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Pain & Payne

Chapter 19

Louis' POV

I stared down at Katie as she drifted off to sleep in my arms, I can honestly not believe how adorable she is when she's sleeping or awake actually.

She's just perfect.

"Shhh." I cooed softly as she stirred in my arms before falling back to sleep in a few seconds.

I can hardly contain my excitement right now and it's all because we are now less than twenty-four hours away from being just the two of us.

No more Michael.

Maybe slightly less Liam.

And I will officially be able to yell at all the other guys in the house for staring at Katie even if she doesn't notice them.

Just the two us.

I sighed dramatically as I pulled Katie's tiny body closer to mine and stared up at the roof of my four post bed.

It was rather early in the night for me and my alcohol buzz was all but gone now.

I wasn't really use to this to be honest, I almost always had something to drink with the boys after Katie went to bed but if she's allowed to start sleeping in my room starting tonight then I guess I'll either have to get use to it or work around it somehow.

The silence of the room was suddenly broken as my door creaked open and Zayn stuck his head in the room.

"Can I come in?" He whispered roughly as he flicked his eyes inbewteen me and Katie.

"Yeah, sure mate." I moved slowly so I was sitting up against the headboard but made sure not to wake the sleeping girl in the process.

"Are you nervous about tomorrow?" Zayn suddenly asked as he slowly walked over and sat right on the foot of the bed where Katie's feet couldn't quite reach too.

"Are you serious?" I chuckled casually as I motioned him to look at Katie. "She's clinging to my shirt while she sleeps and wearing my sweater, I'm not worried in the slightest."

Zayn beamed a large smile at me knowing I was completely confident with the fact the Katie was mine and tomorrow just confirms it.

"I've wanted this girl since the moment I laid eyes on her mate, tomorrow is just a fresh start on the relationship status."

He chewed at his lip as he watched Katie and silence surrounded us. I pulled Katie closer to me which caused her to let out a small groan as I disturbed her.

"Oh hey! How was your family?" I asked in an attempt to remove the attention from my little kitten.

"Their good, still exhaust me." He chuckled as he sighed tiredly.

"Go get yourself a drink." I shrugged and looked down at Katie, I'll admit I wish I could go for a drink still but I feel like I should just hurry up and get over it.

Most of the time when we went out for drinks to a club or bar it was only to meet girls and I'm so close to having the perfect girl all to myself.

"Come with me if you're so confident about tomorrow? Like an early celebration?" He pleaded and I caved almost instantly.

"Just let me get changed."

Katie's POV

I sighed as I slowly opened my eyes to the dark room.

It was another dream about my old parents, god I miss them so much but I can't let it show in case Louis or Liam notice again. That didn't turn out too well the last time.

I stretched my arm out hoping to find Louis next to me so I could cuddle in next to him but was only greeted with the cold sheets on his side of the bed.

What the hell?

I sat up fast as I was confused and slightly asleep still.

My eyes squinted to see the red numbers of the clock on the bedside table which alerted me that it was now two in the morning.

Oh my god!

It's my birthday!

But then where is Louis? Today is suppose to be an important day.

I sat confused for what felt like forever but turned out to be just around half an hour before the bedroom door slowly creaked open to reveal a wobbly Louis who was just recognizable from the dim glow of the hallway lights.

He walked towards the large bed as he kicked his shoes off and nearly tripped over them in the process. He quickly flopped down onto his side of the bed and I struggled to hold in the whine that threatened to slip out as I watched him snuggle into his pillows instead of me.

"L-Louis?" I stuttered out nervously as I had no idea where he had been or what he had been doing.

He jumped at the suddenness of my voice before swiftly turning around to face me. I could just see him as he had left the door slightly open and the room was now just lit up from the outside, he held a small smile on his face as he very slowly reached out for me.

His arm snaked its way around my waist as he gently guided me to lay down next to him which I allowed and cuddled myself into his side.

"My kitten is awake, why are you awake so late?" He whispered into my ear as I shivered and wrapped my own arm around his waist. He smelt of alcohol and smoke which answered the question of where he had been.

With the boys.

"I couldn't sleep." I answered simply and he hummed before placing a warm kiss on my cheek making me smile lightly.

"It's okay, it's early Sunday and we have the rest of the day to do nothing and cuddle."


Is he serious?

"Do you remember what today is Louis?" I asked quietly as I did my best to keep my voice down.

"I just said." He groaned making my frown and nudge him so he would finish his sentence.

"It's Sunday." He sighed before he closed his eyes and held me tighter.

I gasped as my eyes narrowed at him.

My first instinct was to slowly de-tangle myself from him as a silent sob escaped my mouth.

I can't believe him right now.

He forgot my birthday...


I don't know what to say...
I'm sorry for the wait.

Things are starting to look up but it's still not what it use to be. Life never really gives you exactly what you ask for so I'm just going to deal with it.
At least me and my best friend talk again, we're just not what we use to be but there's too many years behind us to forget each other completely, even if she hasn't apologized for the whole concert thing.

But I figured that it's been long enough on my little break from my stories so it was now or never.

And couldn't leave them unfinished so here you are!


YASSS!!!! After this, I can die happy!

ImKindaNot ImKindaNot

I'll try for as soon as possible!

Kass_april Kass_april

I agree with @Yvette_xx please tell me that there will be an update. . . *I cry every time*

ImKindaNot ImKindaNot

When are you going to update??

Yvette_xx Yvette_xx

An update for you love.
Sorry it took so long! xx

Kass_april Kass_april