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Fool's Gold

Chapter 59

I turned to my mother with a big smile. I was so happy to see her and to have her around Enola. But when I looked at her face, she didn't seem all that excited. Her eyes showed worry but her lips were pursed like she was mad. I rarely got the expression she was wearing. What happened? She couldn't know about Enola. There was no way. She'd just arrived.
"What's wrong, Mum?" I asked as she took my hand.
"Come on. Sit with me. We need to talk." She replied pulling me over to the sofa. I followed her obediently. I didn't want to get on her nerves, with the way she was looking at me I knew it wouldn't be hard to do so. I sat down beside her nervously. I needed to know what was wrong.
"What do we need to talk about? Is something wrong at home? Is dad okay? Is Robin okay?" I asked quickly, fear building in my chest.
She shook her head, "Dad is fine. Robin is fine."
"Then what's up? I really wanted you and Enola to talk." I showed all of my disappointment in my eyes.
My mother sighed, "I will speak to her. But you and I need to talk about her first." I nodded quickly. She probably wanted to talk about first impressions. Enola was extremely polite to her. Of course she was pretending to be so soft spoken but she wanted my mum to like her. Could it have been the fact that we were holed up in the bedroom when she arrived? "I spoke to Louis on the way up here. He was coming back from breakfast with Liam. He told me some things." My mother began. I could see that she was more angry than anything else. "Harry, the girl is married. What are you thinking?" She asked quickly.
"I love her." I replied matter-of-factly. My mother stared at me blankly. "I didn't know she was married when we met. I didn't ask and she wasn't wearing a ring. It's not like I set out to start an affair." I nearly snapped at my mother. She still appeared angry. "Mum, I love her and you can doubt it all you want but she loves me. I can feel it. The way she does everything with me proves it. I know that the situation is completely fucked up but this is how it is. And she is leaving him. She's been trying to leave since we met."
"Because she loves you?" My mother asked.
I shook my head, "No. I'm just the catalyst. He's not nice to her and she doesn't love him. She's leaving but it's a process, you know that." My mother still looked skeptical. Probably because she could sense that I was twisting the truth for her benefit and Enola's. "Just talk to her for a few minutes. You'll see that she loves me and wants to be with me. Whatever Louis said doesn't matter. I love Enola and she loves me."
"Louis said that it's obvious that she is head over heels for you. But it still worries me that you are seeing a married woman. Harry, do you know how many ways this could go wrong? Jealousy is a powerful emotion." My mother stated sadly. "There's anything that her husband could do to you. What is going to happen if he finds out? How do you know that he won't go crazy and hurt her...or you?" Her eyes held a bit more worry that before. "And how are you supposed to trust her? When she goes back home she is going to go back to another man. She is going to tell him a plethora of lies. How do you know that she'll never do that to you?"
"Mum, I know her. I know the kind of person she is. She tried to leave. I wouldn't let her. I am making the choice to be with her anyway. She feels guilty even though she doesn't love her husband. It's not like she's done this before. I trust her. I really do." I replied with ease. My mother sighed heavily. "Mum, I wouldn't make the decision to be with her if I didn't know that what we are feeling is real. I love her. It's not going to change because of a piece of paper." I spoke softly as to not make my mother more upset.
"I just don't want you to get hurt. This could end badly. That's why we're all worried." My mother said, placing her hand on my face gently.
I smiled brightly, "Just talk to Noli, you'll see. This isn't going to end badly, because it's not going to end."
My mum returned a weak smile, "I hope that you are right, Harry. I hope you're right." What does she mean “I hope so”? She is supposed to take my word.


Any predictions for this meeting? For what's to come? I really enjoy knowing what you lovely people are thinking!



Thank you for loving it so much!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

God, this must be one of my favourite stories ever! Thank you for putting so much hard work in to write it :)


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