms just like he did every night we were together and kissed me slowly. We started to drift to sleep when something grabbed my attention and I walked over to the window and what I saw there made me smile.

"Niall, come quick!"

"What's wrong love?" he said sleepily as he got out of bed and when he stood next to me he wrapped his arms around me and I felt his smile against my neck. I turned around and was met by his blue eyes and we both said the same thing at the same time.

"It's snowing."


This is the end of this Christmas Story, I really hope you all enjoyed reading this because I did enjoy writing it. It was a story that flowed out of me and I'm really proud of it. Thank you so much for reading my story and I loved how lovely all you're comments were!

Thank you so much and have a Merry Christmas <3!!!



I totally agree with you ♡♡

You should make a sequel..... Just start off where you left off....

Louis_bae Louis_bae

@Allie Miller
Thank you!! :D I'm happy you liked the end of the story :D I don;t think there will be a sequel this is because I haven't got any ideas for a sequel at the moment.

Liampayneaddict Liampayneaddict

Excellent!!! So glad they got pregnant Nd engaged!!! Soooo is there going to be a sequel?

Allie Miller Allie Miller

your very welcome, your doing a great job <3


HazzaBear1234 HazzaBear1234