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Someday I'll See You (Niall Horan/ OneDirection)

Lelila is in the House

Jane P.O.V:
I wake up the next morning, with a smile on my face. I got up and headed for the shower the soon I found a towel I entered the shower. Ten minutes later, I got out and headed to the closet to put something comfortable. Just a jeans and a T-shirt . I didn't know what color is , well, you know why.
Anyway, I got out of my room and ran downstairs . When I heard noise coming from the kitchen, I went there. "Morning mom,'' I said to mom and sat in my usual place. "Oh morning to you too Jane, hungry? '' mom said .''I'm making the breakfast, just one minute.'' She worked faster. I rolled my eyes to her'' mom I'm not starving , take your time please , you're gonna break something,'' I said.
She stopped from doing what she's doing , I felt her eyes on me. "What?'' I asked her confused. "How did you know that I was on hurry ?'' she asked.
"Because I'm vampire I can hear your heartbeats'' I said laughing at her. She returned to whatever she is doing . "Oh yeah? Who bit you?''Mom asked me laughing . "Robert Paterinson, you really should watch this saga it's cool and boys there are soooo hot, OMG especially Jacob, holly shit.'' I said and started fangirling in my place.
"Honey , I think you are discussing the wrong topic with the wrong person,'' Mom said laughing .
There was a minute of silence until mom spoke up. "You really miss her, don't you?'' Mom asked me . "Yeah, when is she coming back?'' I asked her. "uh..I d-don't know, she didn't tell me'' Mom said nervously . She's a terrible liar. "Mom, you know something, spell it!'' I whined. "uh-uh, you'll have to find by yourself, beside you'll find out veeeeeery soon'' she told me.
''UGH, fine'' I said. I ate my breakfast and sit on the couch with my Mom and chatted . Yeah chatting, mom and I are like best friends . Sometimes she acts like me which I think it's really cool sometimes and the sometimes it's just embarrassing. I told her about the lads and how we met and that I'll go to their house today. She allowed me so because someone will take me from and to the house.

Lelia P.O.V:
"ZEYNA WHERE'RE MY SHOES THAT YOU BORROWED FROM ME LAST WEEK? I asked my roommate Zeyna . I was packing my suitcase today. I totally forgot the I 'm going today to London. The flight is at 1:30p.m and now it was 7:25a.m. I'm literary running from place to another. "OH,I DON'T KNOW.MAYBE YOU SHOULD CHECK YOU SHOES CLOSET YOU DUMBASS" Zeyna yelled at me with a very thick voice from the other room. "Calm your tits Lele_bear you have a lot of time left.'' Zeyna said to me when she came to my room and sat on my bed helping me pack my cloths. I sighed with a lot of memories in my head "Oh, please don't call me that , every time someone call me that I remember him'' I said .''Okay gotcha ya Lele_cat'' she said mocking me . I raised my eyebrow to her and blinked at her "Seriously, you have to link my name with some animal?"
"how about..... YO YO YO WHATTUP LELE-DOG?"She said in gang voice. I laughed at her.
''HECK NO, I prefer just Lele ZAAAAYN"I said while packing. I know she hates when someone call her just like Zayn Malik.
She glared at me and cross her hand and pouted at me. "Not cool dude, not cool at all.''
She said while shaking her head." Oh come on Zaynie_Whenie don't be mad.'' I said to her and ran to give her a hug ,she hugged me back and I recalled that I'll leave her alone for two months. We were still in each other arms with silence until she spoke."I'm really gonna miss you Lele "She said and I heard her crying lightly."Oh come on Zee, don't cry. You still can come and visit me whenever you want okay?"I informed her as she nodded. You maybe think that's so girly or say hey it's only two months what's the hell?. Zeyna and I were never apart since we came here to America .We do everything together.
"I'll miss youuu
I'll miss your smile
I'll always think of you

Every once and while"
she sang with a sad voice. Even when sometimes she cries her eyes off, she always lights up the mood. That's why I love her.
I rolled my eyes."You know, you are not Miely Cyrus and I'm not your grandpa" I told her .She pulled away smiling "shut up, it suits the mood" she said. I returned to my packing with a help from Zeyna.

Once I was done I headed to the bathroom to have a quick shower . When I finished, I dried my hair and let it fall on my back naturally since I'm gonna wear a hoddie. I put my cloth on:
and grabbed my suitcase and ran downstairs . I said goodbye to Zeyna and went to the airport excited to meet Jane, mom, dad, and Martin; my little brother. Well, he's not little; actually he's 16 but since I'm the oldest he's little to me.

Jane P.O.V:
I was so bored and had nothing to do. If I could see right now, I would have probably been playing video games with Marti . He was sitting next to me and cursing every few minutes at the screen. My brother and I were close , I mean there is only a year between us. I was listening to him and chuckled. "So because you are swearing a lot , I get that you're losing'' I snickered.
"No shit Sherlock!'' he said, ''then you have to admit the you're a shit player,'' I smirked at him. ''at least better than you,'' he said. "Oh yeah, two years ago who was the one who always kicked your ass all the time?' 'I asked him. You want the answer; ME. "That was two years ago , now I 'm better''. He said with a proud voice.
"Yeah, you bet , then why you are losing?'. I asked him. "I wouldn't lose if you would shut up''. He said as he clicked hard on the bottoms. "You wouldn't lose if you weren't an idiot," I told him laughing , he chuckled with me because he knew I was joking.

"Anyway, changing the subject, any interesting person in your life?'' I wiggled my eyebrows.
"You're so weird". He chuckled at me. "Hey, don't change the subject! Answer the questions.'' I ordered him.
"well...." he began but stopped. "'Well what''?. I pressed.
He paused the game and I felt him turning to me."There is this girl, I really like her , she's beautiful, smart and funny..MY TYPE" he said, raising his voice. "That's every boy type dumbass" I chuckled and nodded for him to continue.
"Shut up. Anyway, I'm her best friends for three years and I didn't tell her about my feelings because I'm afraid of losing her. What should do?'' he asked me nervously, he really did like her.
I thought about it for a while before I response. "look, for me the good thing to do is simply tell her everything, you can't keep your feelings inside.'' I advised him.
"But what if she leaves me and never talk to me again? I can't lose her''. He was so nervous.
"I'll tell you this, if you tell her about your feelings and she happened to have the same feelings then she's really worthy of your heart, and if you tell her and she left then she isn't worth it.'' I told him. He stopped for minutes before he talked. "Ok I'll tell her and see what will happen . Thanks Jane.'' He said hugging me and I hugged back. "Now keep on playing the game until you do better so I won't kick your ass when I start to see again.'' I told him .

Lelia P.O.V:
I got out of the airport in London, and took a taxi home. As I arrived home I payed for the driver, took my suitcases and headed to the front door. I knocked on the door and waited. When my Mom opened , her eyes wided and she was about to scream but immediately I put my hand on her mouth stopping her from scream. She looked at me confused . "It's a surprise for Jane." I whispered to her, she smiled and nodded . She looked at me then at my hand that covering her mouth , I looked at my hand and pulled it away smiling.
As we entered the house immediately Jane turned her head to the door and smiled "Who was that mom?"she asked still smiling .I sat next to her and hugged her side . She turned and faced me."I missed you Lelia".
I didn't say anything how did she know me. She may be read my mind because her smile grown ."It was your perfume Lelia" she smiled and hugged me tight. "I missed you so much Jeje" I told her with a small kid voice making her giggle "I missed you too Lele-bear" . Once she said that ,my smile faded and I looked at the ground playing with my fingers thinking about him. I really miss him. it's been two years since I last saw him . Now he became famous and forgot about me. My thought was distracted when I felt an arm on my shoulder . I turned around to see Jane with a worry look on his face. I haven't told anyone of my family about him .Heck I didn't told anyone beside Zeyna because she made me to . "What's wrong Lele? I can feel that you're not yourself. Are you okay?"Jane said. I have to tell her. I have been keeping this secret for two years. It's not a big secret. it's just a secret, but because I hide it from everyone I feel like there is a rock on my chest, maybe if I told someone, I'd feel better."Jane I have to tell a secret "I muttered. She looked at me confused and nodded "Okay, What's it? You're scaring me."
"Well it's like a story, you don't have to be scared." I said. She sighed in relief and nodded for me to continue.
I took a deep breath and began "Well it all started two years ago. I got out of the house as usual to Starbucks , and then I ran into someone and he was a guy with a brown hair and blow eyes. He was so charming and his smile was so amazing . After we exchanged our names , he invited me for the breakfast. After couple dates, we got to know each other very much. He told that he loved to sing and he had four young sisters ……"I stopped for a while.
"Come on , you can't stop in the middle of the story! Go on. I feel like I'm watching a movie" Jane whined making me chuckled.
"So , after like four months , we became really close and I really started to like him. He always made me laugh at his silly jokes and he always did something special. He, whenever I'm sad or nervous put his hand on my shoulder and tapped his fingers in order. When he puts his arms around my shoulders, I feel safe like he's telling me it's gonna be alright . And when he hugged me he intertwined his fingers together behind my back locking them like he's protecting me from something .
One day when I met him at the park he looked very sad and told me that he's going to the auditions for the X Factor. I was happy that maybe his dream will come true , but kind of sad because he had to leave…"I stopped for a while to wipe the tears , and Jane's arms rubbed my back. I took a deep breath and continue."When he was about to leave I went with him to the airport . Before he went, we were waiting , then we heard that his plane is about to leave . He hugged me and we pulled away suddenly I felt his lips on mine. First , I was shocked but then kissed back .When we pulled away he said to me 'I want you to wait for me when I come back , I'll think about you every day just like I used to do before'. Then he walked away but before he entered the gate he turned around and said' I'll come back for you, I promise'. Then, I never heard anything from him, no call, no messages, no e-mails, nothing. Then, I gave up and moved on. But I still watch him on the TV and the internet."I said . I looked at Jane who had a sad look on her face because she knew the feeling of missing someone you love. She looked at me with a smile" boys drama sucks" she said making me laugh.
Later when we were having dinner, she asked me "What time is it?"
"it's 6:00 p.m, why?" I replied. She looked shocked and got up "I have to get ready , Niall will pick me up at 8.". I looked at her confused . "Who is Niall ? is he your new friend?"She looked at me with a smile and nodded ."Yeah, I met him yesterday at the park with his friends , we are having a movie night , they are so sweet and funny and caring" she said smiling .
"Can you please help me get ready?"she asked .I stood up "Of course , go take a shower and I'll pick you an outfit "I said as we entered her room I went to the closet to pick an outfit:
and went to the bathroom. I picked the perfect outfit and heated the hair-straighter to straight her hair. She got out and put the outfit as I explained for her how it did look like and I made her makeup and hair . She looked amazing . We headed downstairs and waited for that Niall boy to come . After few minutes I heard the door bill. I opened the door and my eyes wided and immediately shut the door in his face.


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Ok I LOVE this please update!!!!