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Would You Say You're In L.O.V.E?

Liam's P.O.V
I woke up the next morning, next to Kat. I had a sudden craving to have her again. I had never felt the way she made me feel last night.
I rolled her into my arms and began softly kissing her neck. When the soft kisses didn't wake her, I began kissing harder, longer, and leaving marks. She soon woke up and pulled my hair. Before I knew it she was on top of me, our clothes still lie on the floor from the night before. As she lowered her body I thrust into her and listened to her moan. It drove me insane, I became a completely different person. I wanted to hold her down tightly and thrust hard enough to make her scream, yet before last night I had never wanted such things, not even Danielle, who lie there silent, made me this way. The harder I went, the harder Kat pulled my hair and dug into my back. I couldn't resist her.
Kat's P.O.V.
I awoke to Liam's soft kisses on my neck, but apparently he wanted more than a smile across my face. I could barely hold in my moans as his lips stayed on my skin longer and more rough. I quickly rolled on top of him and he didn't hesitate to thrust into me, I let out my moans. I had never seen this Liam, ever, nor had I heard about it. I have no idea how Dani stayed silent, I surely couldn't. His thrusts were harder, and even a bit painful, so my nails went into his back, and I had to pull his hair to make him go easier.
I may have only slept with Liam once, but I knew he could last quite the time, yet the rougher we went, the faster we both climaxed.
I lost my breath once he finished. I knew I wasn't going to be able to walk quite right after both times.
"Thank you." Liam spoke softly.
"Don't thank me." I smiled, kissing his cheek as I slowly climbed off the bed.
Liam let out a giggle as I walked to the shower, "I don't wanna hear it, Payne." I mumbled behind myself.
I showered in warm water, almost letting it soothe me. Once I was out, I quickly got dressed, and walked out to see Liam searching for an outfit.
"What's the panic, Payne?" I questioned, watching his struggle.
"We got a last minute interview to do in an hour. I have nothing to wear."
"You sound like a teenage girl." I joked, laughing a bit.
"You're not funny." he smirked, letting out his sexy half smile.
"You know I am. How about.... Your simple, but attractive gray shirt and... Some jeans without holes... Here!" I pulled both items out of his closet.
"What would I do without you?" he asked, kissing my cheek, then stripping down.
My eyes slowly went down his perfect fit cut body. His muscles gave me the chills, and I suddenly wanted to push him up against the wall and go at it again. I quickly snapped out of my days as his pants went on and he noticed me staring.
"Like what you see?" he asked, and that was it. Game over.
I pushed Liam against the wall and kissed him viciously. His pants were soon off again, along with his boxers, and I couldn't tell you if I even walked out of the shower with clothes on.
Liam's P.O.V.
Kat's eyes traveled my body, I could tell she was thinking of what she'd do to me. I cut her out of the daze when I zipped and buttoned my pants.
"Like what you see?" I asked, giving her a half smile.
In seconds I was against the wall with Kat kissing me like never before. I don't think either of us had clothes by the time I hit the wall. I know I don't have time for this, but bloody hell... Ask me if I care. I grasped Kat's perfect body in my hands, and squeezed just gently enough, yet I still got her to moan. I wasn't going as fast as I had earlier this morning, and we soon got interrupted.
"Liam! We gotta go mate!" Harry yelled in.
"Be right out!" I yelled back, hearing him walk back downstairs.
"Pull my hair, scratch my back, and scream for me." I demanded.
"What if they--" Kat began, but I quickly thrust her to where she did as I said.
I finally finished, cleaned up quickly and got dressed.
"I'll be back sooner than soon!" I yelled to Kat. I began to spit out more, but quickly cut myself off. I know I had told her many times before that I loved her, yet always as a friend, and maybe it's too soon...
Kat's P.O.V.
As I cleaned myself up and got redressed, I walked downstairs to see Perrie, Tallahasee, and Gracie . "Whats' going on guys?" I asked nervously.
"We're heading down to the boy's interview, we want you to join." Perrie smiled.
"Alright." I smiled, relieved they hadn't heard anything.
"Yes, Kat. We heard it all." Talla spoke, then laughed.
I turned more red than probably physically possible.
Once we were at the set we all calmly watched the boys. On the inside I was shaking. I hate these things. I hate the public, and being in the spotlight, yet dating Liam... I guess I'll just have to get used to it. Speaking of dating... Here came those questions,,
"So we all know Zayn and Perrie are doing well, how about the rest of you boys?" the host asked.
"Single." Harry smiled getting screeches. "Taken." Niall winked, followed by a large 'awwww'. "Taken." Lou smiled, looking over to Gracie, also a large 'aww'. "Taken." Liam slowly spoke, practically hesitant. 'Oooooooh' quickly came out of everyone's mouths.
"May I ask who the lucky girl is?" the host asked.
"She's my best friend... Has been for months. Her name is Kat." he blushed like never before, and so did I.
"Do you boys approve?"
"Yeah!" they all smiled, laughing a bit, we laughed too.
"Never seen him so happy." Lou nudged.
"Is Liam in love?" she asked, my heart began to race faster.
Liam's P.O.V.
The boys approval, and the girls on the side, made me so happy.
"Is Liam in love?" the host asked, my heart jumped. The boys nudged my shoulders and I couldn't breathe. Is this the right time and place to tell Kat? What if that's really pushing things..? I don't want to lose her now. Oh boy...




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