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No Sound. |Punk Louis, Deaf Harry| {Larry Stylinson}

Chapter thirteen

I did look through the window a few times, just to check up on Harry. I didn't make it noticeable though - I just walked passed it quickly. The times I walked past him, he just sat there picking grass, he looked bored yet adorable and thoughtless.

When I decided not to past him anymore, because I realized I looked stalkerish, I just sat there. And the flashbacks just came back.

The seriousness in Zayn's voice.

The, what looked like, jealousness in his eyes.

And the hurt in Harry's eyes.

But the flashback vanished when I heard my mums voice.

“Louis, I'm home!” She said, I heard the sound of bags hitting both of her sides.

I got up and walked into the kitchen to where she stood with what looked like 8 bags.

She laid the bags aside and sighed, stretching her arms.

“Did you have fun?” I asked, putting my back against the wall.

“Yes. I'm just tired.” She said, walking to the refrigerator and getting a bottle of water out. “How was your day with Harry?” She asked, opening her bottle of water.

“It was fun.” I lied, it was great if I'm telling the truth, but he only spent 20 minutes inside the house with me, because I kicked him out, so it wasn't fun.

“Oh, really? Why was he laying in the grass by himself?” She asked, putting the bottle to her lips and taking a sip.

“Well, I kinda kicked him out.” I said, itching the back of my head.

“Louis, I thought you learned by now not to judge people. Harry's just like us, just because he's deaf doesn't give you any reason to kick him out of the house!” She said with anger in her voice, putting her bottle of water aside.

“I know, I- wait what?”



...... Harry why?!

Harry's Only Harry's Only

Yeah. I didn't mean to write that. I saw it like a month ago (or two) but I just haven't felt like changing it. I might change it later this week or something. But thank you, you didn't sound bitchy, about two other people have pointed it out before xx

macybrooks macybrooks

Hi, I promise I don't mean to sound bitchy here but in chapter 8 when Harry is running from Louis it says "the only thing I could hear was me and Louis footsteps" isn't he deaf? Sorry, just an OCD grammar thing

XemmaX XemmaX

I'm actually signing what the charectors sign for practice....we have a test and a preformance at the end of the year,and I want to be the BEST signer there!
and it actually counts as another language,so I'm bilingual.(Know two languages)

J.J. J.J.

Actually,I looked into some collages to see if I could keep learning it and talking to her,and quiet a few do,you just have to ask. So,the rest of hight school and collage,and maybe even after,I'm going to further my education in it. I LOVE sign language.

J.J. J.J.