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Don't Have The Time.

It's been a few days since Liam asked me not to hang out with Luke, and I've done alright. Liam has definitely calmed down, which is nice, but nothing's the same. I've never seen the boys so stressed.
Talla and I are sitting in the studio today while Niall and Liam record some of their parts to the new album.
"Ello ladies." we heard from the door, it was Ed. Yes, Sheeran.
"Hey Ed." We both smiled, "Whatcha doing?" I asked.
"Checking in on my mates, well mate, and I had a question for you Kat."
"Mate?" Talla asked.
It had been rumored a while ago Niall was the one "Don't" was written about, the guy in that of course. Ed and Niall hadn't been the same since, but Talla didn't know that, so Ed quickly looked to me.
"Kat, I have a new music video idea, and I absolutely love the chemistry between you and Liam and think it would be perfect for the video. Plus you're an amazing dancer."
"God, I would love to! We'll have to ask Liam." I smiled, pretty excited. I'd love to dance with Liam again, and to someone else's music.
"Ed! What's up?" Liam exclaimed, pulling him in for a bro hug., Niall sat with Talla in the background.
"Well I was just asking Kat if I could borrow you two for my newest music video. You two have the perfect chemistry and it fuels the way I feel this song needs to be heard."
"We could film as soon as Tuesday."
"I can't I'm in the studio all this coming week."
"There's nothing you can do? I mean, I understand... Just kinda hopeful." Ed sighed.
"How about Kat comes up with the routine and I'll learn it in case I can figure something out."
"Sounds fantastic man!" Ed smiled, shaking his hand.
"You can count me in no matter what." I smiled, hugging him.
"Thank you both."
In no time a had a routine made up between Tall Gracie and I.
"Hey Li!" I shouted into the kitchen.
"Yes love?" he replied.
"Can you come here really fast?"
"Babe, I don't have time! I'm about to have a conference call."
"Figures." I mumbled and put my headphones back in.
I danced my heart out and filmed myself to show Ed what I've come up with.
'Looks good! But can I see you with a partner?' -Ed
'Trying. He doesn't have time.'
'Find someone else. The chemistry will fall together later.'
I sighed putting my phone down. Who to ask? One of the other boys? They're probably just as busy. Luke? Still band from hanging out alone. Guess I'll try Li one more time.
"Li! I just need a few minutes."
Liam came walking in. "Show me how to move." he spoke, grabbing my waist.
"Just follow my lead."
I hit record on the camera and we began. I suddenly felt the rush of chemistry Ed had been talking about. This is why I love Liam.
Half way through the song and routine Liam's phone rang. He quickly pulled back and answered it.
"Hello? Simon? Yeah, one second." Liam began, "Kat, I'm sorry. I have to take this."
"Don't have the time right?" I spat, grabbing my coat.
"Kat!" Liam shouted before I slammed the door.
I quickly picked up my phone and dialed the first number in my head.
"Hey. I'm coming over. I really need a friend." I hung up before I got a response.
Liam's P.O.V.
Kat stormed off, but I had to take my phone call. I just don't have the time for her right now.
Luke's P.O.V.
I opened the door to Kat's face drenched in tears. I immediately pulled her into a hug. She lifted her legs in a jumping motion, almost like a koala, and I carried her over to my bed.
"Kat. Talk to me" I begged.
"Liam doesn't have time. Not for me. Not for this stupid video. Not for anything but his stupid career." I shouted through my tears.
"Kat. That's our life style."
"No! No it isn't! He never did this on any other tour."
"Kat... We sold out a world wide stadium tour. It's hectic on all of us." I replied.
"Then how come you have time for me? How come the poor kid I've blown off the past few days has more time for me than my boyfriend?""
Her tears got worse and I held her til her breathing slowed.
"What video do you need help with? Maybe I can be of assistance."
"Ed Sheeran wanted Liam and I to do a music video for his new song, because of our chemistry, but Liam doesn't have time."
"Teach me." I stated.
"Kat. You need a partner, and I have more than enough time."
Kat's P.O.V.
I smiled at Luke, taking his hand. "Try to follow my lead left feet." I joked.
I hit record on my phone this time, leaving the camera at home.
As I lead Luke in the routine I felt the same way I did with Liam... Except more.
Maybe it was an in the moment kind of thing, and I never would've predicted tonight ending like this, but wow... It did.
I sent the finished product to Ed, and waited on a reply.
"Thanks Luke. For everything." I smiled, hugging him tightly.
"Anything for you, Kat."
'That was more beautiful than I imagined!' -Ed
'Thanks! Let's not tell Liam about the rough cut.'
'Deal, but that guy may have to be your real partner.'
"Even Ed has time to talk to me." I sighed again.
"Kat, just go talk to Liam. I'm sure things will blow over. He's just stressed."
I took Luke's advice and started my drive home.
"Li?" I called as I walked in.
He ran to me and hugged me tightly.
"Don't ever do that again. Please." he gasped upset.
"I'm just upset Liam."
"And you think I'm not?" he asked.
"I'm not telling you I don't have time for you before you up and leave for months at a time."
"Jesus Kat! you knew what you were getting yourself into! Stop being such a baby."d
"Excuse the fuck out of you! All I'm asking is for my boyfriend to have 5 minutes for me!"
We both stayed quiet.
"Sorry." We both spoke, then giggled.
"We both suck." I joked.
"Trust me, I know. Now let's shoot that rough video."
"Are you sure?" I asked nervously.
"I told Ed I would if I could." he responded.
"Okay." I replied, scared I wouldn't feel the same... And I didn't the moment he grabbed me.
I sent that version to Ed as well.
'Tough choice!'
"Tough choice?" Liam questioned, "Choice between what?" Kat... Where did you go when you were upset?"
My heart raced and I was ready to puke. "I went to Luke's..."
"And you recorded with him? And what chemistry was there?" he growled.
"Liam, he's my friend. I needed a friend. I needed someone who had time."
"No, Kat. You didn't. You needed me and I wasn't there so you turned to Luke. Is that a normal thing now?"
"Liam stop."
"Tell me Kat. Do you want him more?"
"Liam, no! I just needed a friend!"
"Then why did you record the dance with him and send it to Ed?"
"He offered, and I just wanted Ed to see the routine with more than me in the frame, which is why I asked you, but until you gave me two seconds, I couldn't ask you!"
"I'm done here." Liam scoffed.
"What does that even mean?"
"You need to leave."Liam stated.
"What?" I began crying harder and choking.
"Go." he spoke, turning towards our... his room.
I grabbed a few things then began to walk out.... "Liam don't do this." I cried.
"We'll talk some other time Kat." he sighed.
"Oh yeah? After your world tour? You bloody arse!" I shouted slamming the door once again.
Liam's P.O.V.
The door slammed in my face and I felt my heart crash with the door. What if that's the end of us?




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