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The Sass Account

Chapter 1

Louis' POV

Being famous is great but it can also get on your last nerve.

The lads and I are finally taking a breather from being One Direction, much to the chagrin of our most devoted fans. For 3 years straight it's been nothing but touring, singing and recording for the next album. It's amazing I retained a sense of myself in the end of it all.

But I couldn't fully complain. My life has been just the best so far. I loved all the times I've had with the guys.

But in another sense, we all really needed this break. I love what I do but I don't want to feel burned out from it. I don't want to get sick of what I love. I want to still enjoy things in my life. But I want for everything to be simple again.

This is a great life. Getting paid to completely live your dream, having people adore you practically 24/7. It's all wonderful and we worked hard for all of it. I don't think anyone in the business works harder than us.

Our fans are great too. So dedicated and supportive I don't know any other fandom is as infatuated as ours. People you never met wanting to know everything about you because they see your name in lights. The celebrity world is a flashy life, not going to lie here. Almost too flashy sometimes. It's just, wow; I can't fully describe what my mind goes through when I sit down and think about it. I really can't actually understand everything at once.

I guess that's what I'm doing now. Reflecting on what I've accomplished. The decadence of my livelihood is finally being dissected. I didn't think I would feel so genuinely tired from it all. Guess this is what happens when you've worked non-stop for a few years straight.

I just bought a spacious flat in Los Angeles and decided to live a more quiet life. After staying in loads of hotels you start to miss coming home again. I wanted to make a new one. I guess our album title really does ring true when I think about it. I sighed, it feels weird having my own flat to myself but at the same time it's what feels right.

I looked out the window of my balcony at all the people walking around my neighborhood. I guess I'm the most well-known person here. I sometimes wonder what it would feel like to be anonymous. Go back to the way things were before all the success and do what I love to do without all the extra attention. Personally I don't know about the other guys, maybe Harry would disagree, sometimes I wish I knew what it was like to see things through the eyes of a fan.

Like on Twitter. That lovely place where you can be practically anyone and say whatever you want to and to anyone anytime of the day. Let me tell you this about Twitter, from my perspective, its a lovely place to be stalked and bashed at the same time. I love it in actuality.

Whenever I tweeted fans would gush to favorite and retweet whatever it was I said, even if I was taking a shit and it hurt afterward. That's pretty graphic and I wouldn't tweet something like that but it just goes to show the world as I see it as a famous verified somebody. I just get the feeling our fans would literally respond to everything we say, negative, positive or even the mundane. I'm not sure how to take that really.

Jesus, it was funny the first few times it happened to us. Harry even brought it up whenever he tweeted or followed some random fan. Their reactions. That's what it is. Some random fans begging for a follow just so it will make their life. Really? A follow from five normal guys just living their dreams will do that? I wish I could understand the mental psychosis of what goes on through a fan's mind. Even a non-fan. Why do they like me?

Or really…

Why do they hate me?

It's funny how I'm more curious about the negative question than the other. A lot of the negative stuff that people say is because they're jealous anyway; the other part may be true. I wonder what it would be like to get inside the head of someone who hates us. It takes time and dedication to hate just as much as it takes to love something. It means you still care.

But I've always wanted to know why they go there…what exactly did I do?

I took my phone and sat on my new plush couch. It had that newly bought leather smell as I sunk into it. I started scrolling down the screen on Twitter and sighed. I saw a bunch of lovely comments, perverted ones and a handful of hate/bash/gay slurs. Gotta love those. A lot of those fake accounts with my name on it. It's boring to sue them plus management has better things to do then waste their time with more haters. That's like suing Perez Hilton for being a professional bully.

I started writing up a tweet.

@Louis_Tomlinson moved into my flat, life can't get better than it is now ! Los Angeles is buzzin' !

I dropped my phone on the coffee table and shut my eyes. What would it be like to actually become a fan of ours? I wonder what they go through. I wanted to know if they really care about us or is it because we're famous all around the world, are reasonably fit as a fiddle and have decent, sometimes sexy singing voices? It's not fair. There's no way to really know unless you switch bodies with one of them.

Or is there? Can we really be among the people who make us who we are? Hmm, that's an idea for the books. Or is it possible?

I logged onto my laptop and signed off of my official Twitter page. I had a funny feeling all of a sudden. This might actually work. No, I hadn't had anything to drink and I'm not under any psychedelic drugs. This is pure Louis. Actually this is a Tommo idea. Louis would probably think it strange among other things. I say nay, why the hell not? It might be kinda fun not being messed and obsessed with and just be a part of the people for a change. We still are people, so the fans forget.

Now I need a name. Something inconspicuous and yet fan-friendly since it'll be public. I want fans to follow me but I don't care if it's ten or ten thousand or even ten million. I'm up to about 16 million right now and I don't talk to anyone other then my tour mates and occasionally the lads. There are those DMs from people I randomly follow that I ignore. I feel shitty sometimes when I do that, no bull shit. Mum always checks up on me. I shrugged. This celebrity Twitter has done me good since 2010, it's time to be real. This could work. Now for a name.

I tapped my chin with the tip of my fingers. Well, I could be a guy Directioner, I don't wanna be a girl, I'm a sassy bastard but I couldn't pull off talking in a girl's mind let alone understand girls.

Oh I've got it! I took one of my emails I barely use and began to register a new Twitter page under the username:

@TroyAustin1D (Name: Guy Directioner)

I sound like I play professional American Football. This is perfect. I sat back in my chair and folded my hands behind my head. I was proud of this idea. I truly wonder what the hell people really talk about when they're not tweeting me directly. I guess I signed up for a rude awakening. The guys have to hear about this…

I grabbed my phone from the couch and dialed a familiar number.

About 3 rings then an answer finally.

"Harry, hey, you will never guess what I just did now…"



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