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You and I (Niall Horan Fanfiction)

Chapter 32

Connie's POV

Today was going to be the first day of school. I was pretty excited, but I think everyone is excited for the first day. I got up and did my usual morning routine. I went into my closet and picked out an outfit to wear today. I wore high waisted shorts with a batman muscle tank and a flannel tied around my waist. I know, typical outfit every girl wears.

I like to sleep in as much as possible, so I usually sleep past breakfast. I was rushing out the door, so I grabbed my bag and left the house.

I got to school and I met up with Bernice and my other friends, Jessie, Kimberly, Kristen, Michelle and Rita. They were some of my really good friends.

"It's so great seeing you guys!" I said as I hugged them.

"I've missed you so much Connie!" Michelle said.

"So, we've heard something about you." Kim said.

"Yeah, a certain boy you're dating from One Direction." Kristen said.

"Congratulations Connie!" Rita said.

"Congratz, but how did you find a boyfriend?" Jessie said a joking way.

We had a love/hate relationship as a joke.

"At least, I'm not single." I said.

We all laughed and went to our classes. I was walking down the hallways and I could tell people were looking at me. Well, I guess they know.

I had the same lunch as Bernice, so I met with her at lunch.

"How's your first day Bernice?" I asked.

"It's great, except for the fact that people kept on looking at me." She said.

"Don't pay attention to them. People were too for me." I said.

"Anyways, what are you going to be planning for Niall's birthday?" She asked.

"I really wanted to plan on flying to Montreal and surprising him." I said.

During the time of Niall's birthday weekend, the band is going to be performing in Montreal.

"That's so cool! Do you think your parents will let you?" She asked.

"I don't know. They really like Niall and it's the first time since they've seen me this happy." I said.

We sort of just dropped the conversation and talked about other things.

The rest of the school day was dreadful. Did I tell you how much I hate school?

When school was over, I went straight home to go to my homework. I didn't believe in procrastination, so I got right to my homework when I get home. I went upstairs to my room and sat on my desk. I was doing math homework, when someone was calling me on Skype. It was Niall.

I was so happy to see Niall's face.

"Connie, I've missed you so much! How was your first day?" Niall said.

"I've missed you so much too! Weird not being able to see you every day. It was great actually. How is the tour?" I asked.

"Same here. Tour has been great. Wish you were here." Niall said.

"I wish I was there too. Any plans for your birthday?" I asked.

"The boys and I are going to eat dinner. Wish you could fly out to Montreal." Niall said.

Niall doesn't know that I'm planning to, so I'm just going to keep it a secret.

"I wish I could too! I'm going to be the first one to call you at midnight and send you a long birthday text!" I said.

Niall laughed. "I feel so loved."

"You should be." I said.

"Anyways, just wanted to say hello. I have to go now. Talk to you soon?" He said.

"Yes, please." I said.

"I love you." He said.

I smiled. "I love you too."

I closed Skype and went back to finishing my homework. I couldn't concentrate since I was trying to figure out how I am going to tell my parents I want to fly to Montreal.

At around 6 p.m. my parents told me to come downstairs to eat dinner. My sister went back to university, so it's gets lonely at times.

We were just talking about random things at the dinner table. I was contemplating if asking my parents if I could fly to Montreal.

"Mom, dad, can I asked you something?" I said.

"Sure." My dad said.

"Do you think it's okay if I could fly to Montreal for Niall's birthday weekend?" I asked.

They looked at me with a surprise look.

I saved enough money for a round trip ticket as well from working. Plus, I'll finish all my assignments and everything too." I added.

"Well..." My mom said.

"Please, just for his birthday, just this once."

"I was going to say that it's school weekend, so I'm not really all for the idea." She said.

I could tell she was still thinking whether or not I should go.

"I think it'll be alright." My dad said to my mom. My mom looked shocked because my dad has always been strict on a lot of things.

I smiled at my dad.

"Thank you so dad! Is it alright mom?" I asked.

"Well, I think it would be alright. Just this once." She said.

"Thank you so much guys!" I hugged both of them.




Hey, I think I did post on the Harry site but I'm not too sure. Glad you liked the fanfiction though :) My sequel is already posted actually!

Connie Sung Connie Sung

I remember I read this story, and now it's finished. The reason why I didn't know it, is because I don't log in here anymore, but on Harry site. Do you post it there, too? I must have missed it.
I'm excited about the sequel :) Hope you'll be posting it soon.

Please please start putting up where do broken hearts go. I actully cant wait! :)

niallsfood123 niallsfood123

@Connie Sung
Thats great i actully cant wait! :)

niallsfood123 niallsfood123


I actually finished writing two chapters! I just don't know when I should post it! Probably soon! :)

Connie Sung Connie Sung