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No Sound. |Punk Louis, Deaf Harry| {Larry Stylinson}

Chapter seven

While we was in lunch, I took a few glances at Louis. I would be lying if I said he wasn't one of the most gorgeous person I have ever seen. He was absolutely gorgeous - especially his smile.

I tried to get that out of my mine though, because after all he is my 'bully'.

I played with my food on my tray - not really interested in what we were having for lunch. I stood up from the table, Liam and Niall both looked up instantly. Knowing they were going to ask where I was going, I just told them I was going to go to the bathroom.

I dumped my tray and headed towards the bathroom. I had a feeling someone was following me through the way - and I was right. I looked at my reflection in the mirror to see non other than Louis staring at me with a smirk across his face, an evil smirk;

In lunch, I noticed curly boy, Harry, staring at me through the corner of my eye. I didn't say anything to him, though.

I didn't really pay attention to Harry, actually, until he got up and excused himself. When he got in distance, Liam looked at me, “Louis, can you follow Harry to make sure he gets to the bathroom? He's new and-” before he finished his sentence, I just nodded and hurried up and dumped my tray and followed behind Harry, in a sneaky way - so he wouldn't hear me following behind him.

I stood behind him as he checked himself out in the mirror, it took him a while to notice me.

But, when he noticed me his eyes widen with fear. And I just let a smirk go across my face.
yes I understand this chapter is short and I appolgize xx


...... Harry why?!

Harry's Only Harry's Only

Yeah. I didn't mean to write that. I saw it like a month ago (or two) but I just haven't felt like changing it. I might change it later this week or something. But thank you, you didn't sound bitchy, about two other people have pointed it out before xx

macybrooks macybrooks

Hi, I promise I don't mean to sound bitchy here but in chapter 8 when Harry is running from Louis it says "the only thing I could hear was me and Louis footsteps" isn't he deaf? Sorry, just an OCD grammar thing

XemmaX XemmaX

I'm actually signing what the charectors sign for practice....we have a test and a preformance at the end of the year,and I want to be the BEST signer there!
and it actually counts as another language,so I'm bilingual.(Know two languages)

J.J. J.J.

Actually,I looked into some collages to see if I could keep learning it and talking to her,and quiet a few do,you just have to ask. So,the rest of hight school and collage,and maybe even after,I'm going to further my education in it. I LOVE sign language.

J.J. J.J.