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Fool's Gold

Chapter 103

Another day in LA without Enola. The minutes felt like hours and every hour felt like a day. Louis and Niall suggested that we go shopping to find cool things for our families. I knew my mum was interested in a lot of the small shops Enola had told her about. I was determined to find her something she'd love.
Niall, Louis and I were doing quite well with not being seen, even though we were together. It was nice to just hang out with them and not be cooped up. I felt like I needed some guy time that wasn't band related. I walked slowly beside them, trailing behind them just slightly. I had a lot on my mind that I wanted to talk to them about.
"Harry, is everything alright?" Louis inquired slowing his walk. Niall did the same. I sighed and shrugged. "Harry, you're really quiet and you're not usually this quiet when you've seen Enola." Louis chuckled; he was teasing me again. When Enola left my room early this morning to get back to her house, Louis and Niall were awake for interviews and saw the playful struggle at my door.
"Can I ask you something, without you telling Enola or anyone else?" I asked nervously. They both nodded. I inhaled deeply. "She's been acting kind of funny. It's not a bad thing. Far from it really..." I trailed off a little as I thought of the new things she was doing.
Niall lifted his eyebrow, "Like?"
"She's more...I know it sounds terrible because it's a good thing, but she's SO happy, almost all of the time. She has these moments where she's almost like a much younger girl. I don't know she's just different."
Louis laughed, "She's happy, Harry." I stared at him blankly. "Eleanor said they had a girl's chat yesterday while we were doing interviews. Enola told Eleanor that she knows she's been acting different. She loves you, Harry. She's never had that before, according to what she told Eleanor. She's never been in love before. But she's in love with you. It's the whole first love rush. And Eleanor said they talked about her moving to London soon. Enola told Eleanor that she's like a week or two away from filing. She's excited to be with you." Louis divulged quietly. I smiled at the ground hearing that Enola told Eleanor I was her first love.
"Harry, is there anything else weird that you need to talk to us about? That she's doing anyway?" Niall inquired with concern. My eyes widened a bit and I shook my head quickly. There was other things but they didn't really need to know. "Harry?" Niall laughed.
"Just a couple." I replied shyly. Niall and Louis both nudged me. "She's been really quick to start small arguments too. Over little stuff. Like the other morning, she yelled at me for how I tie my shoes." I stated with a chuckle. I thought it was actually funny how worked up she'd gotten. Louis shook his head. "She never feels good in the morning. She's really sluggish. I told her I was worried but she just says that she's not sleeping well because of the stress of having Charles and I in the same city at the same time. She worries about it so much."
Louis frowned, "I feel like she's justified. He doesn't sound like a nice man. She just doesn't want you to get hurt." I nodded. I knew that. It was why I never pressed the issue with her. As I looked around to get my mind off the subject, I saw Enola and Charles. I smiled and perked up a bit. Louis saw them as well and gripped my shoulder. He didn't want me to go running up to them. I wanted to so badly. I wanted to whisk her out of Charles' arms and kiss her as passionately as I knew how.
My heart dropped as she leaned into him, resting her head on his arm. He was talking to her about something he found interesting, he seemed to be speaking fast. Enola laughed, throwing her head back. Charles laughed as well. I wanted to know what he said. I wanted to know what made her laugh like that. Usually, I was the one making her laugh like that. Charles was holding her hand tightly. She didn't seemed bothered by it. In fact, her dainty fingers wrapped around his hand gently. I could feel my insides turning.
"Harry, come on. Let's go in this shop." Louis said tugging my sleeve.
"No." I mumbled. "You guys go ahead." I shooed them toward the store.
Niall pushed me into the shop, "Don't do this to yourself, Harry. Enola wouldn't be very happy with you." I grunted and went into the shop with them. I stood by the window watching Charles and Enola in the shop across the street.
How could she act the way she was? She hated being with him but I saw her laughing and smiling. She was holding his hand and following him the way she would follow me. She held his forearm while he looked at something on the shelf near them.
"Harry, stop this. You're going to drive yourself nuts watching them. You know that she loves you." Louis muttered to me as he browsed the shirts next to me.
"I'm making sure that she's okay." I replied just as quietly. It was a half truth.
Louis shook his head, "Keep telling yourself that." He seemed annoyed with me. I knew I was getting obsessive again. This nagging, provoking voice in the back of my mind was the same one that led to me listening to Enola have sex with Charles. I knew that this part of me was just the jealousy I felt but still, I knew that Enola did need protecting. I was just going to watch for a moment longer.
Enola slid her hand up Charles back while he seemed to ask her opinion on whatever was in his hand. She always did that to me. When she couldn't hold my hand, her hand was on my back. She smiled up at him again and said something that made Charles smile as well. My heart felt like it was collapsing on itself. I tried to breathe slowly as I watched Charles put his arm around Enola's shoulders, pulling her into his body. She rested her head on his shoulder and stared up at him. My heart was then in my stomach. Enola did that with me. She always did that with me. Was she pretending that she was in my arms instead of his? Was she just acting to keep the hate she felt for the man at her side hidden until she could file for divorce? Or...no, that wasn't the answer. I wasn't going to even consider it. Enola was not happy with Charles. She did not love him. She loved me. Only me.
Watching for just another moment, didn't go the way I had planned I stayed at the window until Louis and Niall were done in the shop. They were annoyed because I didn't even bother to look around. They were even more upset with me when I pushed them into a shop because it was across from where Enola and Charles were...three times.
"Harry, this is getting creepy, man. This is like turning into a stalker thing. You need to calm down. She is obviously fine. They are in public. He's not going to act like an asshole in public." Niall stated with worry.
"Harry, I don't like this either. This is not normal." Louis agreed with Niall.
"Enola and I aren't normal anyway." I mumbled with a bit of attitude. Louis and Niall both huffed and walked away from me. I felt my heart nearly stop when he leaned over and kissed her. It looked like a soft, loving kiss. She didn't back away. She didn't push him away. She let him do it. She didn't seem repulsed like she did at the concert. She just let it happen. I left the store quickly. Louis and Niall followed after me, calling for me with harsh voices. I texted her instantly. I stood where I knew she could see me. I needed to get her away from him.


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Thank you for loving it so much!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

God, this must be one of my favourite stories ever! Thank you for putting so much hard work in to write it :)


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