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No Sound. |Punk Louis, Deaf Harry| {Larry Stylinson}

Chapter One

Louis Tomlinson: Punk
Harry Styles: deaf (he can talk, just can't hear) xx
*Louis point of view*
I woke up to the sound of my mother screaming from downstairs, yelling for me to wake up.
I groaned into my pillow, "Fuck off, mum." I whispered to myself.
I heard my mother walking up the stairs, the next thing I know, she slams the door open. "Louis William Tomlinson! If you don't get up right now, I swear to God I will-" I stood up quickly, I'm not afraid of her or anything, I just don't want to argue at this time of the morning.
She smiled, "Good. Now get ready for school, we have a new neighbor and she has a son that's a bit younger than you, but you two go to the same school." I moaned, stomping my feet as if I were a 5 year old arguing, "Noooo." She sighed, "Louis, please... Just give the kid a chance. He needs someone to show him around the school!" I set back down on the bed, "Then get someone else to show him around."
"No, Louis. You're showing him around and that's final! Now, if you're not downstairs in the next 10 minutes I will come back up here and-" I sighed, "I know, I know. You tell me this every morning." She sighed, and walked out of my room.
When she closed the door, I sighed. i rubbed the front of my head, then touched my collarbone. I felt pain in my collarbone, oddly.
But then I remembered why it was hurting. I had just now got a new tattoo yesterday.
It's just a simple tattoo that was an arrow. It's on my collarbone, and it's my 35th tattoo.
You can say I'm addicted to tattoos.
I stood up stretching my whole body, letting out noises that didn't sound so human like. I bent down and started digging through a pile of clothes that was laying on the floor. I grabbed a shirt that was black and was a low-cut, that showed off my new tattoo, and a pair of black skinny jeans.
After I put my clothes on, I brushed my teeth.
When I got done with all the shit I usually did, I walked down stairs. "Hello, Louis." My mum said, I set down. "What do you want?" I asked, reaching out for an apple. "For you to show the new kid around." She said, I laughed. "No, if he's a dork then I don't want no part of him. Wouldn't that make me lose my repartition?" I said, taking a bite of an apple. "Look, Louis. Give him a chance! You don't even know what he looks like, or what he's like! I've only talked to his mother, and he sounds like a nice lad!"

I sighed, standing up. "No."
Mum sighed, and then walked to the front door, I didn't bother ask where she was going.
Instead, I got my iPhone out and looked at the time.. It was 6:40 A.M. I usually get there about 7:00 so I could chill with Zayn in our usual spot.
Usually, Zayn gets there before me.
Let's see if I can get there before him!
I smirked to myself and stood up, and grabbed my bag. I threw it over my shoulder and headed out the door.
I walked passed my mum and two other people. One woman who looked about in her 30s-40s and a young boy who looked about 16-17, he was alright looking, but he could still be a dork or weird. I'm guessing they're the new neighbors, because, I've never noticed them.
"Louis. Come here! Meet the new neighbors!" I heard mum yell at me as I walked up to my car. I gave her a glare, and opened my door and jumped in my car. I was about to start my car until I heard someone tapping on my window. I sighed, looking over to see non other than my mum. I rolled my window down, "What do you want mum?" I asked with an annoyed tone. "Anne doesn't have a car. Can you please take Harry to school? Please?" She asked in a begging tone.
I laughed and started my car up, "Sorry, mum. There's no room for no one else." She gave me an evil glare, "Bull shit, Louis! I can see your fucking car! You have enough room for us all." I laughed and gave mum a wink, "Have a good day, mum." I said, before pressing the gas peddle and headed my way to school.
I looked through the review mirror, I could hear her anger from inside my car!
I was awoken up by the feeling of my mother shaking me. I blinked a couple of times before opening my eyes.
I set up on my bed, rubbing my eyes. She signed to me, "Get ready, Harry. Today's your first day of school." I nodded said "Don't remind me."
I wasn't really wanting to go to this new school.
I've had to move schools from schools due to bullying.
I've been beating by the kids from all the schools I go too, and some teachers; well, the teachers didn't physically beat me but they treated me different.
Luckily for me, I can't hear the nasty things they say about me because, ya'know, I'm deaf.
But I've always wondered what my voice sounds like when I speak. Is it loud, or do I sound like a girl?
And what do people actually think of me? Do some talk about good things about me? Besides my mother and sister?
I had butterflies in my stomach, I didn't want to go to school.
My mum needs to realize that wherever I go, I will be bullied.
And no one can change that.
No one.
When I finished getting ready for school, which all I put on was some skinny jeans and a white t-shirt with a hoodie over it, I walked down stairs. "Hey Harry. Come outside to meet our new neighbors. She has a son, a bit older than you, though." My mother signed me when I walked down stairs. I shook my head no, I wasn't good at meeting people.
It's so awkward. Because I don't know what they're saying.
Well, I can tell what they're saying if they speak slow enough so I could read their lips;
My mother pulled my arm, also pulling me out of my thoughts.
When we walked outside, I saw a girl around her 40s, maybe.
She greeted me with a handshake.
Luckily, for me, she didn't speak to me.
At least I don't think she did?
I set there watching their mouths move, I wasn't sure what the neighbor was saying, she moved her mouth too quick. But, I knew what mum was saying.
Suddenly, I noticed a boy who was walking out of the older woman's house, he was cute, I admit.
He wore all black, and he had tattoos up his arms.
He gave me a glance, and then he turned his head to the ground. My face grew red.

He looked at me.
The next thing I knew, our neighbor was walking towards the guys car.
I could tell she was angry with him, suddenly, he just drove off... Leaving her there.
Well, that was rude.
When I came back from arguing with Louis, I sighed. "Sorry about that." Anne gave me a disappointing look, "He won't take Harry to school, will he?" I nodded, and she sighed.
We stood in silence for a couple of seconds, until I spoke up. "I could take him to school!" I suggested.
Anne gave me a smile, but then it faded, "But don't you have to go to work?" I nodded, "Correct. A couple of minutes late won't hurt my job." I said, Anne gave me a heartfelt smile, "Thank you! You're the best. Can I talk to you in private?" She asked, I nodded. She turned to Harry and started moving her hands. Harry nodded, and walked to my car and set in the passenger seat.
"Listen... Make sure Harry gets in the schools safe. You see, Harry's different. He's unique... He's....... Deaf."
I covered my mouth in surprise, "Deaf?! Oh my God, I am so sorry that-" Anne put her hand up, "Don't worry about it, I'm sure Harry understands." I nodded, "I hope." And then we walked over to the car.
Anne gave Harry a kiss, and then walked to her porch, waving goodbye. She mouthed "Thank you" to me, and I just gave her a thumbs up.


...... Harry why?!

Harry's Only Harry's Only

Yeah. I didn't mean to write that. I saw it like a month ago (or two) but I just haven't felt like changing it. I might change it later this week or something. But thank you, you didn't sound bitchy, about two other people have pointed it out before xx

macybrooks macybrooks

Hi, I promise I don't mean to sound bitchy here but in chapter 8 when Harry is running from Louis it says "the only thing I could hear was me and Louis footsteps" isn't he deaf? Sorry, just an OCD grammar thing

XemmaX XemmaX

I'm actually signing what the charectors sign for practice....we have a test and a preformance at the end of the year,and I want to be the BEST signer there!
and it actually counts as another language,so I'm bilingual.(Know two languages)

J.J. J.J.

Actually,I looked into some collages to see if I could keep learning it and talking to her,and quiet a few do,you just have to ask. So,the rest of hight school and collage,and maybe even after,I'm going to further my education in it. I LOVE sign language.

J.J. J.J.