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The Takeover {Larry Stylinson}

Chapter 6


Riveria is one of the biggest hotels in Doncaster. In fact the only hotels that are better than Riveria are my own, so getting the ownership to Riveria is wonderful for my business. Because now I own the top five hotels in Doncaster. It is around 7 and so it has officially been an hour since I acquired Riveria. But, there is only one problem. The whole ordeal that took place kind of affected Riveria's reputation in a negative way, but I know that whatever Louis, the victim, did was necessary. What he had to go through was not fair, no one should have to go through that. So, even if what he did affect the reputation, I still am thankful to him because it caused me to get Riveria, and as far as the reputation is concerned, I know that I will restore it to its former glory soon enough.

I never supervise the workings of my businesses myself. Never. I just attend meetings, formulate policies, take decisions, check monthly performance and pay random visits without informing my staff. It helps me know the way the staff treats the workers and customers.

Once, I was in New York to pay a random visit to my hotel there. When I walked in, I saw the manager misbehaving with a woman. When I further investigated, I found out that the manager was making inappropriate gestures and disgracing the lady. I fired the manager upon receiving similar complaints from staff and customers alike. That is why I think it is important to pay random visits, it helps you understand the problems of the customer and witness them first hand. If any information about my arrival was given to the manager, I would never have seen what happens behind my back. And it would do nothing but bring a bad name onto my hotels and discomfort for my staff and customers.

But this time I decided to look after the working of Riveria personally for atleast six months because I wanted to make sure that the workers there got used to the new environment there and didn't have to go through anything that had previously happened.

My thoughts were interrupted by my phone ringing. I looked at the caller ID and noticed that it was my Personal Assisstent, Fred, calling me. I picked up the phone and he quickly informed me that I was due to meet the new employees in an hour. Whenever I took up a new venture, I always liked to meet the people I would be working with. The first expression told me who I could trust to do my work better and how much I could tell whom? So I was looking forward to meeting them.


I get out of my car outside Riveria and enter. As soon as I enter, I see a queue of employees waiting to be introduced.

I went over to the first one and asked for his name.

"Paul, and I work as an assisstant manager." He replied.

I replied with a "Nice to meet you."

I went on meeting around fifty or so people. Julie, Tonya, Sara, Abby, Prince, Anthony, and many more.

Then I met the last employee, Louis Tomlinson. Something about his features fascinated me. I was talking to him, but I was unaware of what my mouth was saying because my brain had detached himself from my body. I just hoped that I didn't embarrass myself in front of this man who was a clear mixture of beauty and manliness. His voice was high - pitched and yet so manly and I could make out that he sang very well. His eyes were blue, a deep blue, like an ocean and I could get lost in them forever. I knew that my eyes were scrutinising every part of his body, but I couldn't find it in myself to stop. His skin looked absolutely flawless, smooth like silk and I wondered what it would be like to touch the skin on his high cheekbones. His pink lips looked soft and as I was looking, his tongue flicked out to lick over his lips and I found myself getting weak in the knees. I knew this feeling. I had been in love before and what I felt for Louis was love, love at first sight. I know people thing that there is nothing like love at first sight, but I believed in it. And right there I knew I was in love. Maybe not too deeply, but yes, the feelings had definitely been sparked, seeded and rooted.

And I know that I might just end up spending more than six months here...


This was written a long time ago. My writing has gotten much better since then, but I am not editing these chapters right now. Please bear with me.


I get why you are saying this. Honestly I do. But I find solace in this. I think that these sites are more for their fans than for them. So I believe that they don't come onto these sites. Not anymore, at least. But what really offends them are the damn comments on their every single post. We need to stop THAT immediately.

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God, I like it but please note that harry and louis are offended by this stop this at ONCE!!!, peace writer peace just please leave them be Love you

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Thank you, love. I was really really busy these past months. I am resuming with this story and writing a new one alongside.
Thanks :D

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this is good you should keep going.

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