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One direction imagines

Personal Louis Imagine

''Hi, I’m Rachel. I’m an ordinary girl living a pretty ordinary life except for the fact that I am dating Louis Tomlinson, yes that’s right.

It’s pretty unbelievable but we are keeping it a secret for now, I don’t want to be part of them fame or the life in the lane. ''

You were pretty content with having my tea every Sunday morning, and meeting Louis secretly because heck you’d really not want to be famous and you wasn’t going to leave Louis anytime soon either so this works fine for both of you.

‘’I made you tea.’’ Louis sings sweetly handing me the cup, you smile thankfully as you sniff the scent of the tea.

‘’That’s nice love.’’ you reply taking a sip from it, it was perfect not too sweet.

‘’Are you sure you don’t want to go public?’’ Louis ask silently eyeing you, a frown forms on your face. We had discussed this countless of time.

‘’Lou.. ‘’ you sigh putting the cup down standing up, ‘’we already discussed this.’’ You say standing up.

‘’Are you ashamed?’’ Louis ask clearly hurt, how could he think that? He was the closest to perfection, you absolutely adored that boy.

‘’Why would you even think that!’’ you snap a bit offended as you realized my mentions on twitter had blown totally up!

You read through the tweet and see their were all hate and hurtful comments, ‘’Rachel, you’re right. Sorry for bringing it up love.’’ Louis says looking over at your shoulder.

You just hand the phone to him and stare at him in disbelief, there were a picture out of you and Louis from your date last night.

‘’Oh no, Rachel. I’m sorry.’’ Louis panic, trying to get things right again, ‘’Its not your fault lou.’’ You gulp.

‘’Do the boys know about me?’’ You ask carefully, but Louis just shakes his head as no. ‘’I didn’t tell anyone beside Lottie I promise.’’

You nod carefully, you wasn’t going to make a big deal out of this. What was done was done, and now you and Louis just had to make it work.

‘’Fancy going to my place?’’ Louis coos, planting a kiss on your cheek, ‘’I’ll make dinner?’’ You nod smiling slightly grabbing your stuff and heads for Louis flat.

When you get there, Louis fumble with the keys and gets you inside. You all look up to see Zayn, Harry, Niall and Liam staring at you holding a magazine in their hand with your face planted all over it.

‘’Care to explain?’’ Liam ask not taking his eyes of you guys, ‘’look lads, I’m sorry it was best for all that it was kept a secret.’’

You stay quiet the whole time avoiding the boys gazes at you, ‘’why would you hide her? She’s hot!’’ Harry exclaims grinning.

You couldn’t help but smile by his sudden comment, ‘’Aw you made her blush!’’ Niall teases, causing Louis to pull you closer to him.

‘’Mine.’’ He exclaims loudly and proudly causing you all to laugh. It was like you had known them all along.
‘’Why don’t I prepare dinner so we can get to know each other?’’ Louis suggest, everyone was starving and thought that was a delightful idea as you all head for the living room.

Maybe this wasn’t that bad at all.


Here's a personal one requested by LouisTomlinsonIsMyBabe, If you want me to write about one of the boys or make you a personal one then request it in the comments or write to me on message!:D

If you want a personal on just tell me your name, and if you want it to be dirty or not.

Here you go @LouisTomlinsonIsMyBabe


Name- Katie
Boy- Harry and Zayn threesome if you can
What- Dirty
Thanks if you cant do a threesome then just a dirty harry

Do you mind doing a dirty one, for me and Harry, and my name is Andrea. :) please.
Zayn Malik Dirty One?
My Name is Victoria c:
VikkiMalikk VikkiMalikk
i just got done reading chapter 19 on tainted rose and i love it!!! it sends me so many emotions!!! x) ill be happy and then mad and sad and then happy and ugh words cont explain i love the story i plan on finishing it tommrow but anyways can you please make me a imagine with niall all i ask is that its dirty x) and that we are in high school together and im shy so yea please message me if u need anything :)
Hello. I'm new. Can you please make me one? A Louis Tomlinson, Dirty? The name's Nicole. I just made a profile earlier. Thanks!
SisonLoves1D SisonLoves1D