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Fool's Gold

Chapter 68

The door to the dressing room Harry and I were in opened a little. Dale's head ducked inside. He sighed in relief seeing Harry and I on the sofa. Harry was fast asleep on my chest with his arms around my waist while his legs were between mine.
"I found them!" Dale called back into the hallway. I heard a great deal of groans from outside. "Is he okay?" Dale spoke softly when he looked at Harry's sleeping frame.
I nodded, "He'll be okay." Dale seemed a bit upset but nodded anyway. "Is it time for him to start getting ready for the show?"
Dale smiled a bit, "Yeah, Lou wants him in her as soon as Niall is done."
"Okay. I'll get him up." I smiled speaking quietly so I didn't wake the exhausted man in my arms just yet. Dale gave me a single nod then walked out of the dressing room. "Bear." I whispered into Harry's ear. HE grunted a little. "Bear. Wake up. You have to get ready for your show." I kept my voice soft.
"Don't want to. Wanna stay here with you." Harry grumbled as he held me tighter.
I giggled quietly, "Babe, you have to. Come on." Harry shook his head and buried his face into my breasts.
"I like it better here." His voice was muffled from my shirt and flesh. I laughed loudly and tried to push him away.
I kept laughing as Harry kissed my chest through my shirt, "Baby, get up! You have to go see Lou when Niall is done." Harry finally lifted his head and gazed into my eyes lovingly. "Come on. There will be time for this later."
"I thought you were going to get me back for this morning?" Harry replied with a lifted eyebrow.
I smirked, "I am. You're just not going to see it coming." Harry kissed me softly and slowly. I smiled into his kiss when I felt his fingers tracing my jaw and neck.
"I love you." He whispered backing out of the kiss.
I ran my hand through his hair, "I love you."

Harry led me into the main dressing room where the rest of the boys and staff were hanging out. Anne walked up to Harry and I with a not so pleased expression. We both smiled sheepishly at the beautiful, dark haired woman.
"I wish that you two would stop sneaking off. You need to tell us when you're leaving. Nearly gave me a heart attack again." Anne spoke with a firm, motherly tone.
"Sorry Mummy. Just wanted a nap." Harry replied quietly.
"You couldn't just tell us you wanted a nap?" Anne still seemed upset with us.
Harry then mumbled, "Well, it was more than that." Anne wrinkled her nose. "No! Mum! God!" Harry turned bright red at his mother's insinuation. "I don't want to have private conversations with my girlfriend in front of all of the guys." I stroked the tender skin of Harry's arm, recalling the conversation we had before he fell asleep. Anne's expression softened and she touched Harry's opposite arm gently.
"Is everything alright?" Anne asked us quietly.
Harry nodded, "Everything is fine, Mummy. We just needed some time." Anne seemed unsure of Harry's aloof answer but let it go. She returned to Gemma's side without another word.
"Harry, you're up!" Lou shouted from the other end of the room. Harry nodded then kissed my forehead before releasing my hand.

Louis took a seat next to me while Harry got his hair done for the show. He hated that Lou insisted on styling it. He just wrapped a scarf around his head anyway. I smiled a Louis for a moment then returned my eyes to my computer screen. I was shuffling through the pictures that I'd taken while out with Anne, Gemma and Eleanor.
"Is Harry alright? He's been a bit off today." Louis asked calmly.
I nodded, "He'll be alright. He's just exhausted. You guys need the day off you get in the next couple of days." Louis looked at me like he didn't believe me. "He's just struggling with some things. He'll be okay." I stated lowly.
"Like what?" Louis seemed concerned.
"We got into a minor argument this morning. He's just upset that it happened. But he's tired and stressed out. This has been a very long few days for us. He needs to relax." I replied placing my gaze back on my computer screen.
"So that's all you're going to tell me? You're not going to tell me what you argued about?" Louis inquired quietly when he noticed Harry staring at us.
I shook my head, "You want to know, you talk to Harry. It's not my place to share his feelings. I'm not upset at all so I don't need to discuss it with anyone but Harry."Louis lifted his eyebrow at me. "What? Shocked I'm not going to complain about him?" I snapped a little.
Louis shrugged, "Most girls would complain if they got into an argument with their boyfriends, whether they're married or not." Louis added the last bit to get back at me for my attitude with him.
I rolled my eyes, "Yeah, well, I'm not most girls. Harry has every right to feel whatever way he does or wants. It's not fair for me to say he can't. The way he feels things so intensely is one of the reasons I love him. Who am I to change that if his feelings aren't what I want them to be?" Louis seemed impressed by my answer. "Are you done trying to see if I am just toying with your best friend yet?"
"Actually, I asked because you looked a bit upset as well." Louis smirked at me.
I smiled, "I'm fine. I'm just working. I actually have to be able to show the dealer I work with something when I get home. Charles so kindly told him that I was working on this trip."
"So you're saying you're working on your cover up?" Louis seemed mad now.
I shook my head, "No. Not really." Louis glared at me. "I always have my camera. I am almost always working. Every moment that I've had to myself since I've been here I've been drawing. I took all kinds of pictures at your shows the last few nights and I took a ton while I was out with the girls today. I'm trying to cut it together so I can keep my contract with a dealer." I was frustrated with him.
"Noli, what did you guys do today?" Harry asked seeing how mad I was getting with Louis.
"WE went sight-seeing. I took landscapes like when we were in Italy. Lots of buildings and stuff. Wish I could get some night shots of the city, from inside and looking in." I replied calmly. Harry frowned a bit and nodded. I shrugged, "Maybe I'll just save those and come back when I can and do night ones. I think the city lights are beautiful especially in old places like this."
"Why is that?" Harry grunted softly when Lou tugged his hair in a way he didn't like.
"The mix of bright lights and old buildings create this aesthetic that is quite moving I think. To see the advancement of society but still see the remnants of where we started. It's humbling." I answered. Harry smiled a little, dropping his eyes from mine. "What?" I asked self-consciously.
"I love you." He stated with a weak smile. I blushed and shook my head. My attention was called away from Harry's bright green eyes when his mother said my name. I looked at her with questioning eyes.
"Would you show me some your work?" Anne asked gently, like she was afraid I'd say no. I nodded quickly and picked up my laptop. I bolted across the room to Anne, away from Louis. I sat down beside her and clicked on a grouping of photos I'd take earlier in the day.

Anne smiled a little as I showed her the photos I'd taken of Harry while we were on the vineyard in Italy. I couldn't help but smile at her reaction to them. She seemed so happy to see the pictures.
"I love the way you use him in your art." Anne stated quietly. I lifted my eyebrow at her, inquiring as to why. "Gemma is right. You photograph him and draw him like the light is coming from inside of him. Like he lights up the scenery. You give him an ethereal glow." Anne stated calmly.
I shrugged, "That's kind of how I see him." It was Anne's turn to give me the sideways glance. "He's a very...he's very loving and kind hearted. He sees the good in all people. He's got this carefree vibe. And he can put anyone at ease in a moment. Harry is the embodiment of light and love." I explained. I nudged her shoulder with mine, "Good job." Anne laughed loudly and hugged me tightly. I looked over to see Lou and Harry high fiving. I rolled my eyes and hugged Anne a little tighter. "You did raise a wonderful man. And he loves you so much." I murmured to Anne. Anne pulled out of the hug and kissed my cheek gently.
She smiled warmly at me as she held my hair away from my face, "Thank you. He's very lucky to have a woman that loves him the way you do." I stared at her curiously. "The circumstances are not ones that I like but I can see it. I am looking forward to the day that I won't have to hide this relationship, to the day that you are his and his alone." Anne whispered to me. She obviously didn't want to upset her already distressed son. I nodded feeling shame once again. I diverted my eyes away from Anne's. "I really like you, Enola. I do.” She sighed a bit, “I believe it'll be better and I won't worry so much when you're divorced."
I nodded again, "I understand." Sadness took over my heart. I knew that she was worried about Harry. She had every right as his mother. This was not traditional. Things were going to be difficult for Harry and I. She wanted to see it work out, but her reservations were justified.



Thank you for loving it so much!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

God, this must be one of my favourite stories ever! Thank you for putting so much hard work in to write it :)


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