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Christmas With Niall Horan


Why was it so damn cold? The last thing I remember is being nice and warm lying in Niall's arms. I was reaching for the blankets but I couldn't find any so I opened my eyes to search for them when I noticed that Niall has wrapped himself in the blankets. This was actually a pretty adorable sight and I quickly got my phone and snapped a picture.

I saw that it was 8am and to be honest I wasn't feeling sleepy at all. It was like I had all the energy in the world and I just had to do something. I walked over to the window and when I opened the curtains a little bit, I was shocked to see how much snow had fallen down. It made me wonder if this was faith locking us together in this house but then again I don't really believe in faith. I turned my head around to watch Niall sleep and a smile crept on my face. I was damn lucky to have someone like him in my life even if the future wasn't safe.
I mean I couldn't tell what was going to happen after Christmas was over but I know I was going to enjoy myself whilst being snowed in with him. I quietly walked out of the room and ran down stairs where it was even colder. Damn was the heat broken or something like that. I got into the kitchen and I made myself some hot chocolate and waited for it to be ready.

My mind was going over everything that happened last night and I had never expected that he would be in One Direction what are the odds of that happening to someone right? I really had to thank Emma when I saw her again. I was pulled out of my thoughts when the water boiler went off. I quickly poured water in a cup and added cacao. It smelled like Christmas, which was tomorrow. I couldn't wait to celebrate it with Niall. I walked into the living room and put my drink down and started the fire in the fireplace. I had never done anything like that so hopefully I wouldn't burn down the house because that would suck a lot. Today I really had to do some homework and write some chapters as I was falling behind on everything as I had so much fun with Niall. He was still sleeping so it couldn't hurt.

I walked back to my own room and grabbed my Macbook. You must love Apple. I really can't live without my macbook and IPhone. I walked downstairs again and sat down on the couch pulling a blanket over my legs to keep them warm and cosy. God I was not looking forward on going home and go to college as it was my last year so I had to finish everything and as I was saying I really was behind so I had to work my ass off, luckily for me there was still no sign of Niall so I focused on my essay about human interaction and was pretty deep in it when someone put their hands in front of my face. "ARGH..." I screamed and Niall was holding the couch because he was laughing so hard. "You had to..Omg your face" he said and I smacked him with a pillow.

"Damn it, you scared me half to death!" I said slightly raising my voice. He jumped over the couch and sat next to me. He grabbed my macbook and looked at my essay. "Whoa you are actually doing homework?" he asked shocked and I shrugged. "Yes I need to catch up with a few things and you were still sleeping so I thought it couldn't hurt to start" I said and that made him quiet as he watched me and out of nowhere he got up.

"You are right well I'm going to give you some space" he said irritated, which surprised me a bit. He just walked away and even though I reached for him he quickly turned away from me so that I couldn't touch him and I watched him walk into the kitchen. "What the hell was that, was it something I had said?"


I hope you all liked this chapter and if you are wondering why Niall reacted like that, it's just because he wants to spend every single minute with her and the thought that she was already busy with things after this holiday made him annoyed

Also from today on, you will get three updates a day, as Christmas is right around the corner, hope you all don't mind ;)



I totally agree with you ♡♡

You should make a sequel..... Just start off where you left off....

Louis_bae Louis_bae

@Allie Miller
Thank you!! :D I'm happy you liked the end of the story :D I don;t think there will be a sequel this is because I haven't got any ideas for a sequel at the moment.

Liampayneaddict Liampayneaddict

Excellent!!! So glad they got pregnant Nd engaged!!! Soooo is there going to be a sequel?

Allie Miller Allie Miller

your very welcome, your doing a great job <3


HazzaBear1234 HazzaBear1234