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The Takeover {Larry Stylinson}

Chapter 2

When I reached Riveria, John called me again. By now I had stopped protesting and just did as he said because I couldn't find any loophole in the contract once I read it. So instead of stopping him, I started to do as he said and to let out my frustration, I resorted to self harm. My arms were covered with cuts, and if I ever protested, he would scratch on those marks to stop me from protesting.

I went to John's room and saw the smirk and I wanted to slap it off his face. However, I just followed him to the torture room as I call it, because this is the room where he has been torturing me for five months.

When he started exploiting me, I looked at my scars and thought about how I was before the accident. I used to be a happy-go-lucky kid. I was the clown of the school. Whenever there was a new kid in school, I was the first one to befriend them. I was openly gay. I thought they would treat me badly but ALL OF THEM - every single kid in my school - accepted me. I think that was because we did not really have any popular kids per se. There was no groupism. Everyone talked to everyone. I was the type of person who usually remained calm but when something wrong happened, I would be the first one to fight against it. I remember a kid in our school was being bullied by a gang and I got my friends and some more people from school to save that kid. I used to be strong then. But since my parents's death, my consimption level had reduced substantially and I could not even fight John. My friends could, but they don't know about it.

A tear slipped down my cheek as I realised that I had changed so much. I wanted the old me back. And at that moment I promised myself that this was the last time I would let John exploit me, without putting up a fight.

When we got back to John's office, he looked at me and said, "So Louis, I see you are still cutting."
Then for the first time in four months, I said something back to him. "What is it to you? You are the reason they are there, anyway."

"Well, I see you still got that tongue there. I thought you chopped it off or something. But I really don't care. Be here on time tomorrow."

"If you come anywhere near me again, you won't make it out in one piece."

"Shut up your filthy mouth and get out!"

When I went back home that evening, I looked myself in the mirror and smiled after a really long time. I answered back. I disrespected John. I put up a fight. I was getting some of my old self back.


The next day, I served the last customer and they left. All the waiters had gone and I was about to leave when Johnwalked upto me.

"Disobeying my orders, Louis? Your work is not over yet. Come with me."

"I won't come with you."

"You are still under the contract."

"To hell with you and your contract."


With that he started pulling me towards his office. In a sudden flash of courage, I pushed him towards the nearest wall and hit on his head with a flower vase.

He fainted and I ran out of the hotel. When I was a few blocks away, I took out my phone, and called the first person I could think of.

"Hello?" He picked up after the second ring.


"Yes Louis?"

"Can you come pick me up? I am two blocks away from Riveria."

"Sure, I will be there in five."

Those five minutes were the longest of my life. I was afraid that John would come any second.
When someone did come however, it was my three best mates in LIam's car.

As I got in, Niall's voice asked me "So Louis what has been going on for the past few months?"

I took a deep breath and started to tell my friends what has been happening for the past five months.



I get why you are saying this. Honestly I do. But I find solace in this. I think that these sites are more for their fans than for them. So I believe that they don't come onto these sites. Not anymore, at least. But what really offends them are the damn comments on their every single post. We need to stop THAT immediately.

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God, I like it but please note that harry and louis are offended by this stop this at ONCE!!!, peace writer peace just please leave them be Love you

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Thank you, love. I was really really busy these past months. I am resuming with this story and writing a new one alongside.
Thanks :D

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this is good you should keep going.

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