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Please Stay With Me

Chapter 21

Gabriella’s P.O.V

“Babe get up.” Liam groaned and rolled over. He was worse than I was at getting up sometimes. I pulled the covers off of him and walked into the kitchen. I started to fix my tea before we had to go. Liam and I were going down to wolverhampton this week and we would be in the car for a while, and I needed my tea. The last thing I wanted was to get sick in the car. It didn't take Liam too long to get ready but we still ended up leaving at the time we wanted to. It would take about two and half hours to get there and it was already ten. I was excited that I was getting to see my family as well as Liam’s. I was also pretty nervous about telling them about the baby. I was honestly more scared about my dad wanting to ring Liam’s neck. I just hope everything would go smoothly. I felt Liam lace of our fingers together and that relaxed me. he knew exactly how to make me feel better. We began driving until Liam finally spoke.

“So babe I’ve been wondering, but have you thought of any baby names?” Now that Liam brought it up, I really haven’t thought about names at all.

“We could think of some now? To pass time.” He smiled at me.

“Good because I’ve already picked out a couple that I liked.”

“Oh really? You have?” He shook his head excitedly. I knew he was so excited for the baby and that made me even happier. “What are they?”

“Well for a girl I really love Isabella, or Mia.”

“Mia is cute.”

“What did you like?”

“Hmm I really like Olivia or maybe Elizabeth?”

“How about Mia Elizabeth?” Liam suggested. I loved it, It was classic but modern.

“Mia Elizabeth Payne. I love it.” Liam smiled at me and leaned over to kiss me.

“Eyes on the road Mr. Payne.” He laughed slightly and turned his attention back to the road. “So what if we have a boy?”

“For a boy I really liked Noah or Aiden.”

“Liam I was thinking, if we have a boy I want to name him after you.” He looked at me and smiled.

“Really baby? You want to name him after me?”

“Yeah if you want that. It’s your baby also and I want you to have a say.”

“I mean I would love that, but at the same time if it is a boy I don’t want him to feel like he isn't his own person.” He had a point. I wouldn't want our baby to feel like that.

“What about Caleb? Or Ryan?”

“Caleb Ryan? I love it. Caleb Ryan Payne.” I loved it. At this point I would be happy with either a boy or a girl.

“So Mia Elizabeth or Caleb Ryan it is. I love those names. I love this baby and Liam I love you.” I smiled at him and he squeezed my hand.

“Whatever gender I will be happy. As long as I have you and the baby, I’ll be the happiest man in the world. Nothing or anyone will ever change that. I love you so much.” I felt myself starting to cry. These pregnancy hormones always get the best of me. He wiped a tear that was on my cheek.

“Sorry for crying.”

“Don’t be sorry baby. I know your emotional right now.” I laughed slightly and yawned. Being cooped up in a car made me sleepy for some reason. “Sleep baby. I’ll wake you up when we get there.” I yawned again and fell asleep quickly. I needed rest if I was going to tell my parents the news because who knew how that would end up.

I felt like I was asleep for ten minutes to be honest. I didn't sleep much last night so what the little amount of sleep I got in the car wasn't enough. I wanted to tell my parents first because I was unsure about their reaction the most. My mum was a traditional Spanish woman. She moved to England from Spain when she was eighteen. Long story short she met my dad, got married then had a baby. She was really strict when it came to pre-material sex. She believed you should be married first. It wouldn't help to know that I’m doing everything backwards. I’m pregnant and not even engaged, at least Liam and I are together. That counts for something. My dad was British but he still had strict morals that he had set for me and my other two siblings. I have an older brother named Alexander and he is twenty-three and I have a younger brother named Zachary and he is nineteen. We were all close growing up, they were always overly protective because I was their only sister. I was going to tell all of them the truth today, I just hoped they didn't kill Liam. Three against one isn't exactly fair.

We got out the car and before we knocked on the door Liam grabbed my hand for reassurance. Liam knocked on the door and we were instantly greeted by my excited mother. She pulled me into a hug and kissed me. As soon as she saw Liam she forgot I was even there. My mum loved Liam, it was like she was more excited to see him more than me. She started pinching his cheeks and kissing him on both cheeks. His face turned a little red because she kept going on about how handsome he looked. My dad and brothers came in from outside, they were probably barbecuing.I saw both my brothers and ran up to them and hugged them.

“Gabby! I missed you!” Alex hugged me again and kissed my cheek.

“Hey she’s my sister too!” Zach spoke up. He was always the loud one out of all of us.

“I missed you guys too! Alex I thought you were in Australia! What are you doing here?”

“Did you think I would miss seeing my little sister?” I shook my head and hugged him again. I then saw my dad and I ran over to him and gave him a long hug. I missed my dad so much, it was hard not seeing them everyday like I used to so whenever I did see them I always appreciated it much more. From the corner of my eye I saw Liam goofing off with brothers. He got along so well with all my family. I was extremely grateful for that, this makes our news a little bit easier because I know they love him. He came over to me and shook my fathers hand.

“Nice to see you again Mr. Carter.” He always so polite, especially around my parents. My dad respects that, I think thats why my dad respects Liam as much as he does.

“You too Liam. How have you been?”

“Great. Really great. Tour just finished so I’m happy I have some time off to spend with Gabriella and see my family.”

“That’s great Liam. Well I hope you two are ready for lunch. We were just grilling some hamburgers.”

“Can I help you with anything Mr. Carter?”

“You can help me with the burgers, if you’d like.”

“Sure its not a problem.” My dad walked outside and Liam came over and kissed me. My brothers and my mum all gasped in shock. Liam and I both keep forgetting that others don’t know we are together.

“Go help my dad and I’ll handle this.” I whispered in his ear and he smiled at my family and walked outside.

“Mija! You didn’t tell me you and Liam were together! What happened to Harry?” My mum gushed. My mum loved Harry as well but she loved Liam even more. She had always wanted me to date Liam, she was ecstatic at this point. She pulled me into another hug.

“It just happened mum. I’m sorry I didn't tell you.”

“No! It’s fine you know we all love Liam! He was basically apart of the family already!”

“Mum we are just dating. We’re not getting married.” I mean of course I wanted to marry Liam in the future, but we had so much going on at this point it wasn't a good idea to throw marriage into the picture. Not yet anyway.

“Might as well be! You both have loved each other for the longest! I knew you both would be together at some point. How did Harry take this? Harry was such a sweet boy mija.”

“He didn't take it well mum. He took it horribly.” Just thinking about it mad me sad. My mum must have noticed it because she hugged again.

“Gabriella you can’t help how you feel or who you fall in love with. The heart wants what the heart wants.” She said making me feel better. She kissed me and began finishing up the salad. I helped her set up the table and soon my dad and Liam walked inside laughing. We all sat down at the table and started eating. I decided to just eat salad because any types of meat have been making me sick lately. We finished eating and my mum brought out a chocolate cake. We all grabbed a piece and everything was going smoothly until my parents brought out champagne.

“Let’s have a toast!” My mum said excitedly. She grabbed six wine glasses and filled them half way. Everyone except Liam and I grabbed a glass. Liam couldn't drink because he was driving and our course I was pregnant.

“Liam don’t you want a glass?”

“Um no I’m driving.”

“You’re not staying here? We can set up the guest room for you.” See, even thought my mum knows Liam and I are a couple she still would make us sleep in different rooms. I mean I wouldn't have sex under my parents roof because that would be awkward and embarrassing if they caught us so I wouldn't even take the chance. But just having him hold me at night makes me feel better.

“Oh I’m going to visit my parents after this and I don’t want to drink and drive.”

“Gabriella why aren't you having some?” Great Zach, you had to open your mouth.

“Uh actually I’m not drinking.” Liam and I made eye contact. He nodded at me giving me the okay to tell my parents the news about the baby.

“Why?” Alex asked and everyone aside from Liam looked confused.

“I’m not drinking because I’m pregnant.” I spoke quietly hoping they wouldn't hear me.

“What was that?” My mother spoke up.

“I’m pregnant.” My whole family gasped and my mother dropped her glass on the floor. Zach and Alex were the first to speak.

“I’m going to be an uncle!”

“That’s so cool! A baby!” Clearly my brothers were excited. I could see my dads curling his hands into fist. My mum stood there with her hand over her mouth. I saw her looking like she was going to cry,

“Alexander, Zachary go upstairs now. We have somethings to discuss with your sister.” My dad said tensely. I could tell he was trying to remain calm. They didn't argue with him, we all know better than to argue with my dad. They went upstairs and it was just my parents and Liam and I in the dinning room with my parents. This was awkward.

“So you're pregnant?” My dad spoke again. This time I could tell he was angry. “Who’s the father?”

“I am sir.” Liam finally spoke up and he grabbed my hand.

“What the hell were you thinking Liam! My daughter had so much going for her and you got her pregnant!”

“Troy calm down! Nothing is going to be explained if all you do as yell!”

“Maria let me handle this!” He took a deep breathe and sighed. “My question is what are you going to do about this?”

“What do you mean dad? We are keeping the baby.”

“And you.” He pointed at Liam. “What are you going to do? You’re never going be home, you're going to be traveling a lot because of your job doing God knows what with God knows who and you're going to be leaving Gabriella all alone with that baby.”

“With all do respect sir, I know my job can be difficult at times but that won’t stop me from being there for my baby and for Gabby. I know that this is my responsibility and I plan to take full responsibility for it. I will always make sure Gabriella and my baby are very well taken care of. Never in my life could I cheat on Gabriella. She is the love of my life Mr. Carter, I would never hurt her that way. I know with touring and everything that goes on will be hard, but when I do leave for tour, Gabby and the baby can come with me. By the time the baby is old enough to start school my job would have slowed down. Mr. Carter I’m not a dead beat and I really don’t appreciate you treating me like I’m one.”
Everyones mouth dropped, including my fathers. Nobody expected him to stand up for himself that way. With everything that Liam said, I know that this was going to work. Liam was going to be there and nothing would ever change that.

“How far along are you Gabriella?” My mum finally spoke.

“I’m almost four months.” she started to cry.

“Aye dios mío! Four months and you didn't tell us about this?” I immediately felt bad. It wasn't our intention to make her cry.

“Are you two going to get married?” My father spoke again.

“No.” Liam and I both answered in unison.

“What?” My father looked even angrier than before.

“Mr. Carter, I definitely want to marry your daughter one day. With everything going on we both think its best if we wait till after the baby is born to get married.”

“Oh really?” He scuffed. “Now you both think you know whats best? Well you don’t” I couldn't take it anymore. I couldn't handle him talking to Liam like this.

“Dad would you just fucking stop!” I yelled. “Liam is a good man and he is going to take care of me and the baby! Could you stop being a jerk for five seconds and just listen! Liam and I are not little kids anymore dad! You can’t tell us what to do or how to live our lives! What we do is between me and Liam. I know its hard for you to accept but this doesn't concern you.”

“Oh it does concern me! You are my daughter!”

“I’m not a little girl any more dad! I don’t need you to watch or approve of my every move!”

“Troy, Gabriella thats enough!” My mum finally spoke up again. “Gabriella has decided to have this baby and it is our duty as parents to be supportive of her and Liam’s decision Troy.” My father looked down and I saw small tears forming in his eyes. He would never let those tears fall down his face, he was too prideful.

“Never in my life did I think I would be so disappointed in one of my children. Watching you grow up I knew you were different. I knew you would do great things. But now I know I was fucking wrong.” My mum and I gasped at his harsh words.


“I’ve had enough of this. See yourselves out.” I felt tears fall down my cheeks and Liam pulled me into his chest and I just cried as he rubbed my back.

“Baby its okay. Don’t cry he won’t be mad forever. He just needs some time.” He whispered in my ear and kissed my head.

“Liam, Gabriella I’m so sorry for his behavior. Just let this all sink in and I promise he will come around.”

“No mum! He is my dad and he was supposed to be there for me! Liam I want to leave now!”

“Gabriella just listen to your mu-”

“No I want to leave!” I walked outside and slammed the door behind me. A few minutes later Liam walked outside and unlocked the door to the car. We both got in and pulled out of the drive way.

Well that went smoothly.


Hope you enjoy this chapter!
Tell me what think in the comments!
love you all!


It perfectly fine, I understand! Take as much time as you need.

Candy_Monster Candy_Monster

It perfectly fine, I understand! Take as much time as you need.

Candy_Monster Candy_Monster

Beautifully written. I'm a Liam girl but im pulled to the love that She and Harry did experience. Great update!

Dew4ever Dew4ever

Ahh Harry!! He should've had the baby <\3

melanie0905__ melanie0905__

I love this and my name is Gabriella Marie Fuentes CX if only my last name was carter -.- then I would be the character CX jk jk tho but its a really good story cx