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No Sound. |Punk Louis, Deaf Harry| {Larry Stylinson}

Chapter five

Liam had told me that Science was just across the hall, I walked towards it, and let out of a sigh. I opened the door to see that there was quite a lot of people in there.
There was one table left, with two seats. No one was sitting there, so I suggested I set there.
I walked over, peeking my head over the students in front of me, looking at everyone to see if I could spot the Louis guy Niall had talked about. Which, I have no idea what he looks like.
I sighed, keeping my gaze on the blank white board, waiting for the teacher to come in.
An older girl, in her 40s I am guessing, came in. I'm guessing she's the teacher. She had grey hair that looked like it hadn't even been brushed this morning. She talked slow for me to read her lips.
"Hello class. I see we have a new student, urm? Harry? Harry Styles?" She said, lifting her head up, looking over the class, until her eyes landed on me. She nodded, "Ah, welcome Harry." And then sat down at her desk. I rubbed my eyes, and leaned back in my seat, keeping my eyes at the clock that was right above the door. My eyes dropped when I saw the door open, and in came Satan himself.
It was my neighbor's son.
My eyes widened, placing my eyes on the teacher quickly, "Ah. I see you're late again, Mr. Tomlinson?" My eyes went straight to him, he didn't say anything. "Oh, and Mr. Tomlinson. We have a new student, and since Stan moved, you have a new Science partner... His name is, uh, Harry. Harry Styles." She said, motioning her hands towards me, my eyes widened, yet he had a smirk on his face as he walked over to my desk.
"Okay, class! Get a piece of paper out, time for some notes!" The teacher said. As I reached over to get some paper from my book bag, I saw what he was writing on his notebook page. My eyes widened when I saw what he was writing.
It said "Louis Tomlinson - notes."
I gulped, so this must be the Louis guy Niall and Liam were talking about?
Well, fuck.


...... Harry why?!

Harry's Only Harry's Only

Yeah. I didn't mean to write that. I saw it like a month ago (or two) but I just haven't felt like changing it. I might change it later this week or something. But thank you, you didn't sound bitchy, about two other people have pointed it out before xx

macybrooks macybrooks

Hi, I promise I don't mean to sound bitchy here but in chapter 8 when Harry is running from Louis it says "the only thing I could hear was me and Louis footsteps" isn't he deaf? Sorry, just an OCD grammar thing

XemmaX XemmaX

I'm actually signing what the charectors sign for practice....we have a test and a preformance at the end of the year,and I want to be the BEST signer there!
and it actually counts as another language,so I'm bilingual.(Know two languages)

J.J. J.J.

Actually,I looked into some collages to see if I could keep learning it and talking to her,and quiet a few do,you just have to ask. So,the rest of hight school and collage,and maybe even after,I'm going to further my education in it. I LOVE sign language.

J.J. J.J.