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One direction imagines

Niall Horan Imagine

Imagine you and Niall finally seeing each other again after he comes back to tour.

You sit aimlessly in your shared flat, wandering around waiting for him. ‘’he could be here any minute.’’ You mutter to yourself putting the plates out on the table, you prepared dinner for him which you luckily didn’t burn, you never was good in the kitchen that was Niall’s job.

Suddenly a buzz awakes you from your thoughts.

From: Niall. <3
Heyy babe, sorry can’t make it. X

You stare at the text in complete disbelief as anger boils up in you, you stand there not taking your eyes of the text. How could he do that to you?

You waited months, and had prepared so much for him and now you could just throw it in the trash.

Suddenly two firm hands grabs you from behind pulling you into a hug, you are about to scream when you recognize the scent.

‘’Niall?’’ You look up seeing Niall holding back a laugh, ‘’that was priceless!’’ He laughs.

You push him away, annoyed but can’t help but grin, ‘’idiot!’’ Niall looks around your flat seeing the food.
‘’Go ahead.’’ You laugh sitting down with him to enjoy your dinner.

After you ate you are about to go out with the dishes when Niall stops you, ‘’I’ve missed you so much y/n’’ you can’t help but blush even though you and Niall had been going out for a while now he always had that effect on you.

‘’I’ve missed you too Niall’’ you wrap your arms around his neck pulling yourself closer to him, pressing your lips against his. You missed this so much, the feeling of him.

Suddenly you feel something poke you, you look up at him in surprise seeing him smirk, ‘’Niall we can’t do that!’’ You try to step back but Niall holds tightly on to you, ‘’ I’ve made dessert for you!’’ you pout when he throws you over his shoulder heading for your bedroom, ‘’I’d have you as dessert tonight y/n’’


Comment, vote tell which of the boys i should make one of next time! And tell me if it should be dirty or noooot x


Name- Katie
Boy- Harry and Zayn threesome if you can
What- Dirty
Thanks if you cant do a threesome then just a dirty harry

Do you mind doing a dirty one, for me and Harry, and my name is Andrea. :) please.
Zayn Malik Dirty One?
My Name is Victoria c:
VikkiMalikk VikkiMalikk
i just got done reading chapter 19 on tainted rose and i love it!!! it sends me so many emotions!!! x) ill be happy and then mad and sad and then happy and ugh words cont explain i love the story i plan on finishing it tommrow but anyways can you please make me a imagine with niall all i ask is that its dirty x) and that we are in high school together and im shy so yea please message me if u need anything :)
Hello. I'm new. Can you please make me one? A Louis Tomlinson, Dirty? The name's Nicole. I just made a profile earlier. Thanks!
SisonLoves1D SisonLoves1D