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Fool's Gold

Chapter 85

I laid silently next to Harry. He was still in a dead sleep. I smiled as I watched him. I loved how innocent he looked while he was sleeping. No one would ever think that the man laying next to me was capable of being as naughty as he was. I smiled thinking of the moments before he fell asleep. I was snuggled into his sweaty, heaving, heavenly chest. His chest heaving and sweat soaked from making love like we'd never be able to again. I laughed quietly. He always did that. Almost every night was a passionate frenzy. He couldn't wait to get me naked and writhing and once he did, he never wanted to stop. It was something that I'd never felt before. To feel wanted the way Harry always wanted me. But I wanted him just the same. I never wanted him to leave the bed. I frowned a little as the thought crossed my mind. I didn't want him to always stay because of the sex, as amazing as it was. I wanted him to never leave because I loved him. I always wanted to lay in his arms, feel him breathing, watch him sleep. I wanted to listen to him talk about the things that he loved, the things that made him excited and everything that made him think. I even wanted to listen to his terrible jokes.
I laid my hand on Harry's chest when he stirred. My touch didn't soothe him and put him back to sleep. His eyes opened and he appeared concerned.
Harry gently smoothed my hair away from my face, "Are you alright, baby?" I only nodded, kissing the palm of his hand when he cupped my cheek. "Why are you awake then?" I just shrugged in response. I wanted him to keep asking me questions. I loved the sound of his voice when he had just woken up. It was twice as deep and raspy and sexy. "Come on. What's wrong?" Harry asked turning on his side to face me.
"Nothing. Just go back to sleep, baby." I murmured to him with a small smile. Harry lifted his eyebrow at me then shifted again. He laid on his stomach with his arms under his head. I slowly smoothed my hand over his back.
"Enola. What is bothering you?" Harry grunted softly, his eyes still closed. I quickly lifted his arm and ducked my head under it. Harry let his arm fall over my neck. He moved a little closer to me as my head rested on the pillow beside his. I kissed his lips lightly. "Come on, Noli. Talk to me." Harry whispered.
"Nothing's wrong. I was just watching you sleep. I'm not that tired." I whispered back.
"You're so weird." Harry chuckled and pecked my forehead.
"Why am I weird?" I asked with a bit of anxiety. I didn't think I was being weird. I loved him. I wanted to see everything about him.
"Weird is the wrong word. Um...you're very...eccentric. Who watches another person sleep?" Harry chortled.
"I like looking at you while you sleep. You look so at peace and comfortable... and attractive. I like listening to your terrible snore and the rare times that you talk in your sleep. It's just another way to know you. See what's really on your mind." I confessed. Harry smiled and pressed his lips to my forehead for a long moment. When Harry lips no longer rested on my forehead, his forehead took their place.
"I've watched you sleep before. When we were in Italy. And once while we were on tour. You're even gorgeous when you're asleep and your hair is messy and you've got no make up on." Harry smoothed his hand over my hair again and chuckled, "Like now."
"And if people saw you when you're sleeping, they'd never think that you are the way you are. Hell, even when you're not people think that you're such a...good boy." I snickered.
Harry smirked, "Yeah, we both no better, huh?"
"But I love everything about you. Every side of your personality. From your cocky side to your sweet side to your...darker side. I love it all." I murmured to him.
Harry shook his head a bit, "Did you wake me just to tell me how much you loved me?"
"I did not wake you up. You woke yourself up, sir." I laughed yet again.
"No. You woke me up. I would've gone back to sleep if you hadn't touched me. I'm awake and it's your fault." Harry teased with his stupid, smug smile. "I think you should make it up to me." Harry's smirk became more prominent. I bit my lip then pushed him onto his back. I meshed my mouth to his while slipping myself between his legs. Harry pushed my hair behind my ears and held my face in his hands. I ran my hands down his chest. My hands stopped at the valley in his chest that I loved so much. I stroked the soft skin there for a moment. My hands continued over his pecs. I raked my nails over his abs slowly, earning an eager groan from Harry. Soon after, my mouth followed the same path. My lips scouring every inch of Harry's chest. My tongue swooping gently between his pecs, capturing the small amount of sweat already starting to reappear. Harry sighed when I nipped at his abs. I grew more eager myself when my lips reached the small trail of hair starting at his navel leading to where he wanted me most. Another part of him that I found undeniably sexy. I made eye contact with Harry as I caressed his hips. I lifted my mouth from his skin then stroked the small treasure map with my thumb. "I was just thinking a good snog and cuddle." Harry murmured as he stared down at me.
"Oh. Well then." I began to kiss back toward his chest. Instantly, Harry was all to anxious again. He placed his hands on my shoulders and gently tried to move me back toward his roused appendage.
"No. Please." He whined a bit.
"Well you said you just wanted a snog and a cuddle." I teased. I had every intention of giving him what he wanted. I just enjoyed teasing him the way he would to me when I was worked up because of his playfulness. Harry begged me with his eyes. "Oh baby. I would never do that to you." I giggled pecking his lips softly.
Harry seemed a bit more relaxed now. I traced down his chest and abs again with the tip of my tongue. He hummed at the contact. I gazed up at Harry with lustful eyes, skipping contact with his dick. He whined slightly. I just ignored it and lowered my lips to his thighs. Harry sighed again feeling my tongue connecting with the tender flesh. I slowly kissed my way back to his engorged cock. I kissed up his incredible length, barely letting my lips touch him. I glanced up fro just a moment to see him chewing on his lips in anticipation. I slid my tongue down to the base of his cock then back up with an agonizing speed, letting my tongue memorize every inch of him, and there were many to be remembered. Harry's breathing was labored and erratic already. I smirked and gently sucked his head into my mouth. Harry groaned loudly, pressing his head back into the pillows. I giggled around him then pressed the tip of my tongue against the tiny slit at his tip causing him to moan once again. Harry twined his fingers into my hair and bucked his hips upward. I pushed his hips back down to the bed. Harry moaned, awaiting me to take him into my mouth fully again. I had no intention of getting him off fast. I was going to take my time, tease him the way he would always tease me. Plus, he'd not received this in a while. I knew he loved it but was too embarrassed to ask for it. I slowly enveloped his large member again, letting my tongue feel all of the bumps and veins that made me lose my mind every night that we spent together. I glanced up at him again. He was watching me intensely, hopeful green eyes suddenly burning into mine. I smiled around him. Yeah. I was going to make him beg for it like he had done to me not so long ago.
Harry slowly caressed my arms with his finger tips, well, he attempted to. He was having a hard time focusing on anything that wasn't my mouth around him. I didn't mind it. I had planned on it. I dipped my head down slowly, letting his tip slide all the way to the back of my mouth. Harry gasped at the sensation. His hand was buried in my hair without a moment's notice. I pulled back just as slowly. I wound my fingers around his throbbing cock. I began to stroke him with care. His head dropped into the pillows again when I wrapped my lips around his tip like it was a lollipop, sucking slowly. I stared at his beautiful face: his eyebrows were furrowed and his mouth was hanging open. I noticed the way his chest was heaving. Harry's thighs tensed. He was close. Extremely close. One more moment with my lips and hand around him and he would explode. I quickly released him. Harry panted and stared down at me in disbelief. I kissed up his stomach, my hands creating the path for my lips. I laid on Harry so I wasn't touching his swollen appendage: my torso leaning against his while my legs and hips were next to him. I kissed his lips the way I had been kissing his dick. His chest was still rising rapidly and unevenly.
" Are you okay, Bear?" I inquired with a concerned tone.
He almost glared at me as he replied, "No." I smoothed my hand down his abs to wrapped my hand around his cock once again.
"Oh baby. What's wrong?" I murmured, beginning to pump him. He groaned and nuzzled my neck. Harry held me by my waist tightly with one arm. I kissed his neck and shoulders with a tiny smirk, seeing the way his free hand gripped the bed sheets. Harry lifted his head from my neck and kissed me hard. The need he felt showed in the way he locked his lips with mine. The kiss was fervent and strong. He wanted his release so badly. I wasn't going to let him have it just yet. I removed my hand from around his suddenly, just as before. Harry backed out of the kiss with confused, pleading eyes. I just smirked at him. I moved on top of him once again. Slipping my legs between his so I could slide down his body the way he liked. I kissed the spot on his chest that I found so sexy. Then down his abs, letting my tongue sneak a few licks in. Harry groaned and his hips jerked when my breasts came in contact with his needy length. I placed teasing kisses on the strip of hair I also found so tantalizing. I nearly swallowed his cock in an instant, causing Harry to lift his hips from the bed. He let out a sound that I'd never heard from him before. It almost seemed to be a mix of a growl and a whimper. I giggled as I bobbed my head. Harry writhed underneath me, trying to get more of me. I held his hips against the bed, much like he would do to me when the roles were reversed. I'd never gotten a thrill from such an act before but with Harry it was just as gratifying as making love. Harry's thighs tightened again. He was so close. I backed away and looked up at him. He panted, once again looking down at me confused and ready to blow.
"Say you love me, baby." I requested of him like he had done to me so many times before. "Say you love me." I repeated with a tiny smirk. Harry's eyes darkened a bit when he realized what I had been doing.
"I love you, Enola." His voice was an octave higher than normal. I wrapped my fingers around his length lazily and pumped slowly. He groaned softly.
"Do you want me to make you cum?" A sultry tone that I didn't even know I could do flew from my mouth. I was as surprised as Harry. "Do you?" I urged him. He nodded quickly. "Ask me nicely, Bear."
"Please." He muttered, his cheeks turning another shade of red. I bit my lip and stroked him a little faster. Harry groaned, "Please, Noli. Please." I smirked and dropped my head, sucking him between my lips once again. He moaned loudly and twined his fingers in my hair. He kept on pleading for his release. Broken murmurs of, "Please," falling from his lips. Finally, his whole body tensed. "Fuck!" He shouted as I dropped my head down fully. He released a moan with a volume I'd never heard from him before either as he came. His body was shuddering as his thighs relaxed and his sagged into the bed. I stayed still, keeping him between my lips for another moment. I slowly backed away from him then laid down beside him. I wiped my bottom lip gently as I gazed at his exhausted, yet serene face.
I placed my hand one hand on Harry's chest then tangled the other in his wild curls. He hummed softly at the feeling of my touch. I stroked his chest with my thumb slowly. I want to soothe his erratic breaths and rapid heartbeat. I gazed at my lover with curiosity. I wondered what he was thinking. Was he okay with the way I teased him and spoke to him? I'd never been completely in control, like I had just been. I was also curious as to why he let me. Usually, if he couldn't wait any longer he'd flip me over and take control. I never minded. I liked it.
"Are you okay, baby?" I whispered. He nodded but kept his eyes closed. I smirked and kissed his temple. "It's nice to get revenge, isn't it?" I murmured. Harry's eyes snapped open and he gazed at me confused. "Oh, I told you I'd get you back for the Packers teasing that one morning. Consider yourself served, sir." I chuckled. Harry started laughing when he realized what I was talking about. He pulled me down to lie beside him. I rested my head on his chest, leaving my hand on the dip in his chest that I loved. We were both silent for a few more moments. "Harry?" I looked up at him to see him gazing back at me.
"What, baby?" Harry hummed.
"Can you please start asking for blow jobs?" I requested quietly. He flushed pink again. "Come on. I know when you want them and I know that you've been to shy to ask for them." I explained with an understanding tone. Harry still didn't speak. "A hand on my shoulder while we're getting hot and heavy, like you did tonight, I'd be okay with." Still, he didn't say a word. "Just don't be afraid to ask for what you want." I sighed when I realized that he wasn't going to talk candidly about it at the moment.
Finally, he spoke, "You want me to ask for what I want?" I nodded slowly. "Enola," Harry began quietly. I smirked thinking he wanted to play around some more. "Will you just hold me for the rest of the night?" I broke into a genuine smile, my heart melting at his request. I nodded and laid on my back. Harry scooted across the bed into my arms. He rested his head on my breast and wrapped his arm around me tightly. "Noli?" Harry spoke again. I hummed as a response. "Will you play with my hair like you always do?" He asked. I kissed his forehead then began to stroke his hair and twist it around my fingers. Harry sighed contently. He fell back to sleep with me holding him and playing with his hair.
I held Harry tighter when I realized that he had fallen asleep again. How was he the way he was? One second he was a wonton mess, filled with desire and passion; a sultry man with no bounds. The next, he was almost child like, so sweet and loving, wanting to be held and treated with so much care. He was amazing a perfect guy really.
I frowned a bit. But it wasn't all hearts and flowers and sex between us. We fought. We got so insanely angry with each other that we wouldn't speak for a few days. He would call me out on things and tell me to fuck off when I told him to leave me alone. Although, those were the arguments that always had him calling after ten minutes, apologizing for swearing at me and that he didn't mean it. I knew that he was a volcano when he was mad. I didn't mind it really; I was just as bad. Most of the time we were fighting over the big things. My art, his band. My need to leave Charles and his lack of control over his jealousies. I had no problem telling him when he was being a jealous asshole. I always felt bad for it. I knew that he couldn't help it. I knew that he was trying his hardest not to think about what Charles was doing.
Mostly, I think we fought about it because Harry was scared Charles' temper and tendency to be the biggest dick on the face of the Earth would escalate. He was always so worried that one day, Charles was going to hit me. The thought of Charles becoming physically violent freaked him out more than anything else that had been happening. Some how he found out about the incident in Charles' office when I returned from the tour. I knew Louis had told him. I also knew that Louis hadn't meant to. It just slipped out while he and Harry were discussing our relationship. Harry called me nearly in tears, apologizing for letting me leave his side. For not being there to make Charles stop. I could hear him crying as I told him the story in full. I hugged the man sleeping in my arms even tighter. He had such a pure heart. When he should've hated me for sleeping with Charles, he didn't. Harry hated Charles, knowing that Charles had made me afraid to say no.
"Baby, I can feel you thinking." Harry muttered holding me tighter. "Let it go. Whatever it is, let it go and sleep with me." He spoke gently.
"I love you, Harry." I whispered, kissing his hair.
"I love you, Noli." He replied with a smile in his voice. "Stop thinking about whatever you're thinking about. Just go to sleep. I'll be here in your arms when you wake up." Harry assured me. "Never want to sleep anywhere but these perfect boobs ever again." Harry grumbled as he snuggled further into my chest. I smiled and kissed his head again. "Come on, baby. Sleep." Harry commanded. I closed my eyes and focused on his shallow, slow breathing. Within a few minutes, I was asleep as well.



Thank you for loving it so much!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

God, this must be one of my favourite stories ever! Thank you for putting so much hard work in to write it :)


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