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Towers *Liam Payne Love Story*

Unpredictable (Part Two)


*What Happened Before*

I pulled up at Liam's flat it was 6:00 .

I was about to get out the car and Liam's door open and he ran
outside with an apron.

"Hey babe," He said before kissing me.

"Hey, whatcha cooking?" I asked.

"You're favorite," he smiled.

"Italian Liam, you shouldn't have," I said waking in his flat and
I smelt the good smell of Italian food.

Liam is so Unpredictable

*What's Happening Now*

He made Italian food for me he is so sweet.
I sat my bag down on the sofa and walked into the kitchen and seen Liam cutting
different kinds of vegetables and other food.

"Need any help there babe?" I asked sweetly.

"No, this dinner is about you, I want to just relax, and wait until I'm done," He said and I just sighed
and walked back into the living room and turned on the TV.

I pulled my phone out and got on twitter, I had over 10000 notifications
and I checked each one.

(A/N: These are fake twitter names I made and some are real like Harrystyleswifie, Mrsstyles,directionerforever143 I had the names but changed it.)

@ISHIPLAYDEN: @haydierichards Layden are
so perfect, LAYDEN FOREVER!!

LAYDENFOREVER: OMG Hayden is so beautiful, and she isn't a
celebrity , so shocked.

@Allaboutstyles: I hope Layden last forever I love them

@HAYDENPAYNEISREAL: Hayden is different than Liam's last couple of girlfriends, she's not
famous and Liam's family loves her and has known her forever, I have a feeling that they
will get married soon.

I read a couple more of tweets about us, and I smiled at every single one of them.

A couple moments later I heard my name being called but I ignored it
and continued to look at the positive tweets.

"Hayden!" After 5 times my name being called, I finally jumped up and
went to the kitchen.

"Yes Liam," I smiled innocently pretending I didn't hear him those last couple of times.

"Where were you I have been calling you for the last 10 minutes," He said overreacting.

"I was in the living room,"

"Then why didn't you come when I called you,"

"Relax Liam, I was reading this," I said showing him my phone and his
face softened.

"Wow the fans support our relationship more than I thought," He said before hugging me.

"Yeah, I know," I said "Oh yeah I forgot to tell you."


"I was at work today and it was this girl that was 14 years old,
let me tell you, she can sing. Out of my 21 years of living there was nobody who
could sing like her," I smiled remembering what happened
this morning.

"What about me?"

"Liam you can sing but this 14 year old, she
has the most beautiful voice I've ever heard," I said and
I looked at Liam and could see he was feeling some type of way.

"So I don't have a beautiful voice?" He asked with a frowned.

"You do babe, I just mean that this kid has talent like no other
and I'm glad I met her today," I said trying to calm
down him down.

"What's her name?"

"Her name is Priscilla Kirkland," I answered him.

"Doesn't she have a YouTube channel?" He asked.

"Um I don't know, let's check," I said before we walked over to Liam's computer
and went on YouTube and typed up her name"Is that her?"

"Yeah," he said"Is that the girl you coached today?"


"Why did she need a coach anyways?" He asked suspiciously.

"Because she has shyness, and wants to have confidences," I explained.

"How did you do it?" He asked confused.

"I showed her," I told him.


"I singed,"

"You sing?" He looked so dumb founded .

"Yeah, I use to, but not anymore," I said looking down remembering why the reason
why I stopped.

"Why don't you sing anymore?" Liam asked me worried.

"It's in the past let's not talk about," I said before I walked away but Liam blocked me.

"Hayden, Tell.Me.Now." He demanded.

"Okay, Okay chill out," I said before taking a deep breath"I stop singing when you and Kalenna got

"Why would you stop singing because of me?"

"I was heartbroken Liam," I sighed"I couldn't eat, sleep, drink, or do anything
because how I felt."

"But you could of use that pain and turned it into a song," He said.

"Oh I did use that pain,"

"What do you mean?" He asked confused.

"When we broke up and I moved to New York, I began to write a book about
our relationship, it was called 'Towers' and
it stand for everything we have been through," I explained.

"So is the book finished or published?"he asked
and I shook my head as for no.

"It doesn't have a ending to it," I whispered.

"It should,"

"How can it be a ending Liam? How what so ever?" I asked being sarcastically

"The ending can be us ending up back together," He said before walking
closer to me and kissed me on the lips.

"You really think, I should publish this book?" I asked confused.

"Yeah, if you want to," He said and I looked at him like
he was crazy"What?"

"You know this story will make you the
bad guy right?" I trying to make him change
his mind.

"No baby, I think you should, and plus you changed
the names in the story right?"

"Yeah of course I did but I don't want to
because I don't the public knowing or
thinking it's about us but it clearly is,"

"But I want you to live your dream Hayden, and
if you have to publish this book to do this,
then I will support you," He said looking into my eyes.

"Okay I will start to finish writing again and publish it," I smiled at him
as I said.

"That's my girl," He smiled back at me"Are you ready to eat?"


"Then let's eat," He said before grabbing my hand
and taking me to the kitchen and we began
to eat an amazing dinner.

Next Morning

I woke up the next morning in Liam's bed.
I looked at the clock it said 6:29 a.m., and
I knew I had to go back home and get ready for work.

I tried to get out of bed but Liam's arms were wrapped around my body.

I began to shake Liam's shoulder and he began to stir and
his eyes slowly opened.

"Babe I have to go," I whispered.

"Please don't go stay here," He plead.

"Liam I have work at 9 , and I have to home
and get ready," I said and h
e sighed and unwrapped his arms
from my body and let me get out of bed.

"Will you come back tonight," I nod"Promise?"

"Yes I promise Liam, I just need to get
home and I will call you later," I said as I was putting my shoes on .

"Okay," he said laying in the bed looking at me"I love you."

"I love you too," I said before leaning down and kiss Liam"I see you later."

"Okay," He said before I walked out his room and going down the

I grabbed my bag and keys off the kitchen counter and walk towards the front
door and opened it and locked it before leaving.


Here is the part two to Unpredictable.
I see you guys soon


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