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Fool's Gold

Chapter 61

I felt awkward as I roamed around the city with Gemma and Anne. It was just the three of us exploring the town. Gemma had invited Eleanor but she politely declined saying it was best that she stayed with Louis. I looked around nervously as I followed Anne and Gemma into a store. Anne looked back at me and smirked a bit. My nerves unraveled even more. What was Harry's mother thinking about me? Was she only being polite to me because her son loved me so much? Did she actually want to spend time with me or was she doing that for Harry's benefit as well? Probably. No mother ever wanted to be in the position Anne was in.
"Enola, are you alright, my dear?" Anne asked me with a warm smile. I just nodded quickly. She chuckled, "You can speak to me. My son did want us to get to know each other." I nodded again. The words not finding their way to my mouth."What's the matter, sweetie?" Anne asked touching my arm gently.
I sighed, "I don't know what to say. Obviously, Louis had spoken to you about what's going on. In all honesty, I just don't know what to say."
Anne nodded, "I understand." I folded my arms around myself, showing my discomfort. Anne sighed and spoke gently, "I very much dislike the situation. I fear for my son. Things like this get messy and end in a lot of hurt. I don't want him to feel that. But he is so sure of you. He loves you so much and it shows in everything he's been doing since he met you. And you seem like a very nice girl. I want this to go his way. But I also wonder how it could." I nodded again; there was nothing I could say to change her mind. She was doing her job as his mother to try to protect him. "Enola?" Anne caught my attention again. I looked in her eyes nervously. "You're still not speaking." She laughed.
I shrugged, "I feel like there's nothing that I can do to change anyone's mind. I do love Harry but at the same time these last few days make me feel like it would just be best if I walked out of his life. I don't want to but I also don't want to be selfish."
"Like he'd let you leave." Gemma laughed. I couldn't help but laugh myself. She was right. I tried that already, twice, and I never made it out the door. Harry stopped me both times. "Now, will you please talk to us? You're making this trip weird." Gemma stated. I agreed without a word making Anne and Gemma giggle.
"Good. Where are you from?" Anne inquired.
"Um, all over really. My family and I never really stayed in one place." I replied quietly.
"Why is that?" Anne seemed genuinely curious as we browsed through the clothing shop.
"My grandfather was an artist too. He had a very whimsical personality and we were all over the place. By the time I was eight I had already been in five different states and three different countries." I stated with a smile, thinking of my grandfather. But my smile faded as I came to a realization, "I actually don't even think that I am an American citizen now that I think about it, or maybe I have dual citizenship."
"Why is that?" Gemma inquired softly, seeing the shift in my mood.
"I was born in Ireland, where my dad is from, but my mother is an American. I'm not actually sure how it works. But my mom never told me because of the way things are and were with her and my father." I explained shyly. AS I stood there, waiting for Anne and Gemma to reply, another realization hit me. I was making all of my parents' mistakes.
"Well, you can always find out. Maybe you could just move to Ireland when things are all said and done, to be closer to Harry but to be with family as well." Gemma suggested placing her hand on my shoulder.
I smiled and nodded, "Yeah, Harry likes Ireland. We keep talking about going back together, staying near where we met and all." I tried to shake of the weird vibe I got when I thought of my parents. Gemma and Anne smiled and we all went about shopping again.
"Are you...what else do you like to do? Do you just work all of the time?" Gemma inquired.
I shrugged, "Kind of. I spend a lot of time at my studio in the morning. I get up early and go cut together photographs or work on drawings. Depends on the day really." I tried to make it sound casual. I didn't want certain things coming up.
"Just in the mornings?" Anne seemed a bit confused. I became extremely uncomfortable. It was what I didn't want to come up. "Enola?" Anne spoke gently, seeing my entire body tense.
"Um, it depends on what...on what...my husband is doing. He's not...I just try to work around his schedule." I replied quietly. I was embarrassed and nervous.
"Is there a reason that you do that?" Gemma asked curiously. She could also see the shift in my comfort level.
"Harry told me he wasn't a very nice man. Is that why you go when he's home?" Anne inquired with a soft voice. She wanted to keep the other people in the store unaware.
I shook my head, "He gets mad if I'm there when he's home. I have to be home when he is. Makes things worse if I come home after he does." I could feel my face turning red as I admitted to them something I had only told Harry. Gemma and Anne seemed quite upset. I shook my head quickly and tried to smile, "It's not that bad. So it's not important." Anne and Gemma gave me concerned expressions. "It's really not. I can handle him. Been doing it for a while." Anne and Gemma's worried eyes didn't falter. "Can we talk about something else? Tell me about you guys. Harry's only told me a bit." I lied. Harry told me everything about his mom and sister but I wanted the attention off of me. I needed their focus on something else.



Thank you for loving it so much!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

God, this must be one of my favourite stories ever! Thank you for putting so much hard work in to write it :)


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