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Christmas With Niall Horan

Twenty Two.

He had set the game monopoly and he looked ready to get his ass beaten because I love that game to be honest and we had to wait like 1 hour before dinner was ready, so why not? "Sure let's play" I said with a smirk plastered on my face. I took place opposite from him and choose the Dog and he choose the car, which didn't surprise me at all, and as I was the lady I started first after debating this of course. I mean he really did want to start first but I defeated him with my arguments and after debating for 15 minutes he finally gave up.

I was throwing the dice and bought my first slot, which was the cheaper one and normally you wouldn't go for that one but you could get a lot of money when you put hotels on it because you always come by these slots but the most important slots were the expensive ones and that's what we fought for. I had no luck what so ever as I ended in Jail pretty quick. Damn it and I didn't want to spend my money on buying myself out, so I had to wait for like three turns but I was lucky as he wasn't throwing really high, so he had just passed me and bought one slot.

We were so busy trying to defeat each other that we were really startled when the timer went of to inform us that our dinner was ready. "Damn it, I totally forgot about dinner" I said startled almost knocking over the board when I got up from the couch. I ran towards the kitchen and pulled out the turkey, which looked really good and it smelled delicious. I quickly got the roasted potatoes and my vegetables. I put it on the table, which was already set by Niall. We were really in sync today, which was really funny to see to be honest. I grabbed a wine bottle and some glasses and poured it. We had red wine even though I wasn't a huge fan of red wine but it only seemed right with Christmas.

"Niall, dinner is ready," I yelled towards the living room and he came in running and plopped down on his chair. Normally we would sit next to each other but this time we sat opposite from each other, which felt a bit off but it also made it more romantic as there was only candle light. I was actually nervous about this because this was also the first time I made a meal like this. "This taste really good" Niall said with his mouth full and that sight made me giggle it was a nervous giggle. This just felt so weird and I wished he hadn't noticed it but of course he did. He had his famous smirk plastered on his face "Are you nervous Love?" he asked mischievous and I had to gulp a few times before answering. "Who me?" I tried to be slick there but my voice betrayed me straight away!

Damn nerves!! He chuckled at this, next thing I know he leaves his food and got up from his seat and slandered over to me. He stopped next to me and turned my chair around. "Have I told you that you look beautiful in the candlelight?" He said seductively and I know what he was trying to do and he was so succeeding. I felt a blush creep on my face and I looked away not handling his closeness. The next thing I know he carefully pulls me out of my chair, as I was still a bit sore from yesterday's events. I was now standing right in front of him and he grabbed my chin softly. I felt the chills running over my back as he lifted my face up. He brought his face closer to mine and brushed his lips over mine.

My heart was beating like crazy by now and I really wanted to kiss him and god knows what more but we couldn't right? He brushed his lips one more time over mine and kissed me on my forehead. He took a step back and saw that he was also infatuated as his chest was also rising up and down a bit faster then normally. He quickly went back to his seat and I saw the smirk coming back on his face. That Bastard!!


Playing games on Christmas, was always one of my favorite things to do. Is there a tradition in your family on Christmas and what do you guys have for dinner?


I totally agree with you ♡♡

You should make a sequel..... Just start off where you left off....

Louis_bae Louis_bae

@Allie Miller
Thank you!! :D I'm happy you liked the end of the story :D I don;t think there will be a sequel this is because I haven't got any ideas for a sequel at the moment.

Liampayneaddict Liampayneaddict

Excellent!!! So glad they got pregnant Nd engaged!!! Soooo is there going to be a sequel?

Allie Miller Allie Miller

your very welcome, your doing a great job <3


HazzaBear1234 HazzaBear1234