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Video Girl -Liam Payne Love Story-

Chapter 1

Serena's POV:

I took a deep breath in fustration as I carried on to start the video.

"Action!" Julia called out.

"Hello, my name is Serena." I said waving at the camara. "I'm a huge fan of One Direction and I decided to make a fan video with my friend Yasmin!!" I pulled my best friend out of nowhere and she made an awkward looking face.

I love when she does that. I love when she just cheers me up when I'm sad and that's what friends are for.. You know?

I pulled out my phone to look at my twitter page to answer all my questions that I got.

"Question from SmartGurl4100, who is your favorite one direction member?" I read from my phone. I looked at Yasmin. She looked lost and that she's in Narnia.

"My favorite One Direction Member would be Liam Payne because he's just so strong and that thing he did in the X-Factor. He wouldn't give up his dreams. Also, the fact that he's sexy." I answered. Yasmin smiled and laughed doing some awkward dance move.

In about 10 minutes after, the video ended and Yasmin uploaded it to youtube. In about a minute or so, our video had about 1,000 likes. Uh, oh.

Julia's POV:

I could tell by the look on Serena's face that she's scared to death. What is Liam actually did see the video?

I look off the computer screen for a second and Yasmin here, is still shocked with her mouth shaped as a perfect circle. Awkward..

Meanwhile, Serena is pacing back and forth worrying about if Liam is seeing the video or not. Did I not just tell you how much that girl worries?

After Yasmin had calmed down and had got out of the computer chair, she started walking towards Serena and grabbing her by her shoulders then sitting her out the couch.

"Shh, don't worry. If he does see it, then he'll want to meet you and you'll live happily ever after, okay?" Yasmin said, smiling. That girl is soo funny. I just giggled and sat next to Serena on the couch.

"Yeah, just look at some TV." I said as I turned it on.

You wouldn't believe what I saw..


Hey guys!

Did you like my first chapter?

What do you think Julia saw on TV?

Leave a comment and if you do get it right.. Well.. I don't know what will happen, but I'll get you a prize.

Okay. Hope you liked it. :)



Update, omg!!

AllAboutYou AllAboutYou
Update please!!!
Keep writing! :) I can already tell this is going to be a good story :)
ascool15 ascool15
Thank you! And I should update soon. I haven't been online much because things have been happening outside of the internet. Also, thank you. You guys are amazing. xx