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Fair. (n.h. au fanfiction)


Songs for the chapter:

Accidently in Love ~ Counting Crows

What is Love?~ Never Shout Never


The light streamed through the curtains of my window hitting me directly in the face causing me to squeeze my eyes together. I did not want to get up what so ever, but I knew I didn’t have a choice. My mood instantly changed when I realized that I didn’t have school, but it quickly changed back when I realized I had work today. Why did I have to schedule those extra hours! I dragged myself out of bed, grumpily might I add, and walked like a zombie to the bathroom to make myself look at lesst decent. I didn't sent mothers shielding their children's faces from me.

I twisted the faucet on and water street down from the shower head. I put my hand under the water to check the temperature before udjusting it to my liking. I stripped from my clothing and stepped into the shower imediantly relaxing as the water droplets pelted down onto my skin. Then, I washed my body before making the water extremely cold to wake myself.

I stepped out the shower, shivering, and quickly wrapped the towel around me. I dried off and walked into my room. I pulled a pair of grey sweatpants over my legs after pulling on a pair of underwear, and put a random shirt and a grey hoodie over my torso. I combed out my hair, and put in into a tight sock bun with a stretchy black headband. Work policy. Hair must pulled back with absolutely no strands hanging out. I grabbed a backpack and stuffed my uniform, wallet, phone, and charger inside.

I then sat down at my vanity and did my makeup. We weren't allowed to wear makeup at work, so I made sure to make it very natural by only applying foundation, mascara, and chapstick.

Finally finished with my grueling morning routine, I walked out of my room to be met with a peaceful house. Everyone was still sleeping, so I made myself a quick omlete, considering I was late. I ate like a pig, put my dishes in the sink, and jogged to the door, grabbing my car keys off of the hook.


I walked up to the building and opened the door, speed walking to the bathroom. We were supposed to already be in our uniforms when we arrived at work, but I hate how the uniforms look so I usually change in the restroom. I washed my hands once I arrived at the kitchen. Before starting to fill orders. The day was slow at first; I only filled about twenty orders. But by the end if the lunch hour, I had filled seventy orders. Tired as fuck, I went to the fridge and grabbed my lunch. I always have one here because I make them in advance, considering I can't eat out anywhere. I sat and ate my lunch, before heading to the bathrooms to change. I walked back to my car, sticking my tuppawear in my backpack as I walked. I chucked my belongings in the backseat and pulled out of the parking lot.

"Please?" Cody begged over the phone.

"I'm really tired Cody," I groaned. Why did he have to ask me to go somewhere with him right after work.

"Come on! You need to get out more you socially deprived person."

"Where are we going? I don't really want to be around a lot of people today."

"How about... a picnic in the park? It's relaxing, not a lot of people, perfect weather, how could you resist?"

"Just a picnic?" I asked giving in.

"Just a picnic," he assured.


"Yes! I'll be there in an hour. See you beautiful!" he exclaimed before hanging up the phone. He was so sweet, but boy is he persistent.

I walked to the vanity, sitting down to examine my makeup. It still looked okay, so I just applied some eyeliner, and lipstick. I changed into a black tank top that said "New York City" on it and black destroyed skinny jeans. I put on some black leather braclets before sitting back down to do something with my hair. I plugged in my wand before curling my hair. Unfortunately my bangs were just not cooperating, so I pulled on a beanie. The doorbell rang when I finished adjusting my hair, so I quickly stuck my necessities into my pockets, and grabbed my shoes. I opened the door, where Cody greeted me with a warm hello.

"Hold on I gotta put on my shoes," I told him before sitting on the floor, and putting my white converse on my feet.

"Are you ready now?"

"Yep," I say grabbing his hand and interlacing our fingers. "Where's your car?" I ask as we walk outside.

"We're walking to the park."

"Ugh I don't wanna walk it's too far," I whined.

"Come on let's go lazy bones," he said tugging me towards the sidewalk, "it's only a few blocks."

"A few too many," I mumbled under my breath.

We eventually made it to the park after much whining on my part, and walked up a hill overlooking the park. Once we made it to the top of the hill, I noticed a blanket was layed out in the grass, and a small woven basket was upon it.

"This is so cliché but I love it so much," I tell him, raising up on my toes to kiss him on the cheek.

"Glad you like it, babe," he said smiling, "I told you it would be worth it!" Then, we sat down and munched on our sandwiches and made small talk. It was very enjoyable and I'm glad I decided to leave the house. When our food was finished, and our stomachs were full, we walked hand in hand down the trail that wound throughout the park.

I went on to think the affect Cody has on me. He makes me feel the cliché sparks every time we kiss. Whenever I see him my heart starts beating abnormally fast, and when he's not with me physically, he's invading every nook and cranny of my brain.

Then a thought suddenly came to me.

Is this what it feels like to be in love? I wouldn't know, considering I did my first of everything with Cody. My first kiss, my first date, my first boyfriend. There's only one thing we haven't done together, and we agreed that we wanted to take it slow. If these is what love feels like....well, I love it.

I returned only to be rushed back outside holding Lola, my only instructions being to take he to the vet. Apparently she had an appointment today because she hasn't been acting like herself. With the cat carrier in the backseat, I made my way to the veterinarian'a office. Once arrived, I grabbed Lola, and walked through the glass doors, hearing a ding signaling a new customer walked into the door. "Hi, welcome to Greystone Animal Hospital, do you have an appointment, or would you like to set one up?" the secretary asked.

"I have an appointment for Lola at 5:00," I replied.

"Perfect the doctor will be ready to see you in a little bit. The wait shouldn't be more than ten minutes. You can sit right over there," she informed me gesturing to the seven chairs they had set up across the room.

I walked over to the waiting area, and sat down, setting Lola down by my feet. It wasn't long until the vet called for us, and did the basics-weighing her, checking for any abnormalities etc. "Alright Miss Graham I just have a few questions for you to answer about Lola."

"Go right ahead."

"Has Lola been eating the amount of food she normally does?"

"No, she only eats about half as much as she used to."

"Whenever you pick her up, does she feel warmer than she used to?"

"Yeah, now that I think about it, she does."

He writes something on his clipboard before continuing. "Alright final question, is she not as active? For instance, she never comes to eat, you rather have to physically bring her food bowl to her."

"I'm not sure about that specifically, but she does lie down, rather than walk around the house like she normally does."

"Thank you miss. Looks like poor Lola here has a fever."

"Cats can get fevers?" I asked, puzzles.

"They can as a matter of fact. Some of the symptoms of fevers in cats are high body temperature, muscle weakness, and decreased appetite. That explains why she feels warmer when you pick her up, why she's laying down all the time, and why she isn't eating as much. When I examined her I also found that she was shivering, and she has a rapid heart rate, also symptoms of a fever," he hands me a piece of paper before continuing, "I've prescribed her with some antibodies, that you can pick up at the front. She should be fine after taking those for a couple of weeks. Any questions?"

"No, thank you doctor."

He smiles before gathering his supplies, and exiting the room. I place Lola back in the carrier, and go to pick up her medicine. Luckily it was a powder that I just sprinkle over her food, so it won't be a WWE wrestling match every time I need to give it to her. I make my way to the door, but as I was going to place my hand on the handle, the door opened. I didn't look up to meet the strangers eyes, walking through uttering a small "thank you" as I went through. I walked towards my car, before I heard a voice.

"Hey wait! You're that girl from the grocery store."


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Love it! <3

Sam.Andrews Sam.Andrews

Update I love it

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mcalanna22 mcalanna22


Keep it up! I really like the story so far, good description and not overly reliant on the dialogue although having some more character interaction would be a nice way to get to know the other characters. =) xx

HarryGirl13 HarryGirl13