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Fool's Gold

Chapter 74

I walked out onto the rooftop, my hands still over my mouth. I wasn't sure how I should be reacting but the lump in my throat had gotten bigger. I felt like I was going to cry yet again. All around the rooftop were what looked to be clothes lines. On the lines hung photos that Harry had taken with my camera and a few were from his phone then there were a few that I didn't even recognize. But every single photograph was of me. All of the pictures from Ireland, Italy and the ones Harry had taken while I've been on tour with him. All me.
I looked back at him, "Harry?" I wanted an explanation. He smiled brightly and kissed my temple. I was still in awe and he wasn't speaking. "Harry, what is this?" I asked almost choking on the words.
"This is what I see when I look at you." He whispered sliding his arms around my waist. "These are the things I love about you." He carefully walked me over to the first string of photographs. "The way you smile at me." My eyes fell to the photos from Ireland. Lying in bed together. Sitting on the seashore. My jaw dropped when I saw the pictures he'd taken of me while we were in bed in Italy. Lying underneath him in bed. Sitting on the blanket in the vineyard. Hanging off the side of the pool. In all of them, I wore the biggest smile I'd ever seen on myself. "The way you laugh at my stupid jokes." Harry motioned to a picture I'd never seen before. It was of him and I lying on the sofa in the villa laughing hysterically. I glanced back at him, questioning the photo. He chuckled, "Niall took it. He said it was too cute not to." I smiled weakly then returned my eyes to the pictures. The rest of them had been taken by other people; all of them were of Harry and I laughing. My eyes welled a bit, seeing the moments. He really, truly made me happy.
Harry and I moved to the next string of photographs. Most of them were the photos from bed in Italy and Ireland.
"I love that sultry look you give me that lets me know what you really want." Harry whispered hotly in my ear. He slid his hand from my stomach down toward the elastic of my sweatpants. I cringed at the gesture. Harry tensed a bit before kissing me lightly on the neck. "When I know that you just want to show me love." He murmured against my skin. "I love the way we fit together. How your body presses to mine in all of the right places, making us feel like two matching puzzle pieces." Harry stated as we came to a photo of the two of us intertwined in bed. I smiled at the analogy; he'd used it before. "But the things I love the most about you can't be shown in these pictures. I can only tell you what they are." Harry spoke lowly and held me tighter against him. I didn't move and I didn't speak. Harry walked me to a picture that was of the two of us in an embrace the first day I was on tour. "This is the one that I think shows just how much you mean to me." Harry stated. I glanced up at him curiously. "I never wanted to let go of you. I wanted to stand there holding you until I had to get on stage. You make me so incredibly happy, Noli." Harry turned me to look him in the eyes. He place his hands on my hips again, keeping me close but not too close. "I love you. Every little thing about you. I love listening to you talk about the things you love. The way you get excited is so cute." Harry smiled.
"Passionate. I get passionate. Not excited." I corrected Harry.
"Your voice catches and you get teary. Excited." Harry smirked. I rolled my eyes. "And you are so well educated and you're so proud of what you know." Harry's smirk turned into a genuine smile. "I love how confident you are. No one else would speak to a stranger the way you spoke to me the day we met. And the way you handle Louis exudes confidence. You are a strong woman. You fight for people you love and causes you care about. And so what if you're not selling a lot right now. Every single one of those pieces in your studio is part of you and that takes some fucking bravery. There isn't anything about you that is unlovable or imperfect." Harry spoke with absolute conviction. I pressed my forehead to Harry's and tangled my fingers in his hair. He held me even tighter.
I smirked and started to sing, "Is it so wrong? Is it so wrong that you make me strong?" Harry laughed loudly then his grip on my hips got stronger. I squealed as he lifted me into the air. I quickly wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms around his shoulders. I didn't want to fall on my ass.
"Using our songs against me, eh?" Harry smirked cheekily at me. I bit my lip and just gazed down at him. "You're perfect." He whispered before planting his lips on mine lovingly. The tears finally started to fall from my eyes. I couldn't help it. "Why are you crying, baby? What did I say wrong?" Harry asked with worry as he set me back down on my feet. I shook my head quickly. "Noli, tell me. Why are you crying?" Harry seemed nervous now.
"I love you. No one has ever done anything like this for me before." I stated while he cleared my face of tears.
Harry smiled a bit, "There's more. Come on." He took my hand and led me away from the lines of photos. My jaw dropped again when I saw a table set up with two plates, two wine glasses, two candles and a single rose. I ran my hand through my hair then looked down at my attire. I was severely under dressed for what he had planned.



Thank you for loving it so much!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

God, this must be one of my favourite stories ever! Thank you for putting so much hard work in to write it :)


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