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The Takeover {Larry Stylinson}

Chapter 13

Louis' POV

As I sat in my office, I thought of all the ways I could convince Harry to not go. But I was short on time. I had 45 minutes before he would leave. I did not want Harry to leave, not without him knowing that I loved him.

So many things have been happening, and so fast, that I can't keep up with them.

I want to, no I have to stop Harry from going, but I don't know how. I could go to Harry and lie to him saying that what he did didn't hurt me, but that would be wrong because no matter what, it did hurt. I love him, but it still hurt.

I could tell him that I love him and maybe that will stop him from going. I just want him to stay and not leave, these few past months, he and I have become such good friends and he has been nothing but sweet to me. And somewhere along the way, I fell for him, or at least I am starting to fall for him. I want to try and see how things work with us, but that will not happen if he leaves.

There are so many things I can say to him but nothing seems right, because how can I even put in words how I feel about him and how grateful I am to him for being there for me and giving me a perspective different from those of Li, Zayn, and Ni. I love the lads, no doubt, and they have been my support system for as long as I can remember, but as a side effect, I know everything they think in any situation, and I know that they will say everything I want to hear because they think that I will break if they tell me the truth. Harry on the other hand, had no natural instinct, like the boys had, to modify, or sugarcoat things for me, and it felt refreshing to have a different view point presented in front of me, rather than having everything I say, agreed to.

But I still could not think of anything that would sound right. I just wanted to be able to express everything I felt for him, but I was unsure how to. For a moment, I contemplated the idea of writing a letter to him, but quickly dismissed it. Nothing tops over talking face-to-face.

There was just too much I could say and I was starting to have a headache thinking about this.

I looked at the clock and saw that Harry would leave in about 15 minutes.


I needed to do something, and fast.

So I decided to go to Harry and say whatever comes to my mind then and there, because that would come straight from my heart and no rehearsed speech would be more honest that that.

I rush to the floor where Harry's office is. Afraid that he might have left, I almost run to his office and as I turn the corner, I am relieved to see him sitting in his chair. He seems to be in a rush, probably finishing some last minute work before getting ready to leave.

The thought of him leaving pulls at my heart. I so do not want him to go, especially not because of me.

I take a deep breath before knocking at his office door. He looks up at me and by the looks of it, he is surprised to find me here.

"Ah, Louis. Are you having some doubts regarding the documents I gave you?" Of course he would think that.

I brace myself to say whatever comes to my mind. I open my mouth to say something but nothing comes out because I am too mesmerized by his emerald eyes staring into mine with such intensity.

"Uh..." Was the only sound coming out of my mouth.

"Umm Louis? Are you okay? What is it?" His expression changed into one of concern.

I looked down at the ground and shook my head, giving myself a mini pep-talk that I could do this. How hard could it be anyway? What was the worst he could do? Reject my offer? But that is very unlikely because he said he loved me a few days ago.

In any case, I knew that the worst he could do was reject me, but I also knew that that is what I fear the most. I cou-

"Louis?" Harry's voice interrupted my thoughts. I gulped and decided to finally get my feelings out.

"I-I need you to be patient and listen me out completely before you say anything, okay?" I looked him in the eyes. He nodded his head, a confused expression on his face, unsure where I was going with this.

"I know that you are planning to leave today, but I don't want you to go." His eyebrows rose in a questioning manner and in surprise, and I knew he was about to open in his mouth to interrupt, but I cut him off first.

"Please, I will explain everything, but do not interrupt." Harry nodded his head again. I started talking again, assured that he will listen. "Harry, I do not want you to go, not on the account of what happened at the party. I am not gonna lie and say that I wasn't hurt by your actions, Harry, but I know you didn't know what you were doing and it was the alcohol. You have been a really good friend to me all this time, and I have realized that I am very comfortable in confiding in you. Yes, it is beyond the code of conduct as a boss and an employee, but I would like to think of you as my friend first and then my employer. Although I have Liam, Zayn, and Niall there for me, I have known them for so long that I know exactly what they think and what they will say, many a times they say what they think I want to hear just so I won't breakdown. But you Harry, you always say what you think, you don't worry about what I want to hear, you tell me what I need to hear. My friends are a great support system, and I never want to lose them, but it is refreshing to be with you because you often make me look at things in a different light, you challenge my opinions and I like that. But through all that, you still manage to never come off as rude. And through these months, I... I..." I stop to catch my breath and calm my racing heart.

"You what, Lou?" Harry asks.

I look into his eyes, and without any permission from my brain, my mouth moves on its own accord, answering his question. "I have started to fall in love with you."



I get why you are saying this. Honestly I do. But I find solace in this. I think that these sites are more for their fans than for them. So I believe that they don't come onto these sites. Not anymore, at least. But what really offends them are the damn comments on their every single post. We need to stop THAT immediately.

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God, I like it but please note that harry and louis are offended by this stop this at ONCE!!!, peace writer peace just please leave them be Love you

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Thank you, love. I was really really busy these past months. I am resuming with this story and writing a new one alongside.
Thanks :D

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this is good you should keep going.

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