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Now We Have Love ♥A 1D and 5SOS Adoption Story♥

Chapter 11

After talking for about 4 hours, we decided to go to the mall, which for us wasn’t extremely risky unless we were with the boys but sometimes, people would still recognize us and they would scream, making a big commotion but nothing we couldn’t handle.

“Ohh, lets go to Victoria’s Secret” Melody squealed

“Fine, fine,” I laugh “how much did Cal give you for the trip?”

“I think 5 grand” She replies

“Woah” I say

“Yep.” She laughs “Hey guess what?”

“What?” I ask

“Wait! Before I tell you do you like these?” Melody asked, I looked up and saw a pair of black-strapped thongs.

“Ahh!” I yelled and turned away, I hated the idea of latex thongs and ropes and anything too dirty. It just made me cringe. I look back to Melody, who was laughing so hard she was on the ground.

“Get up you asshole” I pouted as I tried to hide my smile.

“Oh my gosh, Scarlet Key slash Tomlinson! I love you!”

“I love you too,” I laugh

“Are you ready?” Melody asked and I just nodded

“Yep, I want some pretzels” I said

“Oh, I haven’t had a pretzels in forever!” Mel yelled and I just laughed.

“Ok girly, lets go” I said calmly as we walked out of VS, I noticed some paparazzi starting to follow us, but to be honest, I didn’t care they weren’t in our faces so it wasn’t to big of a deal. As we were in line, the girls behind us started to whisper and one eventually tapped my shoulder.

“Yes?” I asked as I turned around

“Are you, like, Louis’, like, daughter?” she asked, the girl had a smirk plastered to her face.

“Depends on who want to know” Melody said as she turned around also

“Um, I wasn’t talking to you” she said as she rolled her eyes

“Uhm, don’t talk to her like that” I said kind of angrily

“Whatever” She said “Just answer the question”

“Um, yeah I am, why you wanna know?” I said with sass hoping she would get the idea.

“We should be friends… I’ll come to your house later” She said as she got out paper and a pen

“Write down your address” She said shoving the writing utensils in my face.

“Erm, no thanks”

“What do you mean ‘No thanks’” She spat

“She means she’s not going to give it to you, twat” Melody snapped

“You may be right to say no I mean I was just going to get with Louis to shag him because obviously Eleanor isn’t real” Ok that’s it I’m going to loose my shit.

“You should take that back, you prick” I growl

“Fuck no” She laughed

“Bitch, I could beat you down in a matter of seconds” I say my voice getting angrier and louder.

“You’re all talk, no one would ever lay a finger on me” She said and that’s when all I had to do was clinch my fist and swing at her fake face and we were both on the ground with me on top.

“I gave you a chance” I said as I punched her

“but you didn’t take it” I continued

“Never, EVER! Insult El… EVER” I said as I started to get up and walk away with Melody who had a red face and tears of laughter.

“Oh my lord, holy shit! I’m going to suffocate” she cried

“Gosh, c’mon, before security comes” I laugh

-- Arriving home --

“How was the mall?” Eleanor asked while feeding Audrey

“Scarlet beat the shit out of a basic bitch!” Melody screamed

“Key! Come on! You know there was probably a lot paps” Louis whined

“I don’t care! I was standing up for my mom!” I snapped back

“What did the ‘basic bitch’ say?” El asked in wonder

“She tapped my shoulder and asked if I was your daughter, then she said that we should be friends and invited herself to our house, then she shoved a pen and paper in my face and I told her no, then she said it was probably right that to say no because she was just going to get with Louis to shag you and said that El wasn’t real and that’s when I lost my shit.” I explained in one breath.

“Yeah I got a video” Mel said and I started to laugh

“You got a video of me fighting?” I said in disbelief

“It’s on Snapchat” she said like it was nothing as she showed
Eleanor the fight.

“Well, I’m sure we’ll see about it tomorrow” Louis said as he shrugged it off

“I’m sorry Tomo” I said apologeticly

“Key, it’s fine” He smiled as he took Audrey from El and we started to walk in the garden.

“Gosh damn it!” I said

“What?” Louis asked

“I didn’t get my damn pretzels” I pouted while Louis just laughed.


WE-ARE-BACK ALRIGHT!!!!!! (Backstreet boys) Never mind I'm too old to make that joke. Guys! I am SO FRICKING SORRY!!! Tbh I have no excuse for why we haven't been able to update... Maybe one of the other girls can come up with a excuse, but I have been sooo lazy with all my stories but that is changing now!!!! We're going to try to update every week AT LEAST once!! So you HAVE NOT seen the last of us!!

•Stay Beautiful•



Lol totally



(No but seriously I'm thinking the same thing. That wedding's been planned since July)


(No but seriously I'm thinking the same thing. That wedding's been planned since July)