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Pain & Payne

Chapter 11

Michael's POV
*A few days later*

"That perfect girl is gone
Here I stand
In the light of day
Let the storm rage on
The cold never bothered me anyway!"

Katie sang along beautifully to the movie as she sat next to Zayn on the couch and I watched her from the recliner.

No one else was home right now and Zayn was 'babysitting' Katie so I decided to sit in the lounge with them. Katie glared at Zayn whenever he mentioned the fact that she needed a babysitter and I don't blame her.

Liam and Louis hover over her all the time and treat her like she's younger than she actually is but I haven't really had the chance to ask her about it because she won't talk to me. I know she's terrified of us all, including her own brother. He gets Katie to do just about any thing he wants just by raising his voice like when he made Katie go to sleep at midday a few days ago when I first met her.

She hasn't even looked me in the eyes since then, she had such innocent and pure eyes that for some reason I was very intrigued by her.

Suddenly her eyes left the television and connected with mine.

I tried to give her a small smile but she just drop her eyes from mine and turned back to the movie.

"You okay kid?" Zayn asked her and she nodded shyly before he wrapped his arm around her shoulders and tucked her into his side.

She was so into the movie that she didn't notice Zayn start playing with the ends of her hair.

Zayn was probably the nicest to her, well besides Liam of course.

He looked at Katie with so much adoration in his eyes that I couldn't quite tell if he liked her as a friend or wanted her.

I was just waiting for the moment when Katie left the room so I could ask Zayn more about her before everyone else got home.

Liam and Louis were out on a drug deal for one of their most important customers which is why they went while Niall and Harry were out chasing up a few people who owed money.

The rest of my boys were out getting to know their way around town like we have all been doing for the past few days but today I just didn't feel like going.

I was hoping that with so little people in the house right now that it would be easy to talk to Katie but she has been stuck to Zayn's side all day. That's how I knew she was scared of me.

Katie's eyes started to flutter closed slowly but Zayn nudged her so she opened them again.

"You need to eat something before you go to sleep."

She nodded but didn't attempt to move so Zayn pulled her onto his lap so she would listen to him.

"Don't use the stove okay? I don't want you getting hurt."

Her eyes widened and she looked over at me for a second before back at Zayn.

"Y-you're not coming with me?"

"You'll be fine sweetheart." He smiled and patted her cheek softly before she shakily stood up and walked away towards the kitchen.

Zayn looked at me and smiled before it grew awkward.

"She's a cute kid huh?" I asked and Zayn's smile grew wider.

"The cutest." He agreed and nodded at his own words.

"Uh how old is she?" I asked hesitantly and Zayn chuckled.

"You don't know much about her do you?"

I shook my head and he looked towards the lounge door like he was trying to decide if he should tell me something.

He patted the couch, signalling for me to sit with him so we could talk quietly and I walked over and sat at the other end of the couch.

"Okay, Her legal name is Katie Dobbs but don't use that last name for her because Liam would probably kill you if you mentioned that name. She is only sixteen and she was adopted out secretly by her mother because she didn't want Katie to grow up in this life but a few years ago Liam found out about her when his mother was on her death bed and decided to track her down before his father had the chance too. Liam finally found her a few months ago in New Zealand and threatened her adoptive parents to give him Katie and he adopted her so he could take her out of the country with no troubles."

He stopped to take a breath and my eyes were the size of saucers by now.

"Wow." I mumbled still quite shocked with what Katie must of been through recently.

"Even though Liam is now legally Katie's guardian, she hates him for taking her away from her parents that raised her. She takes a while to warm up to people so don't get pissed if she won't talk to you and she's very easily scared."

I nodded taking in the information that could be helpful one day if I ever get close enough to Katie for it to come in handy.

"Any other questions?" Zayn asked looking like he wanted to wrap this up before Katie came back.

"Uh yeah, why is her room connected to the lounge?"

"Only room in the house that locks from the outside." He shrugged and eyes went wide again.

"You mean to tell me that her own brother locks her in that room every night?"

"Not so much any more, she hasn't tried to escape so Liam trusts her a small amount now."

"One last question." I whispered and cleared my throat before asking the one question I felt could be going a tad over my limits but I wanted to know the answer so I asked anyway.

"Does Katie know that her father runs the biggest rival gang in London?"

Zayn nearly choked on the air in his throat as he suddenly coughed to hid how surprised he was by my question.

"Uh no she doesn't know that, we're not allowed to tell her either. Liam's rules."

I nodded just as Katie walked back into the lounge carrying three plates.

"I made you a sandwich." She smiled to Zayn and handed him a plate.

"Thanks sweetheart!" He grabbed her hand to pull her down so he could place a kiss on her cheek which she didn't seem to mind.

I knew Katie didn't really like Louis but the fact that she did what ever she was told by whoever told her made it really hard to tell if she actually like anyone here or if she was just being the polite little girl that she was.

She slowly moved to stand in front of me at the other end of the couch and held a plate out for me too but didn't say anything. I looked at Zayn and he nodded like he was telling me to take it.

"Thanks Katie." I smiled and she looked down as a small blush found it's way to her cheeks.

I looked to Zayn again and he smiled.

'She likes you' He mouthed and I nearly dropped my plate.

How the hell could he tell that?!

But I'm not saying I would mind if he was right.

Katie sat down in between us and I couldn't help but notice that she didn't have any marks on her neck. Does that mean she's only with Louis out of fear?

I took a bite of my sandwich and was surprised that it was just peanut butter. I thought for sure that she would have made something a little bit more fancy since she was a Payne and all.

We finished eating and changed the movie since Frozen had finished. Zayn picked out a scary movie and Katie seemed to grow frightened at just the title.

"Don't worry Katie. Michael will keep you safe." Zayn winked and she tensed before she mumbled something about getting a glass of water.

"I don't think she likes me Zayn."

"Of course she does Michael. That little blush moment she had doesn't happen to just anyone! She just needs time to get use to you properly."

I nodded and decided I wanted to go talk to her alone.

"Uh Michael! Don't push your luck, give her some time." Zayn spoke up just before his phone rang.

"Hi Liam! -" Zayn started but I didn't listen to the rest of his conversation as I walked towards the kitchen.

As I walked in I found Katie pouring a glass of water from the filtered tap, she had her back to me so she didn't notice me start to walk over to her.

"Katie?" I spoke and she jumped and dropped her glass into the sink.

The glass thankfully didn't break but her water splashed her in the face slightly making her gasp.

"Fuck I'm sorry! I didn't mean to make you do that!"

She nodded and didn't turn to look at me as she attempted to wipe the water from her face. I couldn't help myself and reached out to wipe the small water droplets from her hair before tucking it behind her ear.

Her eyes locked with mine when she finally looked up at me and we both smiled.

"I'm Michael." I blurted out and she giggled making me realise what I had actually said.

"Right you knew that already." She lightly smiled again before it fell quiet.

I'm pretty sure I've freaked her out but just being this close to her was nice and I didn't want to leave just yet.

"I like your hair." She whispered and I was happy she had actually talked to me.

"Oh thanks! I was thinking of dying it pink soon!"

She gasped and her eyes seemed to grow excited.

"I love pink!"

"Of course you do! You're a teenage girl."

She giggled and punched my arm softly, I gripped onto her hand and she looked up at me.

I don't know what it was about her but she was different to everything else in my life and I liked it.

I leaned in closely and she didn't stop me, she closed her eyes and I took that as a sign to continue and placed one of my hands on the back of her neck.

The sound of the front door opening didn't seem to bother me but it did for Katie has she jumped and moved away from me.

Within seconds Louis walked into the room smiling and looking rather happy.

"Hey Michael!" He beamed and walked over to Katie.

"Hey baby." He cooed at Katie and bent down to connect their lips.

I watched in disgust as he held Katie close to him so she couldn't break away from the kiss.

after he pulled away he walked out saying something about Xbox games and Katie raised her hands to her lips.

"Why do you let him do that if you don't like him?" I asked and she shook her head as she tried to move away from me.

I grabbed onto her wrist so she couldn't run off.

"Please answer me Katie." I talked sternly and she sighed dramatically.

"Because I like feeling wanted."


Michael feels! *Sighs dreamily*

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