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Pain & Payne

Chapter 1

Katie's POV
*27th November 2013*

I wouldn't say today has been a normal day. In fact it's about the exact opposite.

The day started out like every other day but by the time I arrived at school, everyone was staring at me. Well more then usual.

Being Katie Dobbs is a balance of shyness and some strange popularity I have. It's like people thought i was a snob because I was shy so buckets of people tried harder to become my friend. Eventually I just gave in and was sucked into the popular group. They all treat me like their token shy girl and honestly I don't have a problem with it.

What I do have a problem with is people gossiping about me as I walk past. I make gossip I am not involved in the gossip!

A lot of whispers I over heard today mentioned a group called One Direction.

Now I'm not completely certain about this but I think that One Direction is the most feared gang in London. Okay that's a lie, I'm one hunderd percent sure that their the most feared gang in London but what I don't understand is why people in New Zealand are putting this gang and me in the same sentence.

Maybe their out to kill me? Oh god I hope not becuase how the hell am I meant to protect myself when no one has a spot on description of what these people look like? For all I know they could be walking down the same street as me! Okay I'm being ridiculous now, why the hell would they even be in New Zealand of all places?

I shook my head from side to side while trying to get rid of these thoughts. Maybe I should have just asked mum for a ride home like every other day.
For some reason I thought it might be nice to walk home from school today since it's the last day for the year. I'm only sixteen so my parents are getting me a car for my birthday which happens to be exactly a month from today. Thank god because walking isn't really my thing.

Today is the 27th of November and is rather hot outside, just how I like it though. I've never been good at handling the cold, I prefer shorts and a tan rather than woolen hats and goosebumps.

My walk home was nearly at an end when I noticed a black car sitting on the curb near my house. I saw the exact same car at school today so maybe it's one of the kids from school? Duh who else could it be.
The windows were tinted black so I couldn't see in it but I had this uneasy feeling that whoever was in the car was watching me.

I adjusted the waist band of my pink shorts while walking up the driveway of my house. It's quite a big house considering my dad is a doctor and my mum is a nurse. I always wondered why we owned the biggest house in town when it's just the three of us, I'm an only child and would always feel that the house was huge and boring. As I started to get older I became rather fond of the huge house because it meant I could attempt to distance myself from my parents when they would get all clingy.

I knew I was adopted, nearly the whole town knew but I still don't see why my parents hover over me constantly like a second shadow. They have never given me an answer as to why they feel the need to have eyes on me 24/7 even when I directly ask them but I have never put that much thought into it really, I just assumed it had something to do with not loosing me to my real parents who I never managed to track down. I only tried to find them once when I was thirteen but had no luck so I never tried again, It seemed like they didn't want to be found so I just dropped it.

By the time I reached the front door I had noticed that both my parents cars were home which isn't a very common thing, one of them is always at the hospital and the other would force me to keep them company in the livingroom until after dinner, it was switched most nights but the majority was spent with my dad since he works day shifts and always likes to be home when I finish school. No one really understands how clingy they can be and I'm always told it's just them trying to show how much they love me and I understand that, I wouldn't change my family for the world.

I went to open the door when it flew open causing me to jump back out of fright, when I looked up I saw the unhappy face of our maid Lily.
Her slightly wrinkled face was shocked once she saw my tiny body backing away out of confusion.

"Oh Katie! I'm sorry dear I didn't you'd be home so soon." She looked like she was in a hurry to leave which is very odd since she doesn't usually leave until around nine o'clock.

"Where are you going Lily? You said you would help me pick an outfit for the summer fair tomorrow." I didn't have my mum for things like this, her common outfit was a pair of scrubs so I always asked Lily for help.

She cleared her throat and patted me on the shoulder while holding a very sad look on her face.
"I'm sorry dear I have to leave. Your parents wish to speak to you about something."

I opened my mouth to ask if she knew what it was about but she cut me off.
"Goodbye Katie. It was nice knowing you."

She didn't give me a chance to say anything before she scurried down the driveway. What did she even mean? Did she get fired? Did she quit?

I grew up with Lily and would hate to see her leave our family. I rushed inside and placed my bag onto the table near the front door before closing the door behind me, the house was quite and still which gave me a creepy feeling. I needed to know what Lily was talkinng about so I quickly stumbled towards the lounge while trying to take off my uncomfortable shoes at the same time.
When I finally got in there I didn't see anyone, it was a little odd since my dad spends most of his time in their either on his laptop or watching television.

A faint cry was heard from upstairs making me stiffen and start walking towards the sound. The sound was coming from the opposite end of the upstairs level then my room meaning it was coming from my mum and dad's room. Once I was right outside their bedroom door it was easier to hear the cries, it sounded like my mum but then again I couldn't be sure because she hardly ever cries. I slowly opened the door just enough for me to see in and saw both of them sitting on their large bed. My dad had his arms wrapped around my mum in an attempt to calm her down but it didn't seem to be working. I felt so sick seeing her like this, I have never seen her this way and didn't like it at all. She was usually such a calm and collected person.

Neither of them had noticed me yet so I slowly backed away trying my hardest not to make any noise.

Does this have something to do with what they wanted to talk to me about?

I felt so sad just from seeing my mum like that, it was a horrible feeling when one of the only people I care about was breaking down and right in front of me too.

Her saddness was beginning to affect me to so I made my way towards the kitchen to grab a glass of water hoping it would calm me down. Once I had poured my water I turned around and leaned my back against the counter. A small sigh escaped my mouth when I noticed that the vase of white daisies had begun to die. Daisies were mine and my mothers favourite flower, they were soft and simple and not to stuck up like roses were.

Maybe if I picked mum some fresh flowers then she wouls feel better? It's worth a shot.

I placed my glass down and walked over to the vase, I tipped out the old flowers and their water before replacing it with fresh water and sitting it down on the counter ready for when I come back inside.

Quickly slipping into a pair of flip flops, I made my way to the front door.

I was meantally picturing what I wanted my flowers to look like and how many I wanted when I swung the door open. Without looking up I began to hurriedly walk outside but stopped when I collided with someones chest.

I stumbled back a bit but managed to regain my balance before looking up into the eyes of what I could of sworen was a mirrored image of my own, but it wasn't a mirror it was a guy. No not a guy a man.

His eyes were fixed on me as he looked at me with both relief and maybe pride? Why the hell was he looking at me like that I don't even know him. But what I do know is that this man was not friendly, you could just tell by the way his body was filled with countless tattoos and his face was completely blank besides his eyes.

"Hello sunshine."


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YASSS!!!! After this, I can die happy!

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I'll try for as soon as possible!

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I agree with @Yvette_xx please tell me that there will be an update. . . *I cry every time*

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When are you going to update??

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An update for you love.
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