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Tainted rose. ((Niall Horan))

A meeting with fate.

Rose POV.

I was getting ready with my friend after she had tried to make me go out which I rarely did, she promised me it would be fun.
‘’Rose, try this dress on!’’ She handed me a pink dress with way too much glitter on, it really wasn’t my style at all. I liked to dress plainly, after all my favorite color was black.
‘’Please, please!’’ She could see on my face that the last thing I wanted was to wear that thing, actually what I really wanted right now was to snuggle up with a blanket and a movie.
‘’Wait a second.’’ I mumbled, as I opened my closet, digging deep in it trying to find the clothes I rarely used. I finally found the dress I was looking for, a black tight dress. It would fit my body perfect, it wasn’t too long neither too short. ‘’Taa-daa.’’ I smiled trying to show it off, it was like I was selling it to her.
’’It isnt bad.’’ She replied, studying the dress.
‘’I guess it could work, it’s just so dark.’’ She said with a pout.
I couldn’t help but grin as I went to try it on. ‘’I’ll try it, wait.’’ I yelled as I made my way over to my bathroom.
I was humming a melody while I was getting dressed, like I had said earlier the dress was fitting perfectly. It was like it was made for my body. I should wear it more often, but again I never really went out.
‘’Come on Rose, get your ass back in here!’’ Emily yelled, whistling at me.
I laughed as I ran back showing my dress off, I kept laughing as I was spinning around and making poses for her like I was a model.
‘’Wow, you look stunning.’’ She grinned, I could see she was wearing the pink dress I refused to wear earlier.
‘’And I’m sure people will notice you.’’ I replied laughing when we the door bell rang.
‘’Oh our ride is here.’’ Emily replied, quickly jumping down in her high heels, with a small back hanging from her shoulder. I followed her, wondering if I would regret leaving this house.
Luckily I lived pretty close to the club, so I didn’t take long before we was there.
The line was huge, I had no idea why all these girls were standing outside trying to get in.
‘’What’s happening?’’ I whispered to Emily.
She just shrugged as she made her way up front to the door man as she flashed him a smile. ‘’Hey Michael! Fancy letting us in, please?’’ She bite down on her lip, Michael was one of her friends that’s why she never had to pay to get into that club. ‘’Get in.’’ Michael answered finally, letting us in even thought there were the girls in the line was complaining.
‘’How do you even know him?’’ I asked curiously, only to see her shaking her head as she made her way over to the bar.
‘’Drink.’’ She smiled handing me a shot, I really hated those but took it.
She smiled as she was sipping on her drink, she kept eyeing the dance floor.
‘’What is it?’’ I asked trying to look in her direction, there was a big group dancing close, I didn’t get why everyone wanted to get over there as I ordered another drink.
‘’I’ll just head for the bathroom.’’ She smiled, and squeezed my arm softly.
I nodded as I was sipping the drink, swaying slightly to the music when someone poked me on the shoulder I turned my head as I saw a guy with messy blond hair flashing me a smile.
He looked kind of familiar, I just wasn’t sure where I had seen him before as I shipped more to my drink.
‘’ Is this seat taking?’’ He asked with an Irish accent, I raised my eyebrow.
‘’This one is.’’ I replied pointing at the seat on my left. ‘’This one isn’t.’’ I smiled, looking at the seat on my right. He sat down and ordered a few shots.
‘’Whats bringing ye out tonight?’’ He asked, taking a shot. I must admit he was really charming and quiet hot.
‘’My friend, Emily dragged me out here.’’ I replied drinking the last of my drink up eyeing the blond beside me. ‘’What about you?’’ I asked, as he handed me a shot that I took as soon as I had got it.
‘’I’m just out with my lads.’’ He laughed, taking one himself.
‘’Not to sound weird, but have you seen my friend perhaps? She have golden hair, and a pink dress on.’’ I asked as I took my phone up and texted her.
‘’I saw a girl that sounds like the one your describing leaving with one of my mates, Harry.’’ He replied, looking after a reaction from me, I just shrugged ordering some more booze.

Niall’s POV

I had seen her, as soon as she had walked in. She didn’t even look like she knew we were in here, I couldn’t tell if it was an act or if she was serious. Me and the lads wanted a break and decided to go out a little.
She looked absolutely gorgeous, she just sat there sipping her drink, while I was trying to get all of these groupies of me. ‘’You see the blond?’’ Harry asked me while he was slowly dancing out of the huge crowd of people. ‘’We made eye contact, I’ll take her back to the hotel.’’ I laughed as Harry grinned walking out. I could see she said something to the girl I had my eye on, she nodded and soon the blond was following my friend out of the club.
This was my chance, I made my way over to her as I poked her shoulder when she turned around she didn’t look one bit interested. ‘’Is this seat taken?’’ I asked her, trying to charm my way through her shield.
‘’This one is.’’ She replied with pointing at the seat were the blond girl had been moments again, but told me that the other one wasn’t. I sat down and ordered a few shots.
Did she really not know who I was? ‘’What’s bringing ye out tonight?’’ I asked, taking a shot feeling it burn my throat slightly.
‘’My friend, Emily dragged me out here.’’ She replied drinking the last of her drink as she asked me why I was out here. I handed her a shot and watched her drink it.
‘’I’m just out with my lads.’’ I laughed, she looked adorable. I took a shot myself, she asked me if I had seen her friend. I told her the truth.
She didn’t react, I guess she really didn’t know who I was.
‘’I’m Niall.’’ I smiled still fishing after a reaction from her, she smiled back but I could see something rang a bell.
‘’I’m Rose.’’ She replied, raising her eye brow slightly ‘’your last name doesn’t happen to be Horan does it?’’ I grinned, finally.
I nodded ‘’Nice to meet you, Rose.’’ When she shook her head. ‘’I’m not your groupie, and I’m not a groupie at all.’’ She said sternly.
Wow a feisty little one she was. ‘’I didn’t think you were.’’ I smiled as she looked at me again. ‘’I thought you were this beautiful girl that I’m having a drink with so let’s drink.’’ I looked her in the eyes, as I could see she looked more comfortable. ‘’I’ll drink you under the table!’’ She laughed as she took a shot.
This was going to be interesting.


A/N: So this is my first fanfiction, what do you think? It will get better and longer I just have to get started.
Comments makes me happy<3.


Omg. I loved the story c: this was the first fanfiction to make me cry!
xSinna xSinna
ok thank :)
HoranHug! HoranHug!
Sorry I can't log into this account anymore so I didn't see it before now! Vampire diaries xxx
Hess Hess
I cried wow I love this story :). And what are the show or movie was the clips from?
HoranHug! HoranHug!

Thank you so much dear. x
Niallerswifey Niallerswifey