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And One Step Back...

"Holy crap..." I sighed as I walked in seeing Luke.
"Ladies, this is Calum, Michael, Ashton and--" Liam began, but I quickly cut him off.
"Luke." I exhaled.
"You know each other?" the one named Calum asked.
"Uh--" Luke began, scratching his neck, "A bit."
Liam's face dropped, so I grabbed his hand and kissed his cheek, he smiled lightly.
"So what do you ladies want to know?" Michael asked.
We spent all afternoon asking the boys questions and getting to know them.
"So I hear we have to become better dance partners than you all." Ashton joked.
"Good luck with that!" the girls shouted.
"And you're one short." I reminded them.
"Sharing is caring!" Michael yelled.
"Well you have quite the competition." Louis added, kissing Gracie's cheek.
"Let's see it." Luke smiled. It killed me a little.
He grabbed my hand, then the rest of the boys went along. Perrie sat out, as she took a call of her own work. I felt Liam's eyes tracing my body the whole time.
"Good at making routines on the spot?" Luke asked.
"Try me." I replied as Zayn put on a random track. Don't by Ed Sheeran played.
The girls and I did pretty well for not having too much made up, this was always a warm up song. Luke's hands traced my body in my fluid movements, I still felt Liam's stare on us, and man... If looks could kill...
"Not bad mates, but ladies, let's show them how it's done." Liam spoke.
Zayn put on Thinking Out Loud by Ed on next. The girls had all danced to this at Paul's wedding as a gift from them.
Danielle had been Liam's partner, and I had only seen video's.
"I'll do my best." I sighed.
"You always do." Liam smiled, grasping my waist tightly. It was a slow intimate song and I had never felt such passion from Liam before.
Liam's P.O.V.
I watched Kat and Luke dance with such chemistry and I clenched my fists.
"Calm mate." Zayn whispered, my eyes never leaving Kat.
"Play Thinking Out Loud next, I'm cutting in." I replied.
Zayn nodded.
I quickly cut in when the song ended, "Not bad mates, but ladies, let's show them how it's done." I smirked.
I had never preformed this song with Kat, but I couldn't wait to.
She nervously took my hand, "I'll do my best." she sighed.
"You always do." I smiled.
My grasp tightened around her waist, then we went with the flow of the music and our body.
I had ever felt so much passion between us. Is this how she always feels dancing? It's radiating.
Luke's P.O.V.
Kat and Liam's passion was amazing. He's the guy in the entire world. I'd give anything to have that feeling with a girl... Especially Kat.
Kat's P.O.V.
The song finished and I had never been so out of breathe, or at a loss of words.
"Guess we can't live up to that." Calum laughed.
I half smiled and quickly grabbed water.
"Well you lads better get back to work, we'll be on our way." Harry spoke, taking Chelsea's hand.
As Liam and I got into the car, I felt the passion begin to fade, so I quickly jumped over to him crashing my lips into his. He bit my lip and licked my lip for permission. I allowed him in and it was a few moments before he pushed away.
"Liam... What's wrong?" I asked as he aggressively put the car in drive.
"Not now Kat." he growled.
"Then when dammit?!" I demanded, "It's been days Liam! You won't talk to anyone, even me! What the bloody hell is going on with you?!"
"I'm not ready for this tour, okay? It's inconvenient!"
"Like hell it is. But bravo on the good excuse. Now cut the bullshit and tell me the goddamn truth!"
"I'm not ready for you to leave like Danielle did!"
His words pierced my intensely.
"And I'm just like her right?" I choked up, tearing up.
"Save it." I scoffed.
The rest of the drive home was quite silent and full of my own tears. As we pulled into our driveway Liam got out, and slowly so did I.
The moment I got out he pushed me against the car and held his hands arm length above my shoulders.
"Kat Marie Adams. You are nothing like any other girl I have ever met. You mean the damn world to me, and honestly... I'm just not willing to lose everything we've built so far. You're my everything and then some. I can't lose you." he choked up and we were both in tears.
I grabbed his face to wipe his tears, then he did the same. I wrapped my hands behind his head to play with his hair, and quickly pulled him to my lips. It was a unique feeling, and our bodies collapsed together.
"Let's go inside." I pulled back.
He nodded quickly, and picked me up bridal style to take me inside.
I threw my head back in laughter then continued kissing him once he set me down.
"Liam." I gasped as he began to lay me down, he quickly pulled back, "I'm not going anywhere." I growled, pulling his perfectly sculpted body back down.
"Good. I'd miss this." he laughed, and so did I.


Soooooooooooo. I saw Where We Are today :) serious inspiration. I'll be writing more, cause I remembered just how much I love the boys.



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