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Fool's Gold

Chapter 95

My phone rang loudly on the table beside the bed. I groaned and rolled over to see who it was. I looked back at Charles after checking it. He was still asleep. I grabbed the phone and quickly got out of bed without waking Charles. I couldn't risk him waking up at the wrong moment. He'd already been in a horrible mood for most of the week and I wasn't going to deal with him.
"Hey." I answered brightly, but quietly as I reached the living room. I was trying to pay attention to my surroundings as well. I wanted to be aware of it if Charles woke up while I was one the phone.
"Hey baby!" Harry shouted into the phone. "I'm sorry I woke you but I have to tell you something." Harry sounded so excited.
"What? What?" I asked, my excitement building hearing his.
"Well, the boys and I are supposed to be doing some extra things, like charity appearances, some red carpet stuff, a small concert..." Harry trailed off.
"Yeah, and..." I urged him. I wanted him to tell me what was so important to call at two in the morning.
"I'm in LA, baby." I could hear the smirk in his voice.
"No you are not!" I whispered loudly. Harry laughed on the other end of the line. "Which hotel?" I asked quickly.
"Sofitel." Harry responded with a chuckle.
"Are you there now?" I inquired hopefully. I knew it was a bad idea at the late hour but I wanted to see him. I needed to see him right away. I could risk being gone for a few moments to bask in his loving light.
"Yeah." Harry laughed quietly.
I grinned, "I'll be there in twenty minutes." I was already making my way out of the living room to find clothes.
"You live ten minutes away." Harry sounded a little confused.
"I have to get dressed. I can't just show up in my pajamas." I giggled.
"Um, I've seen what you sleep in when you actually wear pajamas and yes, you can. I actually strongly suggest that you do." Harry replied; I could hear him smirking again. I shook my head and repeated myself. Harry sighed, "Alright. I love you. I'll see you soon."
"See you soon. I love you." I stated before hanging up. I rushed to the laundry room to get clothes. I wasn't risking going back up to the bedroom for clothes. I dug out things that were comfortable and not suspicious looking. If I wore the skirt Harry loved and a tank top, it would be obvious that I was going to see Harry.

I raced into the hotel. The staff not really paying any attention to me. I dashed for the elevator, wanting to get to Harry's room as fast as I could. I'd missed him so terribly. It'd been less than a month since Paris but I was so ready to see him again. I wanted to have him wrap his loving arms around me and kiss me with the love that he carried around for me.

I tapped my foot impatiently as I waited for someone to open the hotel room door. I was so happy when it was Harry that answered. I jumped into his arms, wrapping my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist. I meshed my lips to his passionately. Harry carried me into the room, still attached to me at the lips. I didn't want to let go of him but I knew I needed to. I had to get back to my house before Charles knew I was gone.
Harry backed out of the kiss first, "I missed you so fucking much."
I giggled, "Bear, it's only been a month." Harry kissed me with fire again as I released his waist from the grip of my legs. After a moment, Harry let me stand on my own feet.
"I don't care how long it's been. A moment without you is unbearable." He said with a cheeky smile. I giggled and cupped his cheeks in my hands. I placed my mouth over his gently. We continued kissing slowly and tenderly, until we heard someone clear their throat. Harry and I looked to where the noise came from. I rested my temple on Harry's chin as I smiled at Louis and Niall.
"Hey Louis. Hi Niall." I greeted the boys sweetly. They both waved a bit. Both of them still appeared uncomfortable as Harry and I held each other closer.
"You can leave if you don't like it." Harry muttered to the distressed looking boys.
I pulled away, shaking my head, "No. It's okay. I gotta go." Harry nearly glared at me. "What? I do."
"Why? You just got here?" Harry was disappointed and almost angry.
"I have to get home to Charlie." I replied anxiously. I hated seeing the jealousy in Harry's eyes but I couldn't lie about needing to be home.
Harry shook his head, "No. Stay with me. It's not even half past two yet, he's not going to know you're gone." I felt so horrible hearing the sadness within him.
"I have to get back in bed before he gets up to go to work. He gets up at five. I have to be there and ready to make his breakfast. I'll come back though. Once he's gone to work for the day." I smiled at Harry, attempting to make him feel better. Harry just held me tighter and refused to let me go. I kissed him again. "I have to go back to the house, baby. I have to be there when he gets up. I promise I will come as soon as he's gone." I assured Harry as I patted his chest lovingly.
"Noli. No. Just stay." Harry pleaded. I frowned deeply, needing to let go of him but knowing I couldn't because he was still holding on too tight.
"Harry, baby. I don't wanna go." I said, still trying to make him feel better about letting me go.
Harry grunted, "Then don't. You don't have to go anywhere you don't want to." I stared up at him with pleading eyes. I didn't like it when he got jealous. "Don't go. Just stay with me." Harry kissed me sweetly, trying to sway my decision. I held his face in my hands gently. "Stay." He whispered resting his forehead on mine after breaking the kiss. My eyes flicked over to Louis and Niall. Both of them were wearing sad expressions that were also laced with worry.
"Harry..." I began. I needed to leave. I had to go back to Charles. "Bear, I have to leave. If he wakes up and I'm not there..." I trailed off. With the mood Charles had been in lately, I knew that whatever would happen wouldn't be good. Harry closed his eyes tightly and gripped me harder. I frowned when a few tears escaped his eyes. I wanted so badly to stay. I glanced over at Louis and Niall again. Their faces made my heart break even more. They hated seeing Harry this way almost as much as I did. I inhaled deeply to gather all of my courage. "I can stay for a little while. But I have to leave before quarter to five. I have to be there when he gets up." Harry smiled and placed his lips on my forehead tenderly.
"We're going to go to bed then. We'll see you in the morning?" Louis inquired standing from the sofa. I nodded as I held Harry tightly by his waist, with his face buried in my neck. Niall kissed my cheek gently as he walked out of the room. Louis placed his hand on my shoulder for just a moment before exiting the room.
Once the door shut, I rubbed Harry's back gently, "Come on, Bear. Let's get you in bed too." Harry nodded and let me lead him into the bedroom.

I pushed Harry back onto the bed. He was extremely exhausted; I could see it in his eyes and the way he had been carrying himself. I carefully removed his boots and threw them to the floor at the end of the bed. I removed his socks quickly. Harry groaned when I began to rub his feet. I giggled hearing the sighs coming from his lips as I pressed my thumbs into the soul of his foot.
Harry breathed deeply, "Oh my God, Noli."
I shook my head in amusement, "You do know you sound the way you do when I'm sucking you off, right?"
"I don't even care." Harry grunted. "That feels fucking amazing."
"My poor man." I frowned feeling how tense he was as it left his body. "Sit up." I instructed as I dropped his foot. Harry did as told. He sat up and gazed into my eyes. I gently stripped him of his shirt.
"Just think. In five years, you're going to be doing this to our kids." Harry smiled up at me. I shook my head and pushed him back onto the bed. Next, I removed his jeans. I glanced up for a moment to see that Harry was biting his bottom lip, like he thought we were going to make love. I giggled and shook my head again. I stripped off my own t-shirt and jeans. I crawled onto the bed with a small smile.
"I like where this is going." Harry smirked playfully. I rolled my eyes and swung my leg over him. My bum rested on his hips while I had my back to him. "Not what I was expecting."
"Be quiet." I commanded looking back at him. Harry bit his lip and nodded slowly. "Just relax, Bear." I smiled over my shoulder. Harry nodded again and let his eyes close. He sank into the bed a bit more. I began to massage his shins carefully, taking my time to caress every inch. After I was satisfied, and Harry too, I moved my hands up to Harry's thighs. I rub the flesh of his thighs gently but firmly. It was strange but I could help but think of how much I loved the feel of his coarse hair under my palms.
"I can feel you biting you lips. What are you thinking?" Harry sighed, placing his hands on my hips.
"I love the hair on your legs and your thighs. It pisses me off when you get rid of it." I responded honestly. "I hate it on...well, any other man really. But you need to have it. It's so sexy on you and I have no idea why." I added quietly.
"Won't do it again, baby. I promise." Harry chuckled. I thanked him quietly and went back to massaging his thighs. After a few moments, I crawled off Harry.
"Turn over, baby." I instructed quietly.
"I'm getting a full rub down?" Harry teased with a smirk.
Making sure my lips brushed against his ear, I whispered, "Be a good boy and you might." Harry blushed and buried his face in the pillows. I began to caress Harry's calves, eliciting more groans and sighs from him.
After working all of the knots out of Harry's legs, I straddled his hips again. I rested my bum on Harry's and began to massage his back. Harry groaned loudly when my hands smoothed up his spine firmly.
"Now, tell me about your day, baby." I murmured to Harry. My hands working small patterns on his back, taking all of the tension from his muscles. Harry was attempting to breathe normally but was struggling.
"I can't talk right now. That feels too damn good." Harry moaned. I laughed and continued the motions.
"Fine. I'll talk." I stated. Harry nodded into the pillows. "I got a call from a gallery in upstate New York. They wanna work with me. They said that they saw the sculpture and some of the paintings I'd done for contests a few months ago. The curator said that she would really like to have my stuff in her gallery. Danny looked into it. It's not a big gallery but it's a start."
"That's amazing, Noli." Harry groaned softly.
"Are you talking about the back massage or the gallery?" I teased.
Harry laughed quietly, "Gallery."
"I think I'm going to do it. Danny said that the money part is a bit low but I don't care too much. It's enough to get me out of LA when the time comes. I asked the curator if we could wait to finalize things until after the divorce goes through so I wouldn't have to give Charles anything." I informed Harry.
"How is that going? Has the lawyer made any progress?" Harry inquired.
"A bit. He's finding a lot that is absolutely ridiculous and should've been thrown out. He said that with most of it he can get me out of it because of my age when I got married. I wasn't able to comprehend it or something. I don't like being made to look like an idiot though." I frowned.
"We both know that you're not. But if they worded it so you couldn't understand it on purpose, then I think it's fair the lawyer use your age." Harry asked in the middle of another moan. I shrugged even though Harry couldn't see me. "Enough about that right now." Harry stated.
"I've gotten all of the pictures we took together developed." I informed Harry with a smirk.
Harry smiled as well, "How did they turn out?"
"Sexy as fuck." I giggled into his ear.
"Might have to make a stop at your studio sometime this week." Harry beamed.
My hands glided over Harry's skin slowly and teasingly, "Definitely. I love the pictures I took of your tattoos and your tummy. I almost called you while I was developing the other day. I've had this...ache since I looked at all of those photos." I squealed loudly when Harry threw me onto the bed. Harry placed himself between my legs and smirked.
"I can take care of that." He murmured before planting his mouth on mine passionately.

Harry and I laid intertwined in his hotel bed. His head was on my chest and his arms were wrapped around me firmly. He was nearly asleep but I knew he was fighting it. He knew that as soon as he fell asleep I would shift him onto the bed and leave. He didn't want me to go.
"Harry, go to sleep, baby." I giggled when I felt him shift.
"No. Don't want to." Harry replied with that raspy, sexy, sleepy voice.
I kissed his forehead and twisted his curls around my fingers, "Go to sleep. I'll be here when you wake up. I promise."
"Noli." Harry whispered. I hummed in reply. "I'm sorry I didn't get to take you to the Louvre. I wanted to but the boys..." Harry sounded genuinely distraught.
"Stop it." I murmured, causing Harry to lift his head to look at me. "I had the most amazing time with you in Paris. I've never seen that much of the city before." I stated calmly.
"But I made a promise." Harry protested. I kissed him softly to silence him.
"No. I know you wanted to take me. But we have the rest of our lives to go back. It'll be alright, Bear." I assured him. Harry nodded and returned his head to my breast. "Now sleep, Harry. We can make memories when you wake up." I whispered to him in a soothing voice.


HARRY'S IN LA! But Charles is in LA as well... What do you think will be set into motion?



Thank you for loving it so much!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

God, this must be one of my favourite stories ever! Thank you for putting so much hard work in to write it :)


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