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Fool's Gold

Chapter 42

My heart stopped for a moment. She said it. She loved me the way that I loved her. I was in clouds hearing the words come out of her mouth. Enola meant it too. The way she said it made me tremble.
"I am so in love with you". I bent toward her to kiss her. I made sure my mouth met hers tenderly. For her to say what she did took a lot from her. She melted against my lips in the same instant. She loved me. As I backed out of the kiss, she smiled shyly.
I rested my forehead on hers, "I love you." She stroked my hair slowly for just a moment. The boys decided to break up the warm, affectionate moment due to their own discomfort.
Liam cleared his throat nervously, "So...uh...E, you...uh..." Enola looked over at him curiously. "What? Why am I getting that look?" Liam seemed even more uncomfortable.
"E? I've not heard that since I was young." She replied. "Well, not since I left high school anyway." She added after a moment.
Liam appeared interested, "Who would call you that?"
She shrugged, "Everyone really. For some reason, no one could pronounce my name. So everyone resorted to E." The boys all nodded. Enola smiled for a moment, like she was remembering something.
"Do you not want us to use it?" Zayn asked cautiously.
Enola chuckled, "You can. I've just not heard it in a while. Caught me off guard." The boys nodded looking relieved. "What were you going to say, Liam?" Enola inquired with curious eyes.
Liam blushed and smiled shyly, "I'm not sure." He was uncomfortable with the intimate moment between Enola and me. I glanced around at the other boys. Liam looked genuinely happy as did Niall and Zayn. Louis appeared to be pleased but not in the way that Niall, Liam and Zayn were. He was obviously still unsure of Enola. I couldn't figure out why though. He had just heard with his own ears that she loved me. Why couldn't he just be happy for me? For us? I'd found someone that I could truly be with. Yeah, Enola had her problems but I had mine as well. She was a good woman. Why couldn't he see that?

Enola and I were intertwined on the living room floor. Louis, Liam, Niall and Zayn had taken over the furniture. They so kindly stated that Enola and I preferred to lie on each other anyway. I didn't mind being on the floor. The fellas were right; I favored my head resting on Enola's chest while she wrapped her arms around me. I grinned when I felt Enola's hand in my hair. She coiled my curls around her thin fingers lazily. In turn I skimmed my fingertips over her slightly exposed thigh. I repeated the motion. It was her favorite when we cuddled. It wasn't sexual in anyway, there was just something she loved about the slow, steady pattern I drew over her skin.
"Hey, E, would you like to watch something else?" Niall asked quietly. I lifted my head to see her eyes were closed, almost as though she were sleeping.
Her eyes fluttered open, "No thanks, Niall. What you boys have picked is just fine." Her smiled was warm and polite.
"Are you sure? This holiday was supposed to be all about you. We will change it if you'd like." Liam offered as well.
Enola shook her head, giggling, "I'm really alright with what you picked."
"Why don't we turn it off and just talk? We came all this way to get to know Enola." Zayn suggested when he realized that she wasn't going to change her mind. Niall turned the television off.
"So...what are we going to talk about?" Louis inquired like he was uneasy.
"What would you like to know?" Enola replied gently. Louis shrugged and stayed quiet.
Niall was the first to speak, "What are you working on? Like are you doing something special with your art?"
She shrugged, "Kind of." I stared up at her blankly. She was lying to them. She'd told me about numerous things that'd she'd started. Enola huffed, "I've got a few things that I am thinking of submitting to contests. A few that I am working on for galleries. Then I've got a back log of photos to go through. Thinking of doing some reprints. Nothing huge."
"Have you been painting?" I asked her softly. I disliked the expression on her face. I knew then that she hadn't been. I growled under my breath and turned my face forward.
"What's wrong with you Harold?" Liam chuckled when he saw my expression. I shook my head and stayed silent. Liam focused his attention on Enola, "What are you doing for the contests?"
She scratched her head, "I'm doing one sculpture. Just a recreation of something I did a few years ago but on a smaller scale. Then I'm doing to photo essays for two other contests."
"Why don't you paint something?" I muttered with a bit of attitude.
Enola lifted her eyebrow at me, "Are you telling me what to do, Mister Styles?"
"No." I answered coarsely.
"Hey, I won't tell you how to do your job; you don't tell me how to do mine." She snickered.
"I'm not telling you how to do anything." I snapped at her. "I'm just saying that I think you should paint more. You can do wonderful things with a brush but you criticize yourself too much about it. I'm not as educated in art as you are but I know that you can do it and do it well."
"Harry, baby, I was teasing." Enola sighed heavily, running her fingers through my hair to calm me down.
"I wish you'd give it a chance. You're much better than you think you are." I spoke sweetly to her. "Hell, even try drawing more. Your drawings look like photos." I grumbled. She giggled quietly then I noticed that the boys were all smirking. "What? What have I done?" I asked Enola quickly.
She pulled me closer and kissed my temple, "You're extremely cute when you act like this."
"Like what? Supportive?" I grunted at her.
She giggled, "Exactly. You're extremely cute when you're being Mr. Supportive Boyfriend Guy." I couldn't help but smile at the sound of her laughter. She'd not done it much today and to hear it was like hearing the angel's bells. Enola kissed my forehead once more. "I'll think about putting in a painting next time. I've already sent in paperwork."
"You'll call me if you win, right?" I asked her hopefully.
"Of course! Why wouldn't I?" She looked a little disappointed with my question. I shrugged even though I had a reason for asking. "Harry, I promise. I'll call." Enola assured me.
"Even if you don't place, you have to call." I demanded.
Enola nodded, "When I am bawling my eyes out because I didn't place, you will be the first person I call. I swear."
I smiled brightly, "Okay." Enola shook her head looking amused with me.


Again, so sorry for the delay in updates and the lack of actually interesting ones. I promise good chapters are coming!


Thank you for loving it so much!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

God, this must be one of my favourite stories ever! Thank you for putting so much hard work in to write it :)


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