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Fool's Gold

Chapter 50

I smiled feeling Harry slip his hand into mine slowly. I glanced over at him to see he was turning a light shade of pink. We were on our way back to the hotel. Dale sat up front with the driver while Liam and his security man sat behind Harry and I. I smirked and bit my lip. I moved closer to Harry, making sure my thigh touched his. I could feel him heating up. I was as well, but I was better at hiding it. We were five minutes from the hotel but it felt like it was dragging on. I noticed Dale looked back at us with a lifted eyebrow. I tried to contain my giggle as Harry released my hand and put his arm around me. I slid my hand onto his thigh slowly. Dale noticed the shift and he chuckled quietly. I looked back at Liam and Paddy. Both of them were laughing as well. My eyes met Harry's face. He was bright red and chewing on his bottom lip. I squeezed his thigh gently, making him jump. The entire car erupted in laughter.
"Calm down, Harry. Just take a breath." I whispered in his ear soothingly. He nodded and inhaled deeply. We were coming up on the hotel quickly. I tensed seeing all of the people outside the hotel: fans and paparazzi. I didn't like it.
Dale looked back at me, "We're going to go into the garage so you're not seen with Harry." I nodded. I wasn't going to argue. There must've been a reason for them to make the arrangement. "Harry asked for it to be that way. He wants you to be safe." Dale explained. I looked up at Harry.
He nodded, "It's better for you this way. I want you to have a regular life when you go home. I don't want you to be bothered in LA."
I agreed with Harry's plan, "It’s okay. I trust you." Harry kissed my temple as the driver pulled into the parking garage. I felt a bit of relief when the flashing lights disappeared. I relaxed into Harry's arms.
"You have to go to Paul's room. He wanted to talk to you boys. Enola, he said you were welcome to join. It's just shop talk." Dale informed Liam, Harry and I. The three of us nodded.
Harry and I entered Paul's hotel room with Liam and Niall right behind us. Harry walked quickly, like he thought if we moved faster we would be done with his work stuff faster. Harry tugged me toward the sofa. He pulled me down into his lap before saying anything to Paul.
"What's up, man?" Harry asked trying to hurry things along. I pursed my lips and shifted in Harry's lap, making sure to move in just the right way. Harry tensed then glared up at me. I looked at him innocently.
"We just need to talk about the next couple of days, what you need to be doing, that's all. It shouldn't be too long. Just have to wait for Zayn and Louis." Paul answered. I glanced over to see Dale chuckling. He'd been with Harry and I all day so he knew that not being alone was getting to Harry. I laid my hand on the back of Harry's head and stroked his hair. Harry relaxed into my touch. I twined my fingers in his curls as we waited for Louis and Zayn.
Harry grunted, grabbing my hand, "Baby, stop it." I looked at him confused. "You're going to put me to sleep if you keep that up."
"Would want that, now would we?" I whispered in his ear, letting my lips brush against his skin. Harry flushed red once again. I heard Dale laughing in his corner of the room again. I kissed Harry's temple forcefully then removed my hand from his hair. I rested my forehead against his. Finally, Louis and Zayn entered the room. Eleanor wasn't with Louis any longer.
"Oh, hey, E. Sorry Eleanor went to bed. I didn't think you'd be in here." Louis smiled politely at me.
I shook my head, "It's okay. Just don't want to go to bed yet." I heard Dale make a noise in the corner. He was still looking amused as were Paul, Liam and Niall. I let my cheeks turn pink for a moment.
"Get on with it." Niall laughed at Paul. I shifted in Harry's lap once again to get comfortable. I laid my head on his shoulder and tried to relax.
I tried not to laugh as I taunted Harry. I was going about it in an innocent way because all of the other guys were around. I would stroke the back of Harry's neck slowly and lightly, kiss his ear softly. I ran my finger down his chest in an unnoticeable manner while he tried to concentrate on what Paul and the other boys were talking about. I took a button of his shirt between my fingers and played with it gently. Harry looked at me with pleading eyes. I just smiled innocently at him. I shifted in his lap once again. This time, I made sure to put just enough pressure on Harry's crotch. He held in a grunt. I worked my fingers through his hair, making sure to hit all the places on his scalp that made him aroused. He bit his lip and struggled to keep his breathing even.
"Enola, what did you think of the show?" Niall asked me with a smile.
I beamed, "I loved it! You guys are so amazing. The way you work a crowd is phenomenal. I like watching you all together. It's great." I slid my finger down Harry's neck slowly. "I can see why your fans love you so much. You're all so very sweet to them and humble even though you're on the stage. It's...you're great."
"Well, then now that the girlfriend is a fan." Paul teased. "You guys can do as you please for the night." The boys all shrugged.
"Wanna watch a movie here?" Zayn asked of the others. They all nodded, except Harry. "E? You wanna watch a movie with us?"
I shook my head, "No. I think I am going to go to bed. It's been a long day today. I got up at five am my time. I need sleep." I stood from Harry's lap. "Can I have the room key, baby?" He nodded and dug it out of his pocket. I leaned over and kissed his cheek as I took the key. "I love you."
"I love you." He replied quietly.
"Night guys." I waved at the boys as I walked out of the living room area. They all unisoned a goodnight back. As I got to the door, I heard the men all laughing.
"Just go Harry!" Liam shouted. Suddenly, I heard heavy and quick footsteps on the floor, coming my way. I turned to see Harry jogging toward me. I squealed a bit as he caught me around my waist. He pressed his lips to my neck. I could hear the other men laughing even harder. Harry pulled open the door and hurried me out.
"You're so naughty." He murmured as he caressed my neck and shoulders with kisses. We stumbled across the hall trying to get to his room. I giggled feeling his hands underneath my shirt, grasping at my skin. I fumbled with the key when we reached his door. The way his lips felt and how he was pressed against me was messing with my mind. Harry pushed my bum back against his pelvis. I could feel how aroused he was already. I sighed heavily with desire when I finally got the door open. Harry spun me to face him. He forced his lips to mine passionately. It felt amazing. I'd been with him all day but I didn't get the kisses that I wanted. My knees went weak with the passion of the kiss. I could feel it in my toes. Harry and I fell just inside the door. Harry quickly kicked it shut. We were both pleased that the room locked automatically. I embedded my hands in his hair as I gazed up at him.
"I missed you." I giggled.
Harry smiled brightly back at me, "I missed you." He meshed his mouth to mine more gently that before. I moved my hands from his hair to his face. I smiled feeling the strong line of his jaw.I stroked his cheek gently, just wanting to feel him. "I love you." Harry murmured pulling back slightly. I laid my head back on the floor, still smiling up at him. "What? Why are you looking at me like that?" Harry inquired. I shook my head. "Come on. Tell me." Harry grinned.
I brushed his hair out of his eyes before cradling his face in my hands, "I love you." Harry gently caressed my thigh, slowly sliding my skirt up. "Kiss me." I whispered when his large, strong hand spread my knees apart. He pressed his lips against mine firmly, settling himself between my thighs. I sighed softly feeling his tongue graze my bottom lip slowly. I tried to contain a moan when his hand slid into my panties, cupping me gently. After what felt like just seconds, Harry pulled his hand from my undergarments. Harry removed his lips from mine as well, kissing down my chin to my neck. He unbuttoned my blouse slowly, his lips following close behind. I reached down and grabbed the bottom of Harry's shirt. I pulled it off with ease. His lips left my skin for only a moment. Harry pulled me up from the floor to remove my blouse swiftly. I unhooked and stripped off my bra without a second thought. I wanted my skin to be touching his. I wanted to feel him against me. I molded my mouth to his the instant I could. I wound my arms around his neck and pulled him back down on top of me. His hands slid up my skirt. I felt excitement building inside of me. I wanted him so much. I'd missed his touch and the way I could feel how much he loved me by the way his hands traced my curves. He pulled my panties down my legs slowly, smirking as he gazed into my eyes. I knew that my excitement could be seen. I sucked my bottom lip between my teeth. Watching him was exhilarating. Harry threw my underwear out of the way, letting them land somewhere nearby. My whole body perked up when his strong hands glided up my thighs. My breath caught in my chest when he smirked mischievously.
"Something wrong, baby?" He held his smirk, leaning over me.
"Remember when we talked about your other moments?" I inquired. Harry broke into an actual smile seeing how hard I was trying to keep myself composed. My heart was racing and my hands were beginning to tremble.
"Yes." He mused lowly. His lips met the tender skin just above my breasts.
"That was one of them." I breathed, so much closer to losing control.
He then whispered in my ear, "Just wait, baby. I've not even gotten started." I quaked in anticipation. Harry's smirk returned; he hooked his fingers into my skirt and pulled it off slowly, taunting me.



Thank you for loving it so much!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

God, this must be one of my favourite stories ever! Thank you for putting so much hard work in to write it :)


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