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One direction imagines

Personal Niall Imagine

Imagine you randomly bumping into Niall at Nandos.

You were literally starving and you didn’t even care about that stupid diet you were on so you head for Nandos.

You walk in, it’s not crowded today thankfully. You look at the menu when a guy suddenly bumps into you, ‘’Hey watch it!’’ You snarl under your breath looking up at a blond haired boy wearing sunglasses. Who even wear sunglasses inside and with this shitty weather?

‘’I’m sorry.’’ He says looking at little taken back by your comment, you just roll your eyes and walk up to order.

When you were hungry you really didn’t take shit from anyone, you didn’t care if it even was the queen that was talking to you.

He actually looks a little familiar, you just shrug ordering and sitting down with your food.

You start eating enjoying every bite when a familiar voice says, ‘’mind if I sit here?’’ He ask gesturing to the chair in front of you.

You sigh, you actually did mind but again now you had eaten a little your mood had raised sky high, ‘’Be my guest.’’ You mutter sipping your cola.

‘’What’s your name?’’ He ask while he shoves food into his mouth causing you to giggle a litte. He was kind of cute.
‘’My name is Tori.’’ You reply playing with a lock of your brown hair, ‘’whats yours?’’ You ask tilting your head slightly to the side.

‘’I’m Niall.’’ He replies back chuckling, you just nod watching him. ‘’Take those sunglasses off you look like a douche.’’ You laugh playfully, you felt nice in his company.

He obeys and takes his sunglasses off revealing two blue eyes looking at you, you could get lost in them if you stared any longer!

Wait wasn’t he? You furrow your eye brows a little examine his face.

That couldn’t be? He was Niall from One direction! Personally you wasn’t a fan, you recognized him because your best friend was a massive fan.

You and niall talk for what seems like hours, and you never felt so relaxed. Goofing around, just enjoying yourself.

‘’Hey tori?’’ He ask seriously you look up, ‘’hm?’’

‘’Mind if I get your number?’’ He asks handing you his phone so you can type it in which you do.

‘’Oh, meet here tomorrow at 8?’’ He laughs making your heart flutter.

‘’Is it a date?’’ You tease.
‘’Yep! So dress up.’’ He grins proudly standing up, ‘’I’ll see you tomorrow.’’ Before he kisses your forehead leaving you behind.


Here's a personal one requested by @Nialler , If you want me to write about one of the boys or make you a personal one then request it in the comments or write to me on message!:D

If you want a personal on just tell me your name, and if you want it to be dirty or not.

Here you go @Nialler


Name- Katie
Boy- Harry and Zayn threesome if you can
What- Dirty
Thanks if you cant do a threesome then just a dirty harry

Do you mind doing a dirty one, for me and Harry, and my name is Andrea. :) please.
Zayn Malik Dirty One?
My Name is Victoria c:
VikkiMalikk VikkiMalikk
i just got done reading chapter 19 on tainted rose and i love it!!! it sends me so many emotions!!! x) ill be happy and then mad and sad and then happy and ugh words cont explain i love the story i plan on finishing it tommrow but anyways can you please make me a imagine with niall all i ask is that its dirty x) and that we are in high school together and im shy so yea please message me if u need anything :)
Hello. I'm new. Can you please make me one? A Louis Tomlinson, Dirty? The name's Nicole. I just made a profile earlier. Thanks!
SisonLoves1D SisonLoves1D