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Now We Have Love ♥A 1D and 5SOS Adoption Story♥


this can’t be true we always use protection how could this have happened. I mean I know there were a couple of time that we got it on in the shower, but oh god what am I going to tell him. Ok calm down Isabella lets think this through. I can raise a baby, I mean Niall is being really supportive about Harry and I, but He is going to be pissed.
“Hey love I’m home.”
“ Oh hey Niall.” I called out from the bathroom.
“Where are you?” He shouts through the house while stomping up the stairs. Shit. I scramble around trying to hide the test not having enough time before Niall burst through the door.
“ Wow you’re fast.” I say
“Thanks what’s that Isabella?” Niall says walking closer. I can’t lie to him he would know.
“A pregnancy test.” I whisper. Niall’s eyes nearly bulge out of his head when he hears me.
“A what?!?!” I look up. I can literally feel the tears dying to fall.
“ I’m sorry I should have been more careful and I wasn’t I mean it didn’t occur to either of us while we were in the shower and I’m soooo sorry.” I ramble.
“Hey hey hey don’t worry Isabella I’ll help you out have you told harry yet?” I shake my head. “ Ok well call him and get him over here.” I mumble a quick ok before walking to my bed to grab my phone. I dial his number and wait.
“Hello love.” I hear his voice ring out.
“Um hey I need to tell you something.” I say barely loud enough to hear.
“Well can it wait a minute I’m walking up to your door right now.” I look at Niall worried.
“Oh yeah it can wait meet me in my room.” He nods his head.
“Ok I will Love you.” I smile a bit.
“Love you too.” I say biting my lip.
“Bye.” After hanging up I slowly put my phone down and look at Niall.
“What if he leaves me?” I say those tears still threatening to fall.
“He won’t I’m going to let him in lie down.” He says walking over to my bed and giving me a hug before disappearing. After about five minutes I hear my door open.
“Hey beautiful…” His voice echoes throughout my small room.
“I messed up…” I say. I feel my bed dip down signaling that he sat down.
“How?” He asked.
“I’m pregnant…” I say turning over to look him in the eyes, those tears finally falling. All I see is a big smile.
“Really! My little girl is in your belly right now.” Harry says with excitement.
“Well I don’t know if it’s a girl or boy, but yeah.” I say a smile finally coming through.
“I’m going to be a dad.” Harry yells before pulling me into a hug, and kissing me.
“Yeah you are…” I say laughing. Niall burst through the door.
“Is everything ok?” He yells worried.
“Niall I’m going to be a dad.” Harry yells and runs out of the room hollering. Niall follows him yelling. While they decided to be goof I sent out a group text.
Hey guys come over great news!!!!
Louis: What is it???
Melanie: I think I know.
Liam: Well tell us.
Melanie: Niall is throwing a surprise BBQ for us.
Isabella: Sure Guys
Niall: No I’m not.
Harry: you aren’t?
Niall: No, but I can.
Luke: woohoo party at the niallers.
Perrie: Party!!!!
Calum; You guys are nuts.
Zayn; you are just jelly.
Isabella: zayn bring jelly.
Harry: Hurry up!!! We need to tell you guys something.
Isabella Yes we do Hurry!!!
Dear god those group texts get out of control fast. I decided to mute my phone and I get up to talk to Niall.
“Niall, go to the store and pick up burgers and hotdogs and potatoes.” I yell making sure he hears me.
“Ok.” He yells back before slamming the front door.
Well this is going to be an interesting night.


So sorry for it being short I will update again later. Love you guys. Comment how they should take it and comment baby names for a girl and a boy best name will get a shout out!!!

Love always and forever,
Carter Marie


Lol totally



(No but seriously I'm thinking the same thing. That wedding's been planned since July)


(No but seriously I'm thinking the same thing. That wedding's been planned since July)