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Fool's Gold

Chapter 65

I woke with a small smile. Enola was snuggled into my body tightly. She was cold because she gone to bed with no clothes on yet again. I stared at her flawless face. I smirked as I thought about the conversation...well loud, playful argument we'd had over American football the afternoon before. I told her it wasn't over. I glanced over at the clock. Ten in the morning. We had until one in the afternoon to be up and ready.
I moved her off my chest as carefully as I could. She whimpered softly and turned onto her stomach, her face buried in the pillows. I chuckled quietly. Even when she was asleep she was absolutely gorgeous. Her lips were parted slightly. Her hair was a mess and she had begun to snore almost inaudibly. I leaned over her and kissed her shoulder lightly. She shifted slightly but didn't wake up. I gently moved her hair away from her neck and face. Enola sighed and relaxed against the pillows even more. I adjusted my weight on the bed again, lowering my lips to her neck. I slowly worked my lips over every millimeter of her neck. Enola's brows furrowed as she slept. I bit down on my lip before kissing across her shoulders as lightly and unhurriedly as possible. As I kissed down Enola's spine, I saw her begin to chew on her bottom lip.
"I know you're awake, baby." I laughed against the skin of her back. She blushed and her face disappeared into the pillows again. I laughed even more, "I don't think that I've ever seen you blush before." Enola giggled quietly and shook her head, refusing to look at me. "Fine then. I've nothing else to say to you." I faked an attitude. Her body shook with laughter as I returned my lips to her flawless, smooth skin. I peppered her back with tiny, gentle kisses. Enola hummed when my fingertips began to lead my lips over her body. Enola's breath caught when my fingers and lips slid over the soft, rarely caressed flesh of her bum. When I lifted myself to reposition my body to kiss down her legs, Enola turned onto her back. I leaned over her, staring into her tired, beautiful, blue eyes. Enola lifted her head from the bed and pressed her lips to mine. She wrapped her arms around my neck when I pulled her body closer to my own. I backed out of the kiss with a smirk. Enola appeared utterly confused. I didn't say a word. I made my lips travel down her skin once again. I kissed the tender flesh of her breasts, the soft space of skin between them. My tongue drew a line from the bottom of her breasts to the top of her cunt. As her breath caught once more, I spoke softly, "You know, you said some very mean things to me yesterday."
"Like w-what?" Enola stuttered. I used my index finger to trace her already softened opening.
I lowered my lips to hover just above her most tender flesh, "You said the Bears were better than the Packers." Enola choked on a moan, giggling. "I may just have to prove to you that the Packers are a better team." I laughed mischievously. Enola blushed once again. I bit my lip in nervousness before lowering my lips to her softest tissue. Enola gasped and buried her hand in my hair instantly. I wanted to laugh but I didn't. I concentrated on pleasing her. As much as my desire to do what I was came from a playful place, when she melted under my touch, I realized that she needed to have someone think about only her. I moved my mouth lightly and slowly over her lower lips. I glanced up at her for a moment to see her eyes were closed and she was already struggling to breathe. I smiled against her skin before tracing her opening with the tip of my tongue. Enola gasped and her hand flew over her mouth. I grazed my tongue up slowly, making her squirm a bit. I swept my tongue over her clit repeatedly. Enola gripped my hair tighter and her other hand squeezed my shoulder. I closed my mouth around her extremely tender grouping of nerves. She yelped quietly. I held in laughter once again. I nibbled on her delicately. Enola panted heavily, a string of expletives falling from her mouth. This time, I laughed. I'd never heard her use any of the words before. She usually kept her language clean, only the occasional fuck or bullshit. I placed my hands on her rear, pulling her closer to my mouth. Enola tensed slightly as I brought her legs over my shoulders. "Relax, baby." I murmured lifting my head to see the discomfort in her eyes. She nodded and breathed deeply. Her legs and back lost all tension. I pulled her closer by her rear once again. I leaned forward, gripping her thighs as I wrapped my lips around her clit once again. "I love the way you taste." I whispered to her. Her face flushed bright red. I liked seeing her blush. Usually I was the one blushing.
Enola writhed underneath me as I pressed my lips to her thigh. I was avoiding touching her clit or soaked opening. She was frustrated and caught up in her emotions. She whimpered my name softly as I kissed toward her sweet mound. I placed my lips on her opposite thigh making Enola tug my hair gently.
"Remember when you said the Packers sucked?" I asked peppering her thigh with gentle kisses.
Enola looked at me with pleading eyes, "Again with this, Harry?" I nipped at her thigh earning a tiny groan from her gorgeous, full lips.
"You want me to keep going? You want me to make you come?" I asked kissing her stomach sweetly. Enola's begging eyes told me that it was exactly what she wanted. "Say the Packers are better, baby." I smirked fully at her. She groaned softly, her dislike of the command showing. "Fine. No more of this." I licked her clit quickly. She jerked a little. "Or this." I pulled the cluster of nerves between my lips for just a moment, sending a shock wave through her. "Just say it and I'll make you the most satisfied woman on the planet." I chuckled. Enola glared down at me. I lowered my mouth to her flesh once more. I nibbled on her clit, once again, I brought her to the edge of her climax before backing away. She whined loudly and lifted her hips. "Say it, Noli." I teased her. She folded her arms over her chest and shook her head. I flicked my tongue against her. She held in a moan. "Say it, Enola." I commanded. Enola still stayed quiet. I took her flesh in my mouth again, bringing her to the edge as quickly as I could. It was going to be strong for her. I could tell from the way her legs began to tremble. When I tried to back away, Enola put her hand on the back of my head.
"Packers are better." She nearly whispered.
"Louder." I smirked, lifting my lips for only a moment.
Enola raised her voice, nearly shouting, "Packers are better than the Bears."
"That's right, angel." I laughed before sucking her clit and burying two fingers inside her. She squealed in pleasure. I pumped my fingers quickly and gently while flicking her nerves slowly with my tongue. "Again." I demanded.
"Packers are the best." Enola panted as she squeezed my free hand tightly. "Packers are the best." She repeated over and over until she couldn't any longer. Her moans and screams filled our hotel room as I brought her to one of her strongest peaks. I dropped her legs from my shoulders as I kissed up her abs to her breasts. Her chest was heaving and her eyes were shut tightly. I meshed my lips to hers with care. I loved this side of us. I loved how playful and childish we could be even though the love we felt for each other was so intense. Maybe that was why we could be so carefree. Because we were so in love. I didn’t care why really. I was just happy with the way it was. How many other people had what we did?


So, this was smut just for smut's sake. Sorry.

I apologize to my real life wbestie the most! :)



Thank you for loving it so much!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

God, this must be one of my favourite stories ever! Thank you for putting so much hard work in to write it :)


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