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The ugly truth

Chapter 1

Kristy's POV

Today was Thursday. Most people loved Thursdays because it meant there was only one day left before it was Friday. But not me, I hate Thursdays just as much as Wednesdays, and for the same exact reason.

The ugly freaking truth was all people seemed to talk about!!!

As I walked down the halls of the still rather empty school this morning guys felt as though they could openly stare at any girl they wanted. It was like they had received a confidence boost from Harry's sick show and know they were searching for their next target.

The looks on the boys faces was just plan gross. Almost as if they were planning what they wanted to do to you in their minds. The kind of look that sent shivers down my spine, and not in a good way.

I was probably one of the only girls in this school that would pretend to be on my phone or just plan look away when guys sent me those looks. I didn't want to be used by anyone, especially someone that takes advice from Harry Styles.

Because according to him guys are incapable of love.

'Once a girl has fulfilled your needs, what is she good for really?'

That line replays in my head every-time I simply look at any one of the pigs here. It's Harry's favourite line but frankly I think it's a load of bullshit. I will always believe that Harry wouldn't know love if it bite him in the ass!

I let my mind drift away from the stupid thoughts and opinions it has on that pig before focusing my attention onto my locker. I shuffled my books around before I finally found the ones I needed for the first half of the day.

The school seemed to grow louder now that more people were arriving and I just rolled my eyes at all the different pick up lines I could hear being used.

Slamming my locker quite violently I was shocked when Izzy's uncertain expression came into view.

"What's up with you?" I let out a small chuckle when I finished talking, she rubbed her hands together in a nervous matter before clearing her throat.

"Uh do you remember my friend Lily that was co-producer with me for the school news show?" She couldn't even look me in the eye as she whispered her whole sentence.

Of course I remember Lily. She got the roll that I wanted and felt the need to rub that in my face whenever she got the chance. They teacher in charge of the news show wanted me to be the weather girl saying something about me looking good on camera not behind it so I quit because I wanted to be the producer not a freaking weather girl that people would stare at rather then actually listening to what I was saying. I wanted a roll that actually mattered.

"Yeah I remember. What about her?" I scoffed just at the thought of the horrible girl which must of been quite obvious because Izzy let out a small laugh over of my reaction before turning serious again.

"Well she uh became the latest victim of Harry Styles and well the out come wasn't very lovely. As usual." We both rolled our eyes knowing that anything involving Harry couldn't turn out well.
"What did she do? Cry on camera? Change her classes?" I asked Izzy once she was paying attention again. I wasn't really being serious, well maybe not completely serious but a tad bit.

"She moved."

Her words came at me like a slap to the face. I was shocked at the measures this girl went to just to stay hidden from the embarrassment Harry had caused. I was completely speechless and Izzy knew this so she continued talking.

"There already looking for another producer so I put in a good word for you. And you got it already."

And yet another slap to the face! I took a moment to register what she had said before I gasped and pulled her in for a bone crushing hug.

"Thank you. Thank you. Thank you." She laughed before pushing me off of her and fixing the creases I had made in her shirt.

Without another word we both made our way towards old auditorium that had been redone and made into the school news studio. I hadn't been inside the building since two years ago when I turned down the offer of being the whether girl and quite frankly I was nervous to see if things had changed.

As soon as I stepped into the building I was actually relieved to see that every single thing looked the same. I bright white walls that were contrasted with the big brown desk that the two hosts sit behind, the dark red walls on the other side of the hall that could only be seen if you worked behind the camera clashed majorly with the white but the school never bothered to paint the whole hall. It was very serious and professional, this is what made me want to become a producer for a real news show when I'm older and now I finally get the chance to practice that.

I was snapped out of my thought as the teacher in charge, Mrs. Spark walked over to us and pulled me in for a hug. She's the kind of teacher that is very serious in class but way to bubbly out of it, and she barely knows the meaning of personal space but over all she does a good job at the news... except when she tried to make me the weather girl.

"Oh Kristy I'm so glad you agreed to being co-producer with Izzy! I knew she could get you on board! Oh and I'm really sorry about the whole weather girl drama but that's two years behind us and I know now that you're a serious person who now matter how pretty you, prefer to be behind the camera and I respect that."

I blinked letting her rambled speech sink in.
I waited so long to hear her say that but for some reason it didn't feel as good as I thought it would.

"Okay well lets go over the changes were making shall we?" Izzy clapped her hands together before tilting her head side to side letting us know that she was getting into serious mode.

Mrs. Spark cleared her throat before a devilish smile appeared on her face.
"Izzy and myself thought of an idea to up the ratings of the news. We're bringing in someone who is great on camera and already has nearly the whole school wrapped around his finger!"

Oh god. The only person that fits that description is freaking Harry...

"Please tell me it's not who I'm thinking. I will work with freaking anybody in this whole school except for Harry Styles!"

They both looked at me sadly like they were about to confirm my thoughts but someone talked from behind me catching all our attention.

"Well then sucks to be you babe."



I'm sorry it took me so long to update this story but if you read 'A life of Payne' then you would understand why! xoxo

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It's okay. Take your time. Just focus on you first. Hope you feel better. :)

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Ashton isn't completey out of the story just yet... Mwahaha... Suspense!!

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