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Fool's Gold

Chapter 28

I sat in the sunroom alone drawing. Harry had gotten a phone call from someone he couldn’t not answer. I gazed out the window and tried to get a handle on my feelings. I took in the muted greens of the vineyard, the dull grey of the sky. I smiled when I noticed the flowers in the back garden looked as bright as ever. It made my heart feel less heavy. If the flowers could withstand the rain, so could I. I felt a sense of peace as I compared the scene in front of me with my life. Since I was little, my life had been lived in muted colors. My bright flower was my mother. A loving woman that would always be there for me even when she hated the circumstances. A woman that I could always lean on and trust. My smile faded when I thought of how even her color became muted when I turned seventeen. She loved me and tried to make things better but it never worked, other things got in the way. I still loved her more than anything in the world even though we didn't speak as often anymore. Then I met Harry and I saw the world in bright colors. Something I was new to. My world looked like countryside when it was drenched with sunlight and all of the colors were living and breathing on the plants they adorned. I never held so much happiness in my heart before. Even traveling and creating my art never gave me the rush that he did. After we met in Ireland I was in my studio more and more. No one minded. Sometimes I wondered if anyone even noticed that I was gone. After I met Harry, my mother would talk to me more. She would come to the studio and watch me paint or cut together my photos. It was amazing, the effect this man had on me. To see in Technicolor instead of black and white was the greatest gift he'd given me.
"Noli?" I heard Harry's smooth, deep voice from the doorway. I turned my face to his and smiled weakly. His brows furrowed as he entered the room. He knelt by my chair and placed his hand on my knee. "Enola, why are you crying?" He asked softly, as to show his genuine concern. HE cleared my cheeks with his thumb as I dropped my head, not able to look into his eyes. "Please, I know you think I didn't notice but you were crying in the shower this morning too. Please, tell me what's wrong." Harry begged. I shook my head and wrapped my arms around his neck. He felt a bit tense but he held me close. I rested my cheek against his to feel his warmth. Harry pulled back from the embrace. He pushed my hair away from my face and cupped my cheek. Harry peered into my eyes with an intensity I had never seen in him before. He molded his lips to mine tenderly. I leaned into his kiss with a quiet sigh. Usually, he would pull me tighter quickly and make his kiss more forceful but instead, his kiss remained soft. Slowly, he meshed his lips to mine over and over, feeling every inch of my mouth with his own. My knees went weak just from the amount of passion he created with his lips. I moved a bit closer to him, wanting to close the gap between us. Harry stopped me. HE broke the kiss then stood. He held his hand out to me, staring down at me with the same fervidness as before. I placed my hand in his. Harry helped me up from the chair. In the next instant I was in his arms. He held me firmly against his body. I smiled a bit feeling his thighs brushing against mine. His skin was so warm even though he'd been roaming around the house in just his underwear.
Harry broke our kiss gently then pressed his forehead to mine. He gazed into my eyes as he took the first button of my shirt between his fingers. HE slowly began to unbutton the shirt. Each button he used a small amount of force but he made my insides quake. The way he was looking at me made me feel like he was staring into my soul. It was unnerving. I gripped his biceps, trying to keep myself from losing my composure. Harry bit down on his bottom lip gently as he reached the last button of my shirt. HE released me from his embrace. He ran his hand from my hips up my sides, carefully palming my breasts for a brief moment. I felt my breath become unsteady as his hands slid over my shoulders and he pushed the satin shirt from my arms. I let it slide off my arms and onto the floor with ease. Harry enfolded me into his arms once again. He placed his lips on mine tenderly. I rested my hands on his hips, stroking his skin gently as he liked. He smiled into the kiss a little. Harry spun me carefully and moved me back toward the window. When the back of my legs hit the very large window seat, I didn't even waver with Harry’s arms around me. I gazed into his eyes curiously. He smiled then lifted me up by my bum. He laid me down on the window seat cautiously: one hand cradling my head and the other the small of my back. As he knelt between my legs, Harry smiled and began moving his lips across my skin. He kissed me from head to toe. Every kiss was light and loving. He covered every inch of skin, not leaving a single part of me untouched.
Harry stood from the window seat in a smooth, slow motion. He removed his underwear showing me that he was completely ready to make love. It was my turn to chew on my lips. I didn't know why I felt so nervous. We'd been making love every day for many days. Why was my stomach in knots? Why did I have a feeling of foreboding? Harry knelt between my legs again. I gasped as he pushed inside of me. Why did this feel different? It felt like the first time all over again.

Harry's head dropped to my shoulder. His body tensed a little and he quit thrusting again. I bit my lip; he was so close to euphoria. I tried lifting my hips to his but he held me down again. I settled onto the window seat. He lifted his head from my shoulder only to press his forehead to mine. He stared into my eyes then began to thrust hard, deep and slow all over again. I gasped and let out a small moan. I pulled my bottom lip into my mouth. I didn't want to make a sound. And I didn't want to reach my climax yet. He felt amazing and everything he was doing felt so intense. I had never felt anything as overwhelming and mind-blowing before, not even all the times that I had been with him. I wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms around his shoulders. His bright green eyes bore into mine as his breathing became ragged.
"I love you." Harry breathed. "I love you." My heart nearly collapsed on itself. My body tensed and I held him tighter. I felt tears flood my eyes again. He loved me. He just said he loved me. How could he love me? He adjusted his hips a little, making me writhe under him. He began to immerse himself inside of me harder and deeper. I clung to him, wanting to feel all of him. My eyes shut and Harry pressed his cheek to my temple. I flexed the muscles in my nether region to kill the orgasm that was about to come. I didn't want it. If I came, I feared that he would believe that I loved him too but I just wasn't sure yet. He was different. He made me feel different but I couldn't be in love with him. It wasn't right for me to be in love with him. Harry grunted and adjusted his hips again. I yelped softly. It was intoxicating. I whimpered as I felt another rush to my muscles. I bit my lips and tried to keep control of myself. "Let go, baby. Just let me love you." Harry whispered into my ear. I buried my hands in the back of his hair, letting tears flow freely from my eyes. "Let me love you." Harry pleaded. I held him closer. He lifted his head and gazed into my eyes as he pushed my body over the edge. All of my muscles clenched around him. I tried to scream but no sound came out. My body was trembling in a way that I had never experienced. Harry groaned loudly as he filled me with his own passion and desire. My body gave out after a long moment of engulfing pleasure. Harry collapsed on top of me, kissing my cheeks lightly. I couldn't help but let more tears flow from my eyes. I wrapped my arms around his neck tightly as he murmured that he loved me over and over.



What's going to happen now that Enola knows that Harry loves her? Will she return the sentiment? Will she run away? What will become of these two who obviously care so much for each other?


Thank you for loving it so much!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

God, this must be one of my favourite stories ever! Thank you for putting so much hard work in to write it :)


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