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Fool's Gold

Chapter 1

I pulled into the drive of a small villa. I smiled at how cute it was. The sandstone bricks looked slightly out of place with the lush green surrounding it but it also seemed to fit. The front porch was adorned with hanging flower baskets and cozy outdoor furniture. I shifted the car into park. I sighed heavily. I told myself it was a bad idea, to just turn the car back on and leave. It was silly to go on holiday with someone I barely knew. But something else told me to stay. I unbuckled my seatbelt quickly then jumped from the small Audi. I popped the trunk with ease and pulled my bag from the car. As soon as I slammed the trunk a man sauntered out of the villa.
I gazed at him with confusion. Did I have the wrong house? Who was this man walking towards me? I examined him closely. Tight skinny jeans clung to his legs and waist. A white scoop neck tshirt hung loosely around his torso. Long dark curls brushed his shoulders. He smiled at me. I'd know those dimples and intense green eyes if I were blind. The warmth that radiated from his smile made me feel like the Italian summer was an American winter. I slung my bag over my shoulder and met him halfway to the house.
"Hey." His smile brightened as he reached for my hand. I lifted my hand to his hair. I gently ran my hand through the long, curly locks, twisiting the ends around my fingers with care. "I'm just letting it hang out. Is it bad?" He asked with a bit of self conciousness.
I shook my head, "No. It's lovely." I couldn't help but smile more; his hair was just as soft and silky as I had remembered. I slid my hand down to his chest over his heart.
"I was afriad you weren't coming." He spoke softly to me.
"The traffic near the airport was worse than I had expected. How long have you been here?" I asked taking a step back. My hand fell from his strong chest.
"A few hours. I got in earlier this morning." He replied placing his hands in his pockets.
"Show me around?" I suggested trying to make the tension disappear. He happily agreed. I followed close behind him as he led me to the house.
"So, we've got the foyer." He said as we entered the villa. I looked around with a smile. THe inside of the house was decorated much like the apartment we had stayed in six months ago. The walls of the foyer were painted a pale mint green and white beaded curtains hung over the door window. I closed the door behind me. He walked further into the house then turned right. "The kicthen." He announced. There was a small island counter in the middle of the room, a small, worn grey wooden table in the right hand corner of the room near a big window. Small appliances were on the left side of the kitchen, a plain white fridge, a four burner stove and a sink. I nodded, loving the quaint appeal of it. He led me out of the room.
I followed him across the hall to a smaller room. A little chair and small sofa sat opposite another big bay window. I smiled when I saw the way the window seat was made up. It was very large and it took up most of the floor space. It was more like a window bed, the way it was adorned with throw pillows and blankets. "Sunroom." He stated.
"I like this room." I murmured.
He grinned, "Me too. Been sitting in here for most of the time I've been here." He stepped closer to the window, tugging me along. "I like the way it looks out over the land. You can see the pool there." He pointed to the oasis styled pool area. "And you can see out to the vinyard." He observed.
"It's very beautiful." I smiled up at him.
"There's a bit more." He motioned for me to follow him again. I walked behind him slowly, taking in the feel of the house we were in. It was calm and welcoming. Though I knew had I been anyone else, the patterns would be overwhelming and gaudy. "The living room." He said as we entered the room. I looked around contently. It had a very large sectional sofa in the middle, a big, fluffy chair to the left and a love seat to the right. All were oriented around an out of place flat screen television. The window was large but not as large as in the sunroom. It was covered by white, beaded, lace curtains. Bookshelves surrounded the entire room. Every wall had shelving that went from the floor to the ceiling. Every inch of shelving had a book on it. "Want to go up stairs?" He inquired. I agreed.
He showed me two bedrooms. Both had two twin size beds, a dresser, a night stand, and a larger window. The only difference in the rooms were the color schemes, one was painted a pale yellow with light blue chiffon curtains. THe other was a pale, complacent orange with sea green, chiffon curtains. Next he showed me a bathroom. It looked like every other bathroom in the world, plain white walls and powered glass shower doors.
"Then this is the master bedroom." He announced opening the door. I looked around in complete awe. The ceiling was replaced with windows over the bed. One wall, the wall the bed was pushed up to was also a window. The king mattress sat upon a frame made out of the same wood as the kitchen table. It sat low to the ground. Throw pillows of every pattern and color laid on the bright white comforter. A canopy was tied to the posts of the bed. THe canopy was made of white, chiffon fabric. "The master bath is through there." He pointed to a door across the room from us. I walked across the room admiring the dark hardwood flooring. I opened the bathroom door and was in awe once again. An old fashions claw foot tub sat in the middle of the room. THe brass feet were incredible even though they were tarnished, it added a charm to it. The toliet was in the corner, across from the tub. The bathroom vanity was a bit out of place being that the counter top was marble. The mirror was also a tarnished brass that hung on the wall above the sink. The fixtures on the sink were also a tarnished brass.
I turned with wide eyes, "Harry, this place is wonderful."
He smiled shyly, "I was hoping that you'd like it."



Thank you for loving it so much!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

God, this must be one of my favourite stories ever! Thank you for putting so much hard work in to write it :)


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