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Someday I'll See You (Niall Horan/ OneDirection)

First Meet With HIM

Jane P.O.V:
I looked up to the person I pumped into, hoping I can see who was that." I'm sorry , It's my fault" I said to the person still lying on the ground
." can't you see'' someone said in a rude way . I got angry and stood up "no actually I can't see , I'm blind" I said and walked away to where again I didn't know . God , why some people had to be a jerks . As I was walking , I heard footsteps behind me , but didn't bother to turn around .

Then, I felt an arm on my shoulder . I froze in my place without turning around ." um, I'm sorry , I didn't meant to say that" the same voice said . I smiled to myself and turn around " that's okay, it's not your fault" I said with a smile. He took my hand and shake it. "I'm Niall, what's your name?" he said. I was shocked first for his reaction "um I'm Jana " I said with a smile shaking his hand.

''So, do you always come to her?'' Niall asked me starting conversation as we set on a bench . "um, yeah actually , every day I come here. I always feel comfortable in this place , and you?" I explained to him. I know what are gonna said , you just met the guy and you're telling him your feelings. Well, I have a strong sensitive about people, like I know if I can trust them or not. Niall, I think I can trust him with that and since he know I'm blind , it’s make things easier.

"No actually, this the first time I come here. I moved on to a house round the corner with my mates yesterday, so we decided to discover the place around" We kept talking about random things , he is really nice guy. I can tell he has a mixture accent . "so you are here with your friends, why did you moved in here?'' i asked not with a rude way. "well, we kind of , we like it here it a little quiet and there are amazing places and parks . By the way let me introduce you to them , they are here playing around" he said. "Playing , how older are they? I asked confused.

He chuckled a little "same as you and me , but the what makes our group special , we act like kids without bothering about what people thinks" He said . I think that it takes a bit of courage to do that . not me I really care about people opinions about me and I can't ignore it. "come on" Niall said taking my hand as he stood up waiting for me .

As I stood up he didn't move , I know it that his eyes were staring at me . I blushed and looked down . I felt his thumbs on my chin raising it up and I looked up confused , I would kill right now just to see his face. "Don't you ever look down ,no matter what happened to you keep your head hell-high, deal?" he said. I nodded and smiled as I raise my head very high joking " Not that much, you'll hurt your neck Jane" he said laughing and I laughed with him .
As we were walking his hands in mine every while he squeezed my hand a little , like he was telling me that everything is okay. I liked this felling , and when I squeezed his hand back he chuckled . I think I like him


raelly hope you guys like this chapter and tell me your thoughts
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Ok I LOVE this please update!!!!