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Fool's Gold

Chapter 63

Harry and I returned to the floor of our hotel room silently. Harry peaked around the floor before we stepped out of the elevator, looking for Paul, Dale or any of the other security men. He wasn't in the mood for being yelled at. I gripped his hand tightly as he pulled me out of the elevator. I followed him closely to our room. I smiled when he tugged me through the door. He quickly closed and locked the door. I beamed at him as he pulled me against him, wrapping his arms around my shoulders. I hugged his waist tightly as he leaned forward to press his lips to mine softly.
"Let's take a nap. I'm exhausted." Harry murmured when he backed out of the gentle, slow kiss.
I giggled, "Of course you are, Mr. Could Go All Day."
Harry blushed then whispered, "Hey, I can go all night with you too." I shook my head still giggling. "Come on, let's lay down and act like we've been in the room all day. I know someone is bound to come looking soon." Harry stated. I nodded quickly and followed him to the bedroom.

I cuddled closer to Harry. We'd been in bed for what felt like forever, just looking at each other. He put his arm over my hip as I laid my arm over his neck. He held my free hand with his. He began to lightly stroke my fingers with his own. I gazed into his eyes lovingly. I adored how he enjoyed the simplest of touches. I twined my fingers in his curls as we just laid together staring at each other. I smiled at the light radiating from his eyes. Harry rested his forehead against mine then kissed the tip of my nose lightly. I giggled loudly.
"You are seriously the cutest man on the planet." I confessed to him once again. Harry chuckled and pulled me even closer. "Can I just lie right here and you look at you for the rest of my life?" I whispered, genuinely not wanting to move for anyone or anything. Harry just kissed me again. I moved my hand from his hair to his cheek. Harry broke the kiss with a chuckle. "I love the way you smile." I murmured tracing his lips with my fingertips.
"Why is that?" Harry inquired softly.
I grinned, "Because you have a child-like innocence when you smile. Especially when you're laughing. And I love the way you laugh."
"My laugh is crazy." Harry grunted quietly.
I shook my head, "It's insanely contagious. I can't not laugh when you are. I love how loud and sudden it is. It lets everyone know that it's genuine." Harry shook his head, still disagreeing with me.
"Do you not see how flawed it is?" Harry grumbled at me.
"Everyone had flaws, baby. I just happen to love yours too." I smiled brushing his hair from his face. MY smile changed to a smirk. "Okay, all but one." Harry frowned. "I'm sorry but who likes the Packers? Honestly." I puffed at him.
"And who would you prefer I follow? The Bears?" Harry grunted.
I smirked again, "Actually, yes. Bears are a better team."
Harry's face dropped even more, "Take that back." I giggled and shook my head. "Enola, take it back."
"Nope." I scooted away from him a little.
"Noli." Harry's voice grew deep again. I giggled and hopped off the bed. "NOLI!" Harry shouted and jumped up as well. "Take it back! The bears are not better!" He shouted at me as I inched toward the door.
I kept smirking, "No. Packers suck and Bears are going to kick their horrible asses." Harry lunged at me. I squealed and ran out of the bedroom. When I noticed that Harry was chasing me, I bolted from our hotel room. I ran past Liam and Louis in the hall trying to get away from Harry. I heard Paul, Anne and Dale yelling at Harry and I as we ran around the hall. I yelped when Harry caught me around my waist. He brought me down to the floor, making sure I landed on top of him so I wouldn't be hurt. Harry then flipped me onto my back and pinned me to the floor.
"Take it back Enola Grace." He commanded.
I shook my head, "Packers are going to lose." Harry poked me in the side where I was most ticklish. I laughed loudly.
"Take it back." He repeated trying not to laugh.
"Packers suck." I teased, trying to push him away. Harry grabbed my wrists and held them above my head so I couldn't push him away.
"Van Gogh is better than Veronese." Harry muttered. I gasped in horror and tried to wiggle out from underneath him. "Say the Packers are better than the Bears." Harry commanded as I tried to free myself from his grasp. I heard everyone else laughing as I shook my head. "Say it or I'm not letting you up." Harry smirked down at me. I pursed my lips and stared into his eyes. "Enola, you better tell me that the Packers are the best." Harry's tone was thick with mischief. Harry ground his hips into mine. I was shocked that he did it in front of his mother.
"Packers suck." I repeated, choking down a moan.
"Harry, as entertaining as this is to watch we need to go. You've got an interview and sound check." Paul stated gruffly.
Harry smirked and whispered in my ear, "This isn't over, baby." Harry quickly jumped up from the floor then helped me up. My knees buckled seeing the way he was looking at me.
Paul then glared at Harry and I, "I can't believe that you two snuck of without saying anything!" I winced at his booming voice.
"Oh calm down, it's not like we left the hotel. And we needed a minute." Harry stated like it was no big deal.
"A minute?" Dale looked dumbfounded. "Harry, you were gone for two hours!" Dale snapped.
"You missed two interviews. It's a good thing that you didn't leave the hotel. WE told the interviewers that you were feeling under the weather. Imagine if you had left. How horrible would it look to see you gallivanting around town when we said you were sick?" Paul added to Dale's statement.
"Well we weren't gallivanting. We were just alone." Harry stated. I gripped Harry's arm a bit tighter. I could see he was frustrated. "Enola and I shouldn't have left without saying anything. Can we just go to the venue now?" Harry snorted. Paul looked just as frustrated but agreed.
Paul turned to me, "Can you go with Anne, Gemma and Eleanor please?"
I nodded quickly with a smile, "Of course, Paul. Whatever makes it easier." Paul's eyes softened as he thanked me.
Harry leaned toward me and kissed my lips lightly, "Be good."
I snickered, "You're telling me to behave?" Niall and Gemma both started to laugh, hearing our quiet conversation.
"You've obviously need guidance. You like the Bears." Harry responded with a smirk. I rolled my eyes and shook my head. He was a fool. He hugged and kissed his mother and sister before walking away with the rest of the boys and their team.

Gemma poked my hand gently to get my attention. I turned my face to hers with a smile. She scooted closer to me on the sofa. I waited for her to speak, since she obviously wanted something.
"Harry has said a lot about what you do, about how you're an artist." Gemma started. I smiled and nodded. He loved to talk about it. He loved to brag about the things he'd seen of mine. "Can you show it to me?" She asked shyly.
I nodded, "Of course." I reached into my bag and pulled out my sketch book. Harry loved to go through it. He had spent hours looking at it. I set it in Gemma's lap with a smile. "My book from the last four months." Gemma seemed apprehensive. "Just go ahead." I reassured her. She nodded and opened it slowly. The first drawing she saw made her smile. I'd drawn my friend's little girl with all of her dolls.
"She's cute. Yours?" Gemma asked softly.
I shook my head, "No. I don't have any kids. It's my friend's little one."
"You've been married for a while and you don't have kids?" Gemma seemed shocked.
I frowned, "No. I don't really want any. Not with my husband anyway. Part of the reason I am leaving. Can't have kids with a man like that."
Gemma frowned, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you upset."
"It's alright, Gemma. I've gotten myself into this mess." I stated lowly. I didn't want Harry to hear. Gemma didn't know what to say so she went back to flipping through my sketchbook. I rested my chin on my fist as I watched Harry with Niall and Zayn across the room. He seemed so happy and relaxed while he spoke to them. I smiled when I heard him laughing.
Harry looked over at me and mouthed, "I love you."
"I love you more." I mouthed back. Harry blushed and shook his head. He turned his back to me, continuing his conversation with Niall and Zayn. Gemma touched my arm again. I looked at her with warm eyes.
"I love the way you draw my brother." Gemma informed me, pointing to my sketchbook. I looked down. It was the first drawing I had ever done of Harry. He was in the pool at the villa in Italy. She turned the page to show me the next drawing of Harry. He was sitting at the island in the villa in Italy. "It's like you draw him like the light is coming from inside of him." She stated flipping through more drawings of him.
"Have you not met him?" I asked with a giggle. Gemma gazed at me like she was waiting for an explanation. "I know that I've not known Harry long but I know he does carry a light inside him. This spark that makes everyone around him love him the way they do. He exudes this radiance from within his heart. It is impossible to not love him. I've never met another person like him in all of my life. And I've met a lot of people." I chuckled as I kept my eyes on Harry's smiling face. I then murmured, "He's probably my favorite human being."
Gemma smiled as she pushed her shoulder against mine, "Mine too. But probably for different reasons." I giggled. "I can see what Harry was talking about when he came home." Gemma stated after a moment of silence between us.
"What is that?" I inquired, genuinely curious.
"He told Mum and I about your ability to see things with the beauty they were meant to have." She paused for a minute, "Well, it was something like that. Basically he said that you can see the natural beauty in everything. That you have an innate ability to sense the smaller things that make something beautiful. He told me that he loved how you saw his imperfections as the most dazzling parts of him."
I giggled, "Temper tantrums."
Gemma nodded with a laugh, "They never last long but... He said you find them endearing?"
"I do. I couldn't explain why to you. I just do." I stated. I thought for a moment then spoke. "Maybe it's the way his face flushes. Or the way his voice lowers an octave or two, depending on how angry he is. The way he just lets loose for those few moments." I thought out loud.
"You really do love him, don't you?" Gemma murmured.
I smiled weakly at her, "I do. I know it's wrong but I do."
"Love isn't ever wrong." Harry's voice chimed in, coming from directly in front of Gemma and I. We both gazed up at him. "I told you to stop making yourself feel bad. You're what I want." Harry leaned forward and kissed my lips softly.
"I love you." I whispered with a smile. Harry beamed at me then kissed the tip of my nose. He then leaned over Gemma and kissed her forehead. I thought the gesture was incredibly adorable.
"Is there a reason that you are over here bothering us?" Gemma asked with attitude when Harry sat down between us.
"Can't want a minute with my girls?" Harry replied with a cheeky grin. Gemma gave him a suspicious look as she sunk back into the sofa, looking through my sketchbook. Harry smiled and pointed to the book, "I love that one." Gemma nodded and grinned up at Harry. I sighed quietly then rested my head on his shoulder. I liked seeing him interact with his mother and sister. It was another side to his personality. Granted, he was pretty much the same loving, adorable, goof with everyone but there were small changes he made with everyone. With Gemma and Anne, he seemed sweeter, gentler. When the boys were around, he was extremely masculine and manly. On stage, he was a strange mix of sexy and silly. I rested my hand on his chest, stroking his slightly exposed skin with my thumb.
"What are you thinking about?" Harry murmured in my ear.
I gazed up at him with an inquisitive expression, "Where did you come from?" Harry blushed and held me tighter.
"Enola." Gemma spoke a bit loudly.
"Yes, Gemma?" I replied sweetly.
"Do you have a nickname for Harry?" I lifted my eyebrow at her. "Well, he calls you Noli. Is there something that you call him? A term of endearment?" She asked plainly.
"You know, I've been wondering that as well." Liam said from across the room. Now everyone's attention was on us. I gazed up at Harry, waiting for his permission. His nickname for me was pretty basic, just a shortening of my given name. His was different. Harry blushed a bit and shrugged.
"I do." I turned my eyes back to Gemma's, "Why do you ask?"
"I just thought that you would." Gemma stated, seeming even more curious.
"I think I would like to hear this nickname." Zayn stated with a smirk. I looked up at Harry again. It was his name so it was his call. I didn't want to embarrass him. Harry flushed pink again but he nodded.
"Bear." I stated softly but so that everyone could hear.
"Bear?" Niall asked with an almost shocked voice.
I nodded as I kept my eyes on Harry's, "He's got a strong heart. He can be fierce. In many cultures, bears represent wisdom and loyalty." I smirked, looking into Harry's eyes, "Then there is his favorite football team." Harry rolled his eyes. "Yeah, when we're alone, I call him Bear." I smiled warmly at Gemma. Gemma nodded like she was pleased with the answer. I looked around the room for a moment. The team of people we were surrounded by looked amused. The boys all appeared to be happy. Then I noticed Harry's mother. She seemed a bit different in her emotions. She smile stated the obvious but there was something in her eyes that made me think that she was not only worried, she was scared.


Yes, I know I am a big sap. But hey, let move on from it. ;)


Thank you for loving it so much!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

God, this must be one of my favourite stories ever! Thank you for putting so much hard work in to write it :)


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